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I'm Wifes first time with another man stories femme that like walking

Wifes First Time With Another Man Stories


Lucas was perfect for us, he had shown interest in my wife, we both trusted him, he was clean and he was hot. Lucas was what we wanted, tanned, tall, dark and as cliche as it sounds to finish this sentence he was also immensely handsome. We met up with him in our favorite wine bar and we told him what we wanted, he was more than happy to oblige and he gleefully took up our offer. We wanted to do this in a weeks time from that meeting and he agreed to the roleplay, the times and the meeting places. We decided to book a hotel room out of town and told him to meet my wife there 8 pm, we had it planned so spectacularly, we knew exactly how we wanted it to work out and what we wanted from this night with Lucas.

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Back on the patio I found Kirk sitting at the table watching Karen snore in a drunken sleep.

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We all laughed, but it was a little uncomfortable, to say the least. I learned Saturday that it had been Karen who woke to find herself naked, and Kirk sitting beside her masturbating. I got beneath the covers just as Karen staggered through the door and into bed, obviously too drunk and exhausted to even think about showering. Neither of us said anything as Karen slowly pumped my cock. Just a moment while we you in to your Goodre. I was banking that my sexually frustrated and extremely drunk friend would be unable to resist the naked feast laying in front of him.

Even aroused, it always takes a healthy dollop of KY to penetrate Karen, and I was floored and stimulated by how incredibly turned-on she was.

Sharing my wife with another guy (what really happened)

For a few minutes she lay still beside me, and I assumed she had fallen asleep. A heavy smell of sex filled the air as I tried to process what the hell had just happened. The only content we will consider removing is spam, slanderous attacks on other members, or extremely offensive content eg. Is there a sequel? As for my wife, I was too excited to even consider what her reaction might be if he did - I was pretty certain she was too drunk to wake up, let alone care, if he did actually touch her.

I pulled the curtain aside and peered out to patio.

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Comments Showing of 2 2 new post a comment ». One of the hottest I've read in a long time.

Sharing my wife with another guy (what really happened)

After another hour and too many drinks we were both sitting there in a quiet stupor. Add a reference: Book Author. Even hammered, it took some cajoling to get her to lay down on the table, but it quickly became obvious she seriously enjoyed Kirk slurping tequila from her navel - her face flushed bright red, and her nipples threatened to pop her top. My thoughts at that point were so surreal: Three times I had deposited my seed in that place and three times I had celebrated as I watched my children slide through those same swollen lips.

Wife’s first time with another man – sharing wife for the first time

I forced myself to quit thinking about it so I could get back. I slid the window open a bit so I could hear the slurping sounds as Kirk pumped his cock in and out of her. Jan 23, PM. I think this is so hot. Search for a book to add a reference. Karen let out a gasp as he worked it into her.

Sharing my wife with another guy (what really happened)

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Keeping these facts in mind, consider what happened to us last Friday night. She cut up some limes, grabbed the salt, and brought out the Patron Silver. I was contemplating slipping into the bathroom to relieve myself again? After taking a leak and setting the coffeemaker, I went into our bedroom and to the window. Now I was watching my best friend slide his fat penis into my quiet, reserved wife who was at this point grunting loud enough to wake the whole neighborhood. When Kirk excused himself to go take a leak, it was my turn.

First time i saw my wife with another man

As I leaned down for the drink, I slipped a couple fingers past her bikini bottom, and into what felt like warm pudding. Karen is a short 5'1; slim, has an attractive face, short brunette hair, and smallish tits with magnificent large, puffy nipples. My knees buckled and I sat down on the bed, trying to catch my breath.

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I had never given anything like that a thought. Sep 21, AM. This is an amazing story. After a minute or two, Kirk pulled away and climbed onto the table, turning Karen over onto her hand and knees, then moving behind her where he slowly pressed the bulbous head of his penis into that familiar place I knew so well.

Wife's first time with another man

Check out my latest book:. What I was surprised by was the fact it really turned me on. My longtime best friend Kirk stopped over for a few days on his way to California.

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At that point I had to slip away to the bathroom myself, not only to take a leak, but to wait for my erection to subside. Welcome back. After a second of silence, Karen burst out laughing. She was definitely awake, and apparently no less horny.

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Euftis Emery's Blog. Minutes late we were both fast asleep, at least until 5 AM when I awoke to Karen sucking my cock to erection, just before she slid on for another juicy ride - one of six seven? We got into our swimsuits, put on some music, and cranked up the blender. My wife Karen and I have been married for 9 years, and have three. While she enjoys fantasizing about it, so far we have not included anyone else in our lovemaking. Karen and I decided to send the kids to the grandparents Friday night, mix up some margaritas poolside, and catch up on old times with our friend.

My first time with another man

Evidently her suit caught in her crack when I pulled my fingers out - it had been staring Kirk in the face from about a foot away. Yes, I really did.

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Hell, just a few nights ago I was pumping that cunt as Karen quietly waited for me to finish, as usual. Kirk sat up, eyes the size of saucers. I took my chair and admired my handiwork.

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