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Wife Stronger Than Husband Stories


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Most cancer patients feel pressure to maintain a positive mental attitude, and too often this pressure prevents them from expressing their true feelings. Although it can be hard, it makes sense to be open and direct with your family and close friends if you feel comfortable doing that.

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Your loved one probably has good reasons to be worried and upset, as well as to feel hopeful and optimistic. How open you should Wife stronger than husband stories about the fact that you have cancer or about how your treatment is going is entirely up to you.

They leave the hospital each evening and worry about whether their loved one will ever again lead a normal life, or whether he or she will even leave the hospital. Adolescents are particularly vulnerable to stress, as they may be asked to assume a supportive role, to approximate an adult partner or spouse. It is important at such times to be aware that friends and relatives may sometimes need to be educated.

Adolescents are adults—up to a point—but they still require the reassurance and comfort routinely given to younger children. If everyone is working and cannot be with the patient during the day, there is still the evening, when the side effects of therapy may have to be endured. To be realistic, however, not everyone is able to be open, loving, or supportive in crisis.

When the patient is critically ill, it is not unusual for at least one family member to be in attendance around the clock. Many worry that talking to children about cancer will frighten them. You are both challenged to find constructive ways of dealing with the disruptions and threats posed by cancer and with the side effects of medical treatments.

Would you like to go to a movie [take a walk, etc. Children may also feel they caused the illness; this misconception must be corrected quickly. It hurts here and here. You might think your spouse is mostly scared, when actually he or she feels more sad or perhaps guilty about the consequences of the cancer for you.

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Some even appear to be avoiding them. They have their own fears and frustrations that will only grow into terrifying phantoms if they are left behind a veil of secrecy and ignorance of what you are really experiencing. Here are some of the specific issues that you should try to face together:. Unless this ongoing communication occurs between the person with cancer and his or her partner and children, family members will be unable to know what the person with cancer is experiencing and feeling.

Even stable relationships may be severely threatened by the pressures of long-term illness.

When your spouse has cancer

The inability to communicate can occur with all people at any time, but it is usually heightened under conditions of stress. Candor may not be easily achieved, for often people are not in the habit of speaking about their deepest concerns.

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It can remove the burden of secrecy and open the door for the alleviation of apprehensions. Your partner might hold back in sharing legitimate fears because he or she does not want to disappoint or burden you, or because he or she thinks that negative emotions might jeopardize healing. Calling on other friends or relatives for assistance can provide a respite from the responsibilities and worries of constant caring.

This anger usually manifests itself as irritation over trivial matters that normally would not even concern the patient. You might think that your spouse is strong and resilient, when actually he or she feels vulnerable and dependent on you, but may not want to let you know that.

Fears and frustrations should be talked about as they arise, rather than being left to fester until they become too frightening to mention, or until a habit of withholding evolves into inevitable isolation. When it is not possible to share the experience, talking about it together later can help spouses to stay in touch.

Cancer's existential questions

Illness, incapacity, and the threat of death are difficult subjects for a patient and his or her family and friends to discuss together. Do not assume that you know what your spouse is thinking or feeling about the cancer, or that you know what he or she needs from you. In such cases, it may be helpful to put an arm around the child while explaining what is happening. Few appreciate the pain, fear, and confusion endured by the spouse or partner. The separation caused by hospitalization is particularly traumatic to the family.

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Children of cancer patients often need special understanding. Ironically, the people from whom this attention is demanded may be suffering from the same tedium or from feelings of inadequacy and guilt for being unable to relieve the suffering. They may not be able to cope with the reality in which the patient is imprisoned. Many spouses of cancer patients are greatly helped by having an opportunity to get away from their home responsibilities on a regular basis and having someone other than the person with cancer with whom they can speak about their feelings and concerns.

In addition to anger and depression, a patient must also endure the endless boredom of being ill, as well as the fear of being a burden when he or she really wants and needs special attention. Reassurance from other family members is important for children to realize they are still loved.

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Hearing what the others are experiencing is never as devastating as what the imagination can conjure up. When the patient is at home, functioning well, there are still many opportunities for family and friends to give emotional and practical support.

The key to dealing with these issues is open communication. Although your spouse has cancer, the illness is really happening to both of you.

Gaming with my husband made our marriage stronger

Without candor and openness, concerned relatives and friends are left with their own darkest imaginings. You might also go out of your way to reassure your spouse of your love and devotion and that your feelings are not motivated just by physical attractiveness or sexual performance, that your main priority is his or her survival, and that you continue to desire an intimate physical relationship. The person under attack needs to understand that this is not a rejection, but a cry of anguish.

