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Wedding Story Game Cheats


You play as Detective Kate, who is on an asment at the high-profile wedding of Chelsea and Dante when she runs into an old flame. This walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck on any of the puzzles. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section. See all my other Adventure Escape guides here. Pick up the black marker and wooden heart.

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They take a great deal of pictures so Emily has to put the photos into an album. The Mouse is by the table next to Flannery.

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If the sheep get too hungry they will leave, so ensure that you always have hay ready to feed them. The Mouse is near the bottles of champagne on the table.

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Serve the VIP and get her out of there as soon as possible. Day 2: Emily gets to choose the grand finale for her wedding. Day 2: The party is still going on! The quicker you can turn over tables, the easier it will be to seat everyone coming into the restaurant. Day 2: Patrick arrives in Ireland and they go sightseeing. Day 2: Emily works the counter while opening her presents. The Mouse is near the trunk of the cab. This Challenge is quite similar to the challenge of finding mice. Day 2: Emily is on the hunt for some luck so during the day she searches for 8 four leaf clovers.

Day 1: The Mouse is near the river on the right side of the screen. Keep reservations while not turning walk-in guests away to ensure maximum profit.

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Day 2: A storm is starting to roll in and items are blowing all over the restaurant. The appear randomly in the restaurant. However, instead of mice you must find Bridin. Emily must empty buckets of water throughout the day. The Mouse is on the top of the right swan. However, all of the customers eat very quickly and it keeps Emily on her toes. When dealing with customers try and combo as much as possible to boost your earnings. Just keep a sharp eye on the balloons and deal with them as quickly as possible.

Day 2: Snuggy the cat has dropped into the sewer and Emily has to give him a bath. There are times, however, where it might become difficult to complete every task.

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Day 2: Jimmy is trying to help with the cake tasting. Francois must also console Emily before she gets too upset. Day 2: Flannery gifts the new couple with free meals so Emily must keep up with their orders. Invitation Challenge — Invite Philippe For this challenge Emily can only carry one item at a time on her tray. The musician is falling asleep and Emily must continuously wake him up throughout the day to keep the music going.

Day 2: Emily is distraught after a fight with Patrick so Francois offers to work at the restaurant for her. This is very similar to the challenges from earlier involving Officer Jackson. Francois is always there to provide entertainment. You can have the guests sitting at tables entertained to calm them down.

The wind is blowing so hard guests are falling over.

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Follow the same format to complete this one successfully. The Mouse is behind of the cherry bush. Invitation Challenge — Invite Charles The storm has hit the restaurant in full force. Invitation Challenge — Invite Mr. You can combo together guests to boost your score while fishing out clothes from the river.

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She must try on the dress throughout the day as Francois fixes it. Find all the mice and complete the target score at the same time. The easiest way to do this is to get 2 donuts on your tray as soon as you see him ride up.

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Invitation Challenge — Invite Flannery Fresco is making balloons for an upcoming party and Emily must pop any that get loose from him. The Mouse is behind the stack of flower pots near Patrick.

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Day 2: Emily will receive flower deliveries during this time. Her dress also arrives but it needs alterations.

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With the egg orders, always put the eggs to cook first and then gather the rest of the order to not waste time. Time your orders right so that you only have 3 guests ready to leave at once. There are three areas that need to be cleaned up. The Mouse is by the table where you make drinks and biscuits. Serve him and his friends cake throughout the day. For this challenge, you have to deal with angry customers who will leave if they are not served quickly.

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This challenge is almost identical to the Officer Jackson challenge from Episode 2. In this Challenge, Flannery is hosting a party and he must serve all guests and make the target goal before the party finishes. The Mouse is above the table by the door. The Mouse is in the window of the building in the background.

The Mouse is located next to the asparagus. Invitation Challenge — Invite Fresco The register can now only cash out 3 guests at a time. The Mouse is by the right most pillar. Emily must find these while tending to guests in the garden terrace. The key to this is to bring an entire order to a table at one time. You can also raise your score by cashing multiple customers at once.

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Day 2: Sheep have invaded the restaurant and Emily must chase them out. Episode Bark! He also appears in disguise, so watch out for him because if he gets served the game will end. Help the guests who have fallen down before they get angry.

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Serve everyone fast enough with Emily as a waitress. This challenge is continuation of Day 2, however, instead of 8 you must find 20 clovers. The Mouse is outside the door. Listen up and search for her immediately. Day 2: The well is broken and Flannery needs tools to fix it. Always serve Officer Jackson quickly while reaching the target score.

Collect them all for the guests. The Mouse is above the counter near the bell. Day 2: Emily is ready to leave. Day 2: With all the heavy rain, the reception area is starting to leak. Episode 2: Heeding the s Day 1: The Mouse is in the branch of the tree at the top left corner of the screen.

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Day 2: Emily must clean around the restaurant. The Mouse is behind the right wall of the restaurant. The Mouse is near the left opening of the stone hedge. The Mouse is to the left of Flannery.

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Just work as fast as possible to get the dishes created and served. However, she must load her suitcases into the cab. Guests can call in and make reservations to hold a table. The Mouse is in the basket near the cash register.

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For this challenge, you must serve large tables.

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The game has a of cheat codes to unlock levels or enable in-game cheats and additional functionality intended for development.

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Published by nanobitsoftware.

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Game genre: Simulation.

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Would you like to take care of your own doll-like princess and dress her however you please while also getting to see her dance and have a wedding with a man of her dreams in that dress?

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Discover a wonderful Love Story in this fantastic Hidden Object game!

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It's time to dance!