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Vibrating Underwear Stories
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Name: Etheline

Years: I'm 39 years old
I have tattoo: None

I took a quick forkful of food, trying to chew and swallow without choking, as the vibrator seemed to increase in intensity. Jason and I originally met on Vibrating underwear stories and still actively participated in the community. The vibration felt even stronger than before. I realized at that moment how far I had willingly pushed my boundaries for him. I kissed his neck as he came, while he continued to grip my thigh.

My body was betraying me and I was going to cum with the waiter standing less than five feet from me! Hopping out of the shower, I quickly dried off, rubbed on some lotion and made sure I was smooth all over. My nipples felt amazingly tight and hard as my orgasm neared. I slid my hand across his broad chest and dropped something into his shirt pocket. We said that we still needed a few minutes to look over the menu and he said that he would be back to take our orders.

Vibrate underwear prank

The sensation was too intense! Almost raw. Now. for Free! As I walked to the restroom, I had another devious idea forming in my head. Legendary Story. The waiter looked questioningly at me again. Sipping the wine, we briefly looked over the menus.

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When it had arrived in the mail, I knew I wanted to surprise Jason with it and had planned this dinner for us. I fumbled with the menu, pretending to look at the desserts. Even though I was expecting it, I jumped in my seat a bit and almost knocked over my wine glass.

I rubbed my hand lightly over the head and felt the wetness of his precum. We finally decided to go with the top of the line and had ordered the LELO remote vibe the week before. Since it was chilly out, I planned to wear a long gray skirt and high, black leather boots. As the waiter turned away, Jason quickly switched off the vibe.

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Editors Pick. Jason tried pushing my hand away again, but saw that it was no use. We enjoyed playing on Vibrating underwear stories forums under our CurlyGirly and Wolverine15 personas along with the other friends we met there. Just the sight of him still made my heart skip a beat. It felt so fucking good. OK, maybe I enjoyed playing on the forums and Jason just liked to scare people off.

I knew it would feel good, but not this good and a shudder went up my body. He gripped my thigh with his claw-like hand as I rubbed the panties faster over his angry red tip. With the waiter turned away from me, Jason deftly increased the intensity on the vibrator while his fingers reached my very wet panties. With this in mind, I returned to the table a few minutes later with my soaking wet panties clutched in my hand. The waiter asked if we would like another glass of wine and we both just nodded in agreement, unable to speak.

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The waiter returned ready to take our orders and looked at me. Still fumbling a bit, I finally managed to pull his cock out. What do you mean… surprise me?

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I could feel the juices flooding from me, as the muscles of my pussy started to contract, as if searching for a cock to milk. Oh the feeling… the fucking amazing feeling of having that vibe buried deep in my pussy. This was certainly not how I planned the evening to go, but it was hard to think about that when I had this wonderful electric sensation coursing through my body. He was working late, so he would be meeting me at the restaurant. He swirled the finger in his wine glass and then sucked it clean.

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I tried to squeeze my legs together, to contain the wonderful feeling in my pussy, but Jason took this opportunity to push my knees apart and snake his hand between my thighs. I could see the precum flowing freely, as I squeezed up and down the length of his throbbing cock. One of the things that excited us the most was the idea of me wearing a vibe in public, with Jason in charge of the remote control. I quickly applied my makeup, fluffed my curls and I headed for the door.

He held his hand in front of my face and I gave his wet finger a quick lick, hoping no one was looking.

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Reluctantly breaking the kiss, he pulled back to see what I had placed in his pocket. As soon as the wine bottle touched my glass, I felt the familiar throbbing between my legs, which caused me to gasp. At our request, we were seated at one of the small banquet tables, which allowed us to sit next to each other because of the curved seat. now to listen to this story Now. If I hurried, I had time to drive home, take a quick shower, get dressed and still not be late for my dinner date with Jason. I stood up and smoothed my skirt. I arrived at our favorite local restaurant just a few minutes late and Jason was already in the lobby waiting.

The waiter returned then to fill our water glasses and attempt to take our orders again.

The ugly truth vibrating underwear in a restaurant

I managed a few sips of wine as I lovingly and firmly jerked him off. I wanted to tease Jason with just a bit of skin, so I put on a top that had a cut-out over my cleavage, which would give glimpses of my breasts when I moved. If you can please wrap this up. His eyes closed briefly as I continued to stroke the length of his shaft.

He was doing this now, in front of the waiter? Jason attempted to eat a few bites of his steak as I continued the long strokes up his shaft and over the head of his cock with my panties. I noticed that he put his fork down and his breathing was shallow and quick.

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I then pulled on some sheer black panties. Quickly looking at Jason, I could see he had the biggest grin on his face. How was that even possible? It seemed that Jason was enjoying the vibe as much as I was, because there was a growing bulge in his pants.

now to listen to this story. I just knew it was worth every penny we had paid. The waiter arrived to take our drink order and we both ordered a glass of Tempranillo.

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However, as the waiter walked away, Jason switched off the vibrator once again. Tonight was just the bit of teasing fun we needed. I sped up a bit as Jason tried to go through the motions of eating. I was so focused on the throbbing in my pussy, that I forgot to stroke Jason for a minute or so, just clutching his cock in my hand while the vibrator worked its magic on me.

Everywhere we went was a total adventure.

I was on a mission to have some fun with him. Interrupting our conversation, the waiter dropped off our wine and asked if we were ready to order.

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I put on a lace black bra and garter, slid on some black thigh highs and attached them to the clips on the garter. As he leaned over to give me another kiss, I let my hand graze over his pants. During this exchange, I managed to free his cock from his boxers and was attempting to pull it out through his zipper.

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My pussy lips were swollen and dripping wet and I needed to cum. He pulled the item out and when he saw the LELO name on the round black and metal object, his eyes widened in surprise. That was absolutely amazing. His blue eyes Vibrating underwear stories up into a smile when he saw me. I squeezed tighter and pulled the panties up the length of his shaft and over the tip of his engorged head.

How many speeds did this thing have? Can I get you anything? He said there was just something he had forgotten to do before he left the office. By reading the great stories and forum posts, we continued to find items to add to our sexual bucket list. As he left the table, Jason switched off the vibe once more. He sighed a bit reluctantly and looked down, as he felt something wet rub against his cock.

I heard all this through a bit of a fog as I felt the relentless vibrations bringing me close to orgasm.

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Once it was freed, I could feel the engorged veins along his shaft. Where's the Remote? With a small laugh to himself, Jason turned up the vibe as high as it could go just as the waiter reached our table. Score 4.

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