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The exhaustion and frustration of constant worry and care may break even the most loyal supporter. It can be tremendously reassuring and comforting to your loved one to know that the two of you are facing the illness together and that your support and involvement will be steadfast and unwavering regardless of what happens.

But when I tell you how worried I am, what would help me most is a hug and to hear you say how much you love me and that you worry sometimes, too. Some common examples are the loss of libido caused by chemotherapy and hormonal therapy, the impotence caused by prostate cancer treatments, and the body image effects of mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. Wife stronger than husband stories result may be a gradual diminishing of attention and care by the family, and increased bitterness and fear of isolation for the patient.

Here are some general guidelines that could help you provide the kind of support your partner needs:. Each situation is different. Parents may not realize how easily children pick up on the emotional state of the adults around them. Some people and some relationships grow stronger, experiencing new depths of love, respect, and understanding; some waver, yet hold together; and some collapse.

Even those who have established close relationships may become fainthearted in the presence of cancer and the threat of death. A mutual confrontation of fears is a good way of keeping your own fears and the fears of others under control. The point is to talk with your spouse about his or her emotional reactions and concerns and to ask what your spouse needs from you. Each is searching for the most tactful way to deal with the other.

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The bodily or mood changes in your spouse can also cause you to lose interest. However, it is vital that they do not err on the side of being overly solicitous, because this deprives the patient of the accomplishments that can give a sense of independence, purpose, and self-esteem, and concrete proof of progress in returning to a normal life. You should try to support and validate both sets of emotions not only the positive ones. Nor, if someone asks how you feel, do you necessarily have to answer with a long detailed description.

A family member or friend can offer a ride or go with the patient on the bus. In most instances, there is no way to hide the fact that something is different once a parent has been diagnosed with cancer.

Why more women are suggesting open relationships

In general, the more the couple can talk about the areas in which they feel they are not communicating and the more they can be direct about their wishes and needs, the more the relationship will be strengthened. In time, the person with cancer can begin to feel like Marco Polo—coming from afar with fantastic stories and feelings that are hard for others to understand.

The parents I see frequently underestimate the fears and questions their children have. No one should be blamed for the ways he or she responds to the crisis of a long-term illness or the threat of change and loss. Latent problems may emerge, and anger or guilt may surface in sudden attacks or recriminations, or in indifferent or overly solicitous behavior.

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You are sharing many of the same emotions and concerns. Your life is being disrupted in many of the same ways. You may want to talk to each other but be hindered because you want to protect one another, or because you do not wish to face the truth yourselves. Your partner may be newly diagnosed, dealing with metastatic cancer, or living in a kind of limbo, not knowing whether the cancer has regressed.

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I know of hundreds of couples who have followed these principles. Our experience with patients has shown, however, that a deliberate policy of candor and openness will create an atmosphere that is beneficial to all concerned.

7 ways to reset your relationship

They have told me that the bond between them has actually been deepened and strengthened. Other needs may be more emotional: being attuned and responsive to what your spouse is feeling, encouraging your spouse to confide in you, and offering empathy and support during difficult times.

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Candor will allow relationships to operate in a new realm, in which despair can be minimized or set aside and enjoyment and pleasure can their rightful places. The most important thing that family and friends can do for a patient is to be supportive, give encouragement, and do everything possible to promote his or her recovery.

These, along with the offer of special foods, a favorite pillow, or a comforting hand, become the routine of the daily hospital visit, giving solace to the family and friends as well as to the patient. Families and friends faced with the life-threatening illness of a loved one have the dual problem of trying to control their own fears and anxieties while giving support to the patient. Feeling powerless, they need to give of themselves. Also, the more the spouse can participate in the ongoing decision making and treatment discussions and the more experiences the couple can share, the less likely it is that they will drift apart.

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Because your partner might be reluctant to broach these topics, you could take the lead by acknowledging these issues and conveying your desire to face them together. Unfortunately, while attention and treatments are being given to the person with cancer, the spouse is sometimes shunted aside. In such cases, it is not uncommon for a breach to occur in a family or for old friendships to end. Family and friends must be reminded that they need time to themselves and moments of rest if they are to keep emotionally and physically fit.

Coping with cancer

There is no need for a long discussion, but there are some essential points to get across:. Even without such specific problems, the depression that cancer can cause can reduce libido and sexual functioning. Patient, family, and friends all benefit from any means by which love and encouragement can be expressed.

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