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Understories By Dijan


I suspect that "Vulgus" pseudonym may be a curator if we're charitable or plagiarist if we're not of vintage erotic fiction. The plot thickens. Thanks for the he-up, Anonymous, I'll check it out. Brooke Can't Drink - very hot. Part 2 was good up til midway, then it started getting unrealistic.

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There are a couple of authors on the site that are personal favorites of mine and that I'll spotlight in the coming weeks. Many of the stories on Dijan's site can be found elsewhere, but they are collected together by theme on this site: blackmail, mind control, rough fantasies, humiliations.

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So if I can somehow spread the joy in my own little way, I'll be happy. Literotica is one of the oldest repositories around, and many writers of more mainstream erotica have actually started there. But I'm going to have to change the layout of the blog, because it's really getting on my nerves.

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So expect at least some cosmetic changes in the next few weeks. The interface is somewhat baroque, unfortunately, although it has gotten better recently, linking the different chapters of the same story, and also providing a little recommendation system asing to every story a 'you may also like' list of other related stories -- it's hit and miss, but a nice try.

Djian understories by dijon

The first thing to know about, of course, are the large repositories of written smut that are out there, and that hold the vast majority of good material. Okay, so maybe, maybe I'll stay on BlogSpot for a while longer.

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Labels: stories repositories. I don't have the talent. Post a Comment. Storiesonline SOL is a recent favorite of mine. Breast augmentation fetishes, or big cock fetishes, or miniaturization fetishes are three that come to mind.

Djian understories by dijon

Probably because I haven't gotten around to tagging everything consistently. How about you? I highly recommend you check it out.

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Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Some are general content, others cater to more specialized interest.

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Not for the faint of heart. Sunday, November 14, Stories Repositories. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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It holds a lot of stories, many of them a few decades old at this point. There's still plenty of good stories on the site.

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Not especially looking forward to the CSS hacking involved though. Meanwhile, one of the things I wanted to do with this blog, aside from publishing my stories, was to showcase and provide link to the good smut at least good in my opinion that is out there. ASSTR is the grand-daddy of all stories repositories. Paying gets you a higher reading limit one hundred stories per daybut most importantly it gives you the ability to maintain a library of bookmarked stories, including a watch list for ongoing series. There's a lot of written smut available online, but finding the good stuff is hard.

Understories djian

There are a couple of authors that publish exclusively on SOL that I'll spotlight in the coming weeks. It is definitely worth exploring.

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Let me know your favorites in the comments, and we'll check them out. I've been collecting links to interesting stories on Deliciousbut the result has been somewhat messy. There's exceedingly extreme material on there too, so be warned. Quality varies, generally hovering towards the low end of the scale, but if that's your kick, this is where most of what's produced ends up.

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Its content is wildly unequal: some very good stories, some abysmal stories. One of my favorite collections on the site is Ol' Joe'swhich collects most of the classic stories. It contains a lot of good material, and it has a very nice interface. Where do you go to find your smut?

Erotic understories dijan by popularity

They used to always have a quote at the beginning along the lines of "I am not the author. Somewhat more mainstream is the xNovel site that pertains to archive " As an aside, there was this "author", called himself TheEditorback in the USENET days, that would post what I p were text conversions of published novels, among other things.

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Also, the interface will make your eyes bleed -- although given the theme of the site that may in fact be intentional. Some repositories of stories are just fun to browse.

Understories djian

No comments:. For instance, to find the classics, one either has to know about them, or hang out around forums enough to get initiated. For instance, the Television Sex Stories Archivewhich archives erotic fan fiction pieces featuring your favorite TV characters.

The site does require registration, but you can get a free that lets you read up to seven stories per day. There are many others sites, of course, for more specialized fetishes. Aside from allowing authors to host their stories, it also has evolved into hosting a set of dist repositories maintained by various people, which they call collections.

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I can only be the "TheEditor", which I always thought was a nice touch.

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