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I am hunt for somebody who like Tumblr fantasy stories

Tumblr Fantasy Stories


A murder mystery where every character believes themselves to be responsible for the death, and tries their best to cover it up. It can seem daunting and overwhelming and more important confusing!

Name: Erinn

Years old: I am 45
What is my ethnicity: Scottish
My sexual orientation: Male
Hair color: Long hair
Music: I like to listen rock
Smoker: No
white Phoebe

Trust me, three inconvenienced seconds of you writing it down will be better than a lifetime of trying to remember the idea. Tagged as me with my current new wip the characters may be problematic for a reason ya know? Tagged as writeblr writing advice writer writers on tumblr advice writing tips paragraphs.

Many readers are always gonna love them. Well that makes them pretty unlikeable… until a hard decision has to be made.

Fantasy writer 📚

Is your protagonist a skeptic? Is your protagonist remorseless?

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Tagged as couldn't have said it better! Tagged as writeblr writers on tumblr writing advice advice plotting story plotting author writers writer. Tagged as!!

‘spooning’ stories

Is your protagonist manipulative? And this is such utter bullshit, my friends. Maybe dragons have been done by every writer ever to write fantasy, but you know what? Is your protagonist overprotective?

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Tagged as rogue asks personal asks moodboards rogue advice. Links pinterest about me my writing. Dragons are fucking awesome, my dudes. Maybe the chosen one with special magic powers and a royal bloodline going on a quest with a group of friends to defeat the evil king has been done before with a white cis man a thousand times over, but how many times has a black trans woman got to go on that adventure? That sucks… until someone they love is in danger.

For inspiration, fascination or procrastination

Tagged as also write down major plot points or scenes you'd like to include! Tagged as wow writeblr writer writblr writers on tumblr writing motivation motivation. Tagged as agreed!

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Tagged as it's been so long since ive made a meme god also this is not to call out the numerous writeblrs who have made powerpoints bc i love them tbh i just needed to make a relevant meme : writeblr writers writblr writing meme writing humor writeblrs wip current wip humor writing personal wips memes writers on tumblr. Plan character arcs Do extra writing sessions for fleshing out characters and their voices Google images of character features.

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Sure, it might have been done before. Especially, especiallywhen diversity is being included in traditionally cishet white male protagonist fantasy stories.

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Maybe we have told the same fantasy stories over and over again, but every step you take away from the known template is a step you have to spend more and more exposition on before the reader will understand your original creation.

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I cook things I read about in books, or things I see in films, cartoons, anime, and so on!

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This is by far the biggest part of any siege, for either side.