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Wife Lost Bet Story


But she can be somewhat of a slow learner. This time the bet was over the movie-line "take me to bed, or lose me forever. She immediately said "I will bet you anything, yes, including being your slave again". I told my wife that she should rest up, drink lots of liquids, and save her strength for a long night, and then I immediately began making plans. That Saturday night I had six guys over for a high-stakes poker game.

Name: Kelsi

Age: 20
I can speak: I speak English and Spanish
Smoker: No

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She pushed him away and told him to get on the bed. Looking for. Nikki's Loses the Bet or does she? Then she proceeded to slowly unbutton her blouse and remove it exposing her perfect medium sized breasts. More wife sex stories you might enjoy. That was easy for her since I had the hotel room key and she didn't so she led him over to the front desk to get the key.

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You might think being married to a beautiful woman is sheer bliss but I soon began to realize that everybody wants her, whether it's just because she's gorgeous or they're jealous that I have her and they don't. It wasn't long before they came in and he was instantly on her, kissing her deeply while trying to get her clothes off.

As I sunk my cock into her well fucked pussy I was shocked at the mess down there. I always told her wherever we were that any guy there would gladly fuck her but she wouldn't believe me. And then I told her that her reward would be to do anything she wanted, even bringing him to our room for sex if she wanted. A couple separated in a night… Read Story.

Maybe a little of both. Mrs Juicy.

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I wasn't sure if I were more jealous or horny but the more I watched I decided on the latter as I watched him slowly fucking my beautiful wife. I told her to look around and tell me who in the bar she would like to have sex with. From my vantage point all I could see was the back of his head firmly planted between her legs.

My favorite was about being in a bar with a pool table and her fucking and sucking everybody there on the pool table. Please register or .

She lost the bet 2: another lost bet

He obviously knew what he was doing as Nikki was nearly squealing in delight and then softly screaming as an orgasm overtook her. James is upset about his… Read Story.

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He surprised me then by bringing his slimy cock up to Nikki's mouth and she surprised me by accepting it as he pushed inside her mouth, making her clean his cum as well as her own pussy juice from it and licking it from his balls up. After the dance I was shocked to see them leave the room hand in hand. She then removed her skirt and panties while he still had his underwear on showing what Wife lost bet story to be an impressive bulge in them.

Bang with 5. How he stopped from cumming I don't know, but he fucked her hot and heavy for at least twenty minutes and through multiple orgasms before he finally bellowed he was cumming as he buried that cock deep inside my wife's pussy and dumped his hot load of cum. Finally finished, he dressed, kissed her goodbye and, as he was leaving, told Nikki next time she should let her husband sit in the chair for a better view.

Nikki noticed too as she approached the bed and began fondling his cock through the fabric, cooing about how big it was. I used to get pissed when guys paid to much attention to her but then I began feeling proud that she was my wife and would always be going home with me. My little secret. Well, she hemmed and hawed for a bit and said she wouldn't do that but I eventually convinced her to go over to the bar. I was hard pressed not to pull my own cock out and jerk off but I was afraid I would give myself away.

Meahwhile, I rushed to the elevator and easily beat them to the room where I secreted myself away in the closet which had louvre type doors for my viewing pleasure. Get your erotica book featured here. There was so much cum it was squelching out of her pussy and running down my balls but I kept on fucking her, actually enjoying sloppy seconds from my own wife's pussy.

Nikki's loses the bet (or does she?)

I asked her to try to delay him while I got there first and hid in the closet. Spank me. I thought she would have stopped him but it appeared she was pushing into him just as much. Kay was like putty in Dimitri's… Read Story. Finally she relented and pointed out a rather handsome forty something year old guy.

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We were out of town one weekend and that evening after dinner we were at a table in the hotel bar. At first she just said me as though I were fishing for a compliment. I decided to call her cell phone and discreetly find out. This makes her susceptable to anyone who pays attention to her, which is pretty much every man she meets, and at times she comes off as being a flirt although she just likes the attention.

My wife, Nikki, is a drop dead gorgeous, blonde haired, blue eyed vision to behold. I watched as his impressive, fat cock inched closer and closer to the prize, my wife's hot, wet pussy.

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My wife's Best Friend. As soon as she ordered a drink he was on her, demanding he buy it which Nikki accepted graciously. My wife had been overweight as a teenager and can't seem to get past feeling like she is fat even though her body is perfect in every way now. When she answered I quitely asked where they were going and she said to our room.

Lost bet stories

After a bit of sucking he pulled her up the bed and then went down to give her some attention. Sex Story Books. Juicy Sex Books.

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Mission accomplished, her new lover now came up the bed as Nikki seemed to reposition herself to give me a better view. We began spicing up our sex lives by fantasizing about her having sex with strangers after she teased them too much.

Now, what should the prize be? I told her to pretend she wasn't with me and go over near him, I'll bet he comes on to you.

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Afterwards I reminded her that I won the bet that he would fuck her. My clit was on fire but I… Read Story. They had a small dance floor there and he eventually asked her to dance to a slow song. Slept with.

Nikki's loses the bet (or does she?)

She never failed to have an orgasm as I expanded on the story. I even began to encourage her to dress sexier, go braless at times, wear short skirts or short shorts when appropriate. Nikki seemed to reposition herself to give me a better view. Erotica books - collections of naughty sex stories by our Juicy members.

Shit, how did he know I was there. Oh, well, I couldn't wait to get out of the closet and make a beeline for the bed, seeking much needed relief. Gotta love sex. As gently as he had begun fucking her, Nikki began to yell at him to fuck her harder and harder until he was like a pile driver, pummelling her hot pussy with that big cock.

She said she would never do anything like that but I began to wonder and even fantasize for real about it. Of course, like most women it seems, there is always some minor flaw that they feel self-conscous about.

Lost bet with my buddy’s wife [mf]

She really got into this and began wearing more and more revealing clothes which drive Wife lost bet story nuts. I wondered if that was her first taste of pussy. What can I say? I decided to prove her wrong. See Profile. As I came home from the party… Read Story. Then the head of that cock was slipping between her pussy lips followed by the rest of it. I was kind of surprised since she was only 22 at the time but there was something about him that interested her apparently and he appeared to be alone.

I was a bit nervous watching him work her, he appeared to be quite experienced and was keeping her very interested. I wish he would. He must have cum alot as it took him quite a while to finally finish and pull out of Nikki's well satisfied pussy. As I watched, his hand roamed down to her ass and he seemed to be pressing himself into Nikki.

He couldn't take his eyes off her as he hurriedly got out of his own clothes. She then reached inside is underwear and pulled his cock out and immediately sucked it into her mouth, obviously, much to his delight. Were they going to our room or his I wondered? So I said no not me someone else and I assured her she wouldn't hurt my feelings.

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One day I had some business to attend to in a city about three hours from where I lived.

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With the intent of introducing other people to our game, and hopes that they will share their stories for us to read, we decided to post the rules for our "Clothing Bank" rules for friendly poker.

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A while back, we were on vacation.

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It was one of those situations I had heard about but never believed.

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Nikki's Loses the Bet or does she?