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Worst Spanking Stories


I was fortunate, growing up, to have a large contingent of extended family living in the same neighborhood. They also had an in-ground pool, something that made their place a fun place to hang, especially during summers. I was especially close with this girl, whose name was Judith, or Judi for short. We were just a few months apart in age she was a bit older and we hung together both in school and during the summer, mainly at her house.

Name: Tawsha

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Well by the end of it I had gotten about 25 because I didn't answer him on a couple of questions. This one was by far the worst spanking I have ever received.

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After this my grades never slipped and I got a 4. When we got to my parents room my dad told me to "take them off".

Since he was already in a bad mood because of me I decided not to show him. She chose They can do that. See they never tell you what you'll get beat with to keep you on your toes. Just like many other websites, we use cookies to personalize content andto provide social media features and to analyze our traffic.

If you don't answer than he would give you a freebie. The next day my teacher called and said I had failed. I couldn't really even eat lunch.

Not only had I not studied and failed I did not show him the test. They told me I was in for a very bad lecture. Than came the next lecture about me being disrespectful to my mom. During the finale my dad likes to take things nice and slow to make sure the lesson was taught and that I "absorbed" the message being sent. Lets just say my birthday was not very fun.

There were no pauses or moments where he stopped to lecture you. If you're sarcastic he would give you 3 freebies.

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I then had to write an essay explaining everything and what I could do to not get my butt roasted again my dad thought my writing was very funny. After they lectured me for a couple of minutes my dad ordered me to bend over and reached for the belt.

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That night he took the belt to my butt and as I was bent over he sentenced me to a lecture spanking on Saturday for the last couple of weeks of behavior, and he said "since it's your birthday it'll be very special"; not words you want to hear. about Cookies Hide. I got the extra 5 for trying to stop the whooping. Post Comment Receive notifications. Similar Worlds today ยป. When my dad asked me about it he was not happy.

What was the worst whipping, beating, spanking that you recieved as ?

After ward came the review where we review everything I had learned during my "lecture". My dad gave me 7 with the belt and had me count and say "I won't get attitude with my parents" and by the end I was already a mess. That sounds like assault and battery, not child discipline. So I think it worked no matter how much my butt hated me by the end. Top Newest First Oldest First. After our break I was lectured about my test.

Without cookies, it would be impossible for Similar Worlds to be secure and effective. During the last discussion I was a little upset and a little sarcastic so I got got a another invite up to my parents room for another "session" with a belt I had become too acquainted with. So first I got 7 with the paddle from my mom, and than I got the full 10 from my dad because he hated when we're disrespectful they both had me count the strokes and say sorry "I'wont be disrespectful" after each stroke; by this point my butt doesn't like me very much.

I was then bent over and whipped 20 times with the belt for the "grand finale". Only logged in members can reply and interact with the post.

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I am so sorry you had to go through that. By the time he was done my butt was already sore and I saw my mom had gotten the paddle and belt. On Saturday my dad woke me up at 9 and told me to get down stairs. Afterwards my mom got to decide what I got spanked with.

After breakfast my mom and dad preceded to lecture me about all of the behavior problems I had been having for the last couple of weeks starting with my attitude to my disrespect to my bad grades.

After my pants were off My dad had me come over to him and bend over. The only sounds in the room were him smacking my butt and me screaming and crying. It started a couple of days prior I had been pretty rude to everyone and had had an attitude for the better part of a couple of weeks. I thought I would share Worst spanking stories worst spanking I had ever received. Afterwards my dad said we were done. Since I didn't study my dad was really not happy and spanked me with his hand then gave me 15 with the belt. Share Link. My dad had already taken the belt to my butt a couple of times already and had warned me that any other problems I "was in for a lecture".

After that I went about my morning doing some chores waiting for after lunch. One thing you should know even if its with his hand my old man could make us feel every smack he gave us.

I was spanked as a teenager

After lunch I was lectured again and than put in the corner. Before I hear it this was the only time it ever got this bad, but looking back I am happy that they took the time to correct my behavior. I am always asked questions and have to answer them no matter what kind of condition you or your rear end are in.

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For about 3 minutes straight my dad just smacked and smacked. I hope you can heal your soul. Unfortunately I couldn't help myself and rubbed my very sore butt, and I got some time over my dad's knee.

They decided it was time for a break and had me go to the corner. Well I had taken a math test that week and since I hadn't studied one bit for it I had failed and had to show it to my dad to get it ed.

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A minute later my boxers were on the ground and my misery began. Adult Fetish No Notifications. I than endured the first session for my attitude. Than I had to go to sleep at with a very hot and sore rear end.

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Having thought that since the last time my mom spanked me when I was younger that I was too old for spankings, that is just not the case.