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I hunt for chica who Wife humiliation sex stories emotions

Wife Humiliation Sex Stories


It was a warm, humid night, and the moist air was welcome on my skin as we stepped out into the parking lot behind the building. The asphalt beneath my feet still held a great deal of the heat it had absorbed during the day and felt vaguely sticky. Things had changed for Miss Julie.

Name: Gabriell

Years old: 58
Where am I from: Turkish
Sexual preference: I prefer gentleman
Iris color: Brilliant hazel eyes
Languages: Russian
What is my Zodiac sign: Scorpio
What I like to drink: Brandy
I prefer to listen: Opera
In my spare time I love: In my spare time I love doing puzzles

While doing so he inserted his hand in my panty and started fingering me hard, with rigorous fingering my pussy was getting wet. Now alcohol started to show its effect I started dancing and moving my body lightly. He: Will you be my whore? Me: Sir you told you will inform some option today, please let what can be done. He hugged me from the side and again asked something I thought he too felt bad after me crying, so nodded affirmatively. After 10 min he increased the speed and pulled out his cock and sprayed his cum on my back. I am doing everything as per your wish then why you taped this?

I was unable to control myself and kept on crying suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder. While dancing I saw he removed his dress and was in his boxers I could his manhood in the same, he came close to me and hold my hairs tight and kissed my lips. Me: dear please tell me what is it? Why Delhi? I got up and went to the bathroom inside I had very guilty feeling and I started to cry for my betrayal to my husband but my mind says you are doing it for family only. I spent a sleepless night, next day he called me in the cabin. I am in big trouble. He smiled at me, and I turned my face to other side he started licking my pussy and inserted two fingers I was my Wife humiliation sex stories not react but he was great at licking so I left out a moan and he was happy hearing this.

He left and I was shocked to listen to this. He was kind of pissed off at me as I never paid attention to him despite being a partner of the company. Some people used to flirt with me but I never entertained them. I removed my jeans and sat near him. Without talking anything to her I step out of the car at home. Take your time, I am going for meeting and will return in two hours till you decide.

Me: Sir I would be happy to get the one, I will be so thankful. He: ok then tell me one thing why you love me more?

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Rajesh: So you are bribing me? He agreed to my request and asked me to apply leave for 4 days and we are leaving my tomorrow evening and will be returning after 4 days. The story begins with my company. He: Good my little whore, so now I will delete this while returning. I was silent all the time, my hubby asked me what happened.

I was really feeling humiliated tears rolling down my eyes. I always wanted to be independent so I was working in private company. My notice period was going to finish in next 10 days I was too tense for finances. Me: Sir you know what I mean. One of them was a partner of the company his name was Rajesh, he always used to find a reason for talking with me.

Rajesh: Wow what a sexy body you have a bitch, I have fucked my whores till now but you are best in all. Me: Sir cannot we settle it here? He: No but you love your husband more, why you will become my whore? But after a lot of thinking, I finally decided to surrender to my fate and accept it. Hello, everybody, I am Yogita, I am back with another real life experience not mine but one of my Wife humiliation sex stories.

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Now you go and decide. I stressed the word anything. Rajesh smiled and said: What do you mean by anything?

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Me: Sir please why are you doing this to me, I have worked a lot in this company and given dedication for everything but you are firing me from this company. I am a chaste woman who never let anyone touch than my husband. This time you are going to pay for your mistake. Let me introduced first I am Amruta 32 years working wife with loving husband and blessed with a baby boy. So when he returned I told him that I accept his conditions and requested him to keep this in between only him and me.

‘humiliation’ stories

He: So Amruta tell me how many people you have slept with? He said that he wanted me to speak everything. I being happily married never cared for those things.

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Few times he offered me to drop my home or for coffee but I always declined. I saw up and it was a girl working in some other team, she consoled me and take me for coffee in the canteen.

‘humiliation’ stories

He turned me in doggie style and inserted from behind, he was spanking me while fucking. He had booked a suite there, after going there I asked for my room. Exhausted he sat on sofa and I was lying on the sofa only. Honestly I enjoyed the session with him, I was feeling little ashamed.

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Now here onwards please read the story in her own words. He offered me drink, I immediately took the drink and finished in one go as I thought it will help me to reduce my guilt. During the talk, I would see his devilish grin due to the happiness of destroying me. I informed him that company is firing employees now so just tensed about it. So next day after the office was done and all employees left I went to the cabin of Rajesh and again requested him not to terminate me.

But sometimes life has some other plans for you. Now I shall tell some incident happened with me a few months back. He got up Wife humiliation sex stories took his phone which was kept on the table and came near me and showed me a video of our fucking. I came out of his cabin and left the office. Though I opted to come and sleep with him I was not willing to do that I was just being forced in this. He took my glass and inserted his dick in whiskey and spat into it then handed over to me.

Me: No sir I love you more than my husband. I was wearing shirt and jeans that time, it was very uncomfortable to stay in the room with another man than my husband, as I never been in a relationship with anyone other than him.

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Let me tell little about him, he was 45 years family man, heavily built, dark in color not so good looking but was a womanizer and used to spend a lot of money on his mistress, so woman and girls used to get attracted towards his money. I said yes. Remove your jeans and sit near me.

He tried to chat me on WhatsApp but I never showed any interest. Me: Yes sir I will be your whore. Hesitantly I removed my shirt slowly as I was ashamed of doing it, then I put it on chair. I thought it will be simple I will have to sleep with him once and all done.

Next day I met Rajesh directly at the airport, we reached Delhi around 7 in evening and checked into hotel Lalit near Connaught place. Rajesh: Good now remove your clothes.

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He threw me on the sofa, removed my panty and was happy to see my clean shaved pussy. Neha Office Girl : sorry to say dear but now you have only one option to keep this job. I did so and after going home I informed my hubby that I have to go Delhi for official work and will return after 4 days, I lied him that I am going with 3 office colleagues.

After he left I fresh up, we had some food, I was tensed a lot as tonight I was going to sleep with someone else than my husband.

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Sorry dear but I cannot help you. My husband had a loss in business so at least for a year I have to do a job to support my family expenses. He informed that I will be staying in his suite only. He then put on some music and asked me to dance on the same. I was helpless I came out of his cabin almost everybody had left I went to my desk and sat on the chair.

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I was behaving professionally with him, he was flirt of our company there were rumors of him having affairs with women of the company but I never paid any attention to them. I work in private company and my husband owns a business. Rajesh: Just because I want in Delhi, you have the option to say no. Did you liked it? I am left with no option so I am ready to do anything. Me: Because, little thinking because you fuck better than him, you have a bigger dick than him.

I literally begged him, did all kind of arguments but he was unmoved. But unfortunately one incidence made a change in my life, my husband lost a big order of his business and we had to face a financial crunch. He laughed on that and poured another peg larger than the one, I did the same to it.

But here he was planning Wife humiliation sex stories trip, which means I have to sleep multiple times with him. At the same time my project got over and there was no project in line with that so this gave Rajesh a good opportunity to screw my life, one day before leaving office he called me in his cabin and informed me that as the workload has decreased so company has thought to remove some people and I am so sorry to tell your name is included in that.

If I am satisfied after the trip I will keep your job else there will not be any option. Before you decide I want to tell you something, you have to obey my each and every order.

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