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Wonder Woman Weight Gain Story


By maxymumspyderAugust 11, in Your Stories. Trying something new I've had on my mind for awhile - a superheroine weight gain story. We'll see how this goes.

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She did a double take, though, on her reflection: did she look just a little different? Even her bed seemed to be higher off the flood than she was used to. She would do anything to find out, and to find out how to reverse it. After only a few reps on a barbell machine, she felt incredibly winded. While waiting in line, she noticed a couple of young guys pointing at her cart and snickering. When she took off her clothes in front of her bathroom mirror, though, she was in for a startling sight.

The day had managed to be both incredibly stressful and a total waste.

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The pain was made more acute because she had looked up to and admired Wonder Woman her whole life. She felt full and disgusted by herself, but she wanted to keep eating. More disturbing than the bad news, more disturbing even than all the poking and prodding and scanning, was the attitude of the people she had asked for help.

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Below them, her tummy was poofy, covering up her rock hard abs in doughy fat. When she did, she almost fell off! She had just opened the door a crack when she heard the comment. Armfuls of frozen pizzas, ice cream, and chocolate syrup went into her cart.

Her face, though still stunning in its beauty, looked just a little bit rounder. Sweat poured down her brow and into her hair.

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She was tired, there was no doubt about that. Advanced search. Diana, not accustomed to midnight snacks, tried to ignore her hunger. Her eyes glued to the TV, she continued to cram more and more Twinkies into her mouth.

Before long, her mouth was smeared with a frosting and chocolate syrup, and her hand was massaging her puffy, convex, domed tummy. It seemed natural, somehow, to gorge like this. Somehow, today se felt in the mood for a Star Trek re-run or two. Her face was exceedingly pale, and her dark hair hung in her face, limp and greasy looking. Celery, carrots, zucchini…none of that was hitting the spot. She groaned, feeling a little ashamed of herself for polishing off the whole thing. She felt sweaty and a little upset over what she had done the day, and decided a nice shower might help clear her head.

Being very short and out of shape herself, it stung. Instead, she went inside, flopped on the sofa, and turned on her TV. This time, she switched it to the Sci-Fi channel, which she had never watched before. The role reversal was not to her liking. She ended up leaving the gym after only 20 minutes of working out, less than half her typical duration.

Body mass index (bmi)

Diana had always enjoyed working out — it had never felt like a chore to her. Now, it was all she could think about.

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She had visited the best doctors and several super-hero friends of hers, but nobody could come up with a theory of what had happened to her, or why, or what might have caused it. Diana had to pull out a chair to stand on in order to get a good look at herself in the mirror. Being one of the more popular heroines, the line for her autograph never thinned out. Worse, she felt as though the pitiable attempt at exercise had caused her to work up an appetite! Being a good sport, she Wonder woman weight gain story what she could, but eventually the hall had to be emptied and a few luckless fans had to be turned away empty handed.

In fact, as Diana looked through the crowd at her booth, she realized that most of the people coming to see her were women carrying a few extra pounds. When she channel surfed to a cooking show, Diana felt her stomach growl. Despite repeated attempts to flex and form a firm muscle in her arms, it looked like only traces of her former power remained. When she woke up, she found the ground littered with Twinkie wrappers and frozen pizza boxes. The ice cream carton was resting at her toes, and it was completely empty. Worse still, her entire body looked softer and rounder, as if it had been painted by a thin layer of fat.

When she was about to check out, she saw a sale on Twinkies, and decided to buy the entire display.

The changing mirror

Her arms seemed to have replaced their strong biceps with husky, jiggly fat. She could the comics, photos, and memorabilia at near-lightning speed. As more tears flowed down her face, she shouted out loud. Each bite seemed to set off a firework of pleasure in her mouth, and a warm, safe tingling feeling spread throughout her body. But upon giving them a good squeeze, they also seemed just a tad softer than she remembered — less firm.

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It infuriated her. Many of them were wearing some facsimile of her ature outfit or were at least wearing a T-shirt adorned with her image. She grudgingly gave in and hopped off of her bed, heading for the refrigerator. Post a reply. Now she was not only shorter than most, but substantially so. She silently tip-toed away, tears streaming down her round cheeks. Staring intently, she did notice that her face was a little puffier than she had remembered the day before. Unable to accept it, Diana considered the possibility that something might be wrong with the mirror itself.

She felt mortified. When she arrived, she felt hungrier than ever, and started to shove items into her cart that she would never normally buy. She needed to put in her fair share.

The wonder woman workout

However, one of the turned-away comic fans, a college freshman, had snuck back into the hall, hoping to secure one last chance at an autograph. She felt like a mess, and her whole body seemed overheated. Once outside, Trudy hopped on her bicycle and started heading towards her apartment, the old machine creaking slightly against the heavy load it carried. Accepting her shortened stature with a long sigh, Diana focused on how this could have happened, and why. Second, the workout itself seemed far more grueling than she had remembered. Users browsing this forum: cmccoyr2Google [Bot] and 24 guests.

Wonder woman in other media

Why is it that so many of them are out of shape? She looked at herself in the only mirror in the room, which she kept in the corner. Her tight, muscled physique had softened. She put on her uniform and her belt, which fit just a tad more snugly than it had the day before. When she saw it, though, her stomach growled. Before today, she could hardly imagine her hero putting her down. Return to Stories. She was used to being taller than most people she met, and almost all other women. She walked over towards her mirror, but she was only able to see her face in it.

And her normally chiseled arms looked just a Wonder woman weight gain story softer than she was used to. In fact, when it finally became closing time at convention hall, there were still many waiting in line for her ature. Absent an enemy trying to upset her, who would even want to do something like this? As she got up from her booth, Diana ran into the blue skinned heroine Andromeda.

Pulling herself out of bed was a little bit harder than yesterday, and she eager jumped on the chair to see if she had changed again. Diana breathed a long sigh of relief when she saw that she was no shorter than before. She decided to stop at a grocery store on the way back home and pick up a few things. And nobody was able to provide her with even the possibility of a cure. She was short, and fat, there was no doubt about that. When she pulled herself out of bed, she was shocked to see that the walls seemed to have risen considerably.

Ordinarily, she was 6 feet tall, but in the mirror, she appeared to be barely five feet. First, she had to deal with more staring and muffled laughter when she ran into people she knew. Chapter Four: Diana had fallen asleep in front of the TV again, this time on the sofa.

Staring back at the goddess-like figure of Wonder Woman, Trudy felt more and more angry and resentful. Trudy Hinckles was her name, and she heard the comment. And watching the Sci-Fi channel was much more enjoyable that she would have thought possible. Behind Helga was another chubby young woman, and behind her, and out of shape woman in her early twenties. Of course, they took great pains to look concerned, but the sight of the mighty Wonder Woman reduced to a diminutive stature seemed humorous to quite a few people she had seen today.

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