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Vch Piercing Stories


I like to think I have a high tolerance for pain. I have over twenty tattoos, some of them large ones in sensitive areas. I have five ear piercings, one nose piercing, and even got my tongue done twice yes, make fun of me, but they were in fashion then.

Name: Elsa

Years: I am 65
What is my hobbies: Shopping
I have tattoo: None

We were surprised by what we read. I went to the adult toy store and bought the newest, most expensive rabbit vibrator. I looked up and my girlfriend was looking down and watching me, loving it. My girlfriend gave me soapy handjobs in the shower and I came all over her titties and tummy.

Women share what it’s like to pierce their lady bits

Her moans were getting louder, so I toyed with her for a few minutes, then swirled my tongue on her clit with medium pressure. We made a special date for a Saturday night. It was the best sex we had had in months. This worked for a couple of days.

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My girlfriend always told me she loved kissing me, because she knew the tongue would soon be making her cum. I licked up and down a couple of times, then played a while with the ring. When I felt my cum surging through my cock, I pulled out and sprayed all over her pussy, clit hood ring, landing strip and tummy.

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Confessions of a vagina piercer

My girlfriend got her clit hood pierced "A couple's sex life gets hot after a clit hood piercing. I fucked her pussy hard for a few minutes, and I could feel thing ring on my shaft. My girlfriend loved the way it tickled her clit while she sat at her desk at work. I loved how it moved. She got into doggy style position. Tonight, she had shaved a two-inch triangle above her pussy, and the clit hood piercing looked simply magnificent.

My girlfriend already had a nice pussy, completely shaved except for Vch piercing stories pencil-thin, soft brown hair land strip. We had some dinner and some wine, but we both could think about only one thing … tonight was the first night I was going lick her pierced pussy. I looked up and one of her hands had grabbed the sheets and the other was holding onto my hair and shaking, so I knew I was doing it right. We decided not to have sex for a couple of weeks. Well a couple of weeks later, the clit hood piercing was all healed.

There was no blood, the piercer was a woman who had done it many times before, and my girlfriend even joked and laughed when it was over. In the past I could never cum when I was on my back. Now came the healing period.

Women share what it’s like to pierce their lady bits

I kissed her belly button ring, then both thighs, before I allowed myself to look at her pussy. Pretty soon, my cock began to feel electric and I shot a big load of cum into her. At night she would ride my cock hard as I played with her titties. I kissed her neck, shoulders and arms and moved down to her titties.

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Was it really true the clit hood ring would lightly tickle the clit if a woman walked the right way, or wiggled a little bit on a chair? I held her thighs to make it last as long as I could, but she was still thrashing around the bed, eyes closed, moaning, nipples stiff. But by day four, my girlfriend confessed she was super-horny.

Sinun tietosi. sinun kokemuksesi.

I sighed too, because I missed her pussy so much. Her blowjobs and handjobs were great, but I missed her tight little shaved pussy. A few years ago I was watching some porn with my girlfriend, a pretty brunette a couple of years younger than me. I licked the entire alphabet a couple of times. That night after we had sex, we wondered if a clit hood piercing would make sex more fun.

Then I experimented, licking a certain way and listening to see if she moaned. The big smile on her face told me she had made up her mind. I used my tongue to wiggle the ring against her clit and she gasped and pushed her pussy into me, wanting more.

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I stroked her body with my hands for a few minutes, then put my cock deep into her pussy. I focused on her clit. Over the next few months, the ring turned out to be huge success. I loved playing with the ring. She started to cum.

What it's like to get an intimate piercing

I would love the sight of it, playing with it, and especially licking her pussy. One of the actresses had a pierced clit hood, and we were both intrigued. The actual piercing was very quick and easy. I spent a few minutes on each nipple, tongue swirling and flicking, until they were hard like pencil erasers and my girlfriend was moaning with her eyes closed.

Published 11 years ago. I slowly pushed my hard cock into her pussy.

What it's like to get an intimate piercing

Tonight I was so excited, I knew I would not last long, and I think she understood. She rolled me onto my back and for the next 10 minutes gave me an awesome blowjob, wiggling her tongue into my slit, running her tongue up and down my shaft, looking me in the eye, kissing my stomach.

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She put a new silver hoop with a tiny blue ball into her piercing. We started by making out. But I immediately told her I would love it if she got a clit piercing. She was a little nervous, but very excited. That night in bed, we started making out.

Confessions of a vagina piercer

We both knew what we wanted. I practically ripped her clothes off when she came home on days like that.

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She felt a tiny moment of pain, because my cock had not been inside her for a few days, but then sighed with pleasure. In the morning, at night, in the shower, during sex. Straight Sex piercings relationship couples. The clit hood piercing was healing great, but we wanted to be careful. Some days she text messaged me that the ring had just made her cum. Tongue circling, light then hard, soft then strong.

My girlfriend loved it, because she could ride and ride and brush her clit against my hard cock and cum and cum. That night I put my girlfriend on the bed, gently fucked her with the rabbit until she came, and whispered to her how happy I was about her new clit hood ring. We went online and read a little about body piercing down there. I got an idea.

Sinun tietosi. sinun kokemuksesi.

Score 5 5. As for me, I can dream about the past and hope I meet a girl soon who has a clit hood piercing.

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After the piercing, however, I would look down as she was riding me and watch that little hoop go up and down. All because of the ring. That was enough to make my cock squirt hot cum into her pussy. Now was the time to give her a big reward. A couple of days later, she told me how bad she missed my cock inside her pussy, and I immediately agreed with her.

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Famous Story. At night she gave me one of her wonderful blowjobs, stroking my shaft, licking my balls and sucking my cock until I exploded and she swallowed my cum.

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Because, a few months ago, I got my VCH pierced.

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The following is an interview with Brian Keith ThompsonL.

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