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Wife Catfight Story


The plot is as old as time: Two women, one guy, neither wants to share. They fight and one wins him. The loser cries and sinks her head in humiliation while the winner rides her new boyfriend into an all-consuming orgasm. Even my most ambitious project up to date is just a series of catfights over a man.

Name: Trish

Years old: 28
Who do I prefer: Male
Color of my iris: I’ve got lustrous blue eyes
My gender: Fem
Hair: I have got crisp hair
What is my Zodiac sign: I'm Virgo
What is my favourite drink: Brandy
I prefer to listen: Easy listening
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Both came up with Ann. Susan wanted Ann because of the age difference. The hair pulling was about the only thing Ann was fighting back with. Susan was delivery slaps, head locks, and of course hair pulling. On many occasions they come in late from partying and will turn the TV to an adult movie in the motel room.

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She told Ann that they were watching an adult film that had a catfight scene that had turned both of us on. But Robert also had noticed that Susan had been turned on by the catfight scene.

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Now comes the problem of who would she fight. Robert stood by as there was nothing to view, as Ann had won. Both were beautiful, and for the first time, I really did want to see Susan stripped down. Yes and yes where the replies. I had conferred with Robert and he was all for the fight.

Robert asked her if she had ever been in a catfight before they were married, as he knew that she had not been or shown any interest in getting in one since they had been married. Its simple, women fight to dominate and humiliate their opponent, men only fight to dominate the other guy. Ann was well toned and did not look even close to her age. One night the movie featured a catfight scene that caught the interest of both the husband and wife. During conversation at lunch between the two women Susan brought up the idea of the catfight.

Catfight story wife mistress

Robert wanted to know what started it. Both women managed to separate and got to their feet.

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Susan fell backwards onto the sofa. Susan made the first move by slapping Ann across her face. Susan noticed that Robert was extremely turned on by the catfight.

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She started asking questions why men were so turned on by women fighting. But Susan knew the seed had been planted on fertile soil. Robert named off the five. The next week we all went out to dinner.

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Susan admitted a couple might work out, but again they had been friends for years. We both stepped over to say encouraging words to our wives. Did he mention who, asked Susan. The following day Robert and Susan spent the day on the laptop viewing catfight sites and reading catfight stories particularly those featuring the private matches between wives.

Catfight stories

In fact I think that He would like to see you win. Again Robert was turned on, and Susan admitted that she liked the idea of a private catfight. Ann came home and told me about the proposed fight, she laughed, my imagination went wild.

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I immediately started ever so slowing talking it up, to fast and she would have balked at the idea. Susan was screaming from the pain.

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Before she could go further, Ann said that Dudley had mentioned that he wanted to see me in one as well. Just as Ann was getting to her feet Susan rushed her and both crashed to the ground and the catfight was on. Ann was screaming as Susan dug her nails into her beautiful breast.

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Susan pushed it a little further stating how Robert thought Ann was so sexy and beautiful. Again Robert reviewed the four women left on his list.

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Ann was taken back by the direct challenge of Susan. Ann was approaching 50 while Susan was Robert wanted Ann because he always thought she was a sexy beautiful woman. Robert and I conjured up the different scenarios as what might happen. The women approached each other slowly. She admitted to being in one in college, which was several years ago. Both laughed.

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Our friends like to travel. Oh yes more than once, replied Ann and that was with you.

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A couple of weeks later while watching another adult film that depicted a private catfight between wives viewed only by their two husbands. Ann was taken back from the first blow Susan slapped her again.

‘catfight’ stories

It was after couple of drinks that the idea came up briefly. Susan motioned for Dudley to come over, both Ann and Robert watched as Susan whispered into his ear. After the movie Robert mentioned that he always wanted to see me in a catfight. She admitted some interest. The worst was that Ann would cave in too quickly.

The women entered from opposite ends of the room. Susan was playing with Ann like a cat plays with a ball.

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