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True Foot Fetish Stories


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Name: Cathi

What is my age: 35
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We could see her toes which was dabbed in red nail paint. They began a new agile scrum meeting at office and this is a daily team meeting held to provide a status update to the team members. She moved her foot out of my mouth and rested them on my chest.

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She noticed I was not writing anything and tapped my head with her toes asking, "Kya hua? The tutor was a young lady, 21 - 23 years old with pretty feet. She replied yes, but how did I know? I rubbed her sole and let her rest her foot on my chest. Another time, she had dusted her house that day and her feet were slightly dusty under her heels and her toes were dusty too.

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Monday, June 27, Diwali Train Mistress. She did not pull back her feet either. I asked her if she had dusted the house.

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She rested one foot my head and another I was caressing in my arms. In one of the compartments I saw two pretty girls sharing one berth and one blanket. After the formal exchange of details, she sat down to teach us math. Finally, I decided to find myself a better seat and started walking across sleeper coaches.

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This is the story of a friend. My friend started reciting and I continued to massage her foot. I ed him. This is a true story of a friend from Pune.

He said he had ed the tuitions recently and the tutor was good and gave easy methods for solving math problems. She too seemed to enjoy it I guess she enjoyed it too, or else she would have pulled it away and kicked me for bad behaviour. Duration is not to exceed 10mins in total, no matter how big the team size. As days passed by I tried new ways to touch her feet and slowly started to bring my face towards her foot. I must have been in class 6 or 7 when I went to my first tuition classes.

Later she herself changed the foot.

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She smiled and welcomed me. This foot-fetish was mostly one-sided only.

True foot fetish stories

It really happened like this: - she was teaching us math that day. I placed my book to hide it and every inch of me was craving to touch those butter-like lovely feet. One of my classmates suggested this tutor to me.

I think I was attracted to beautiful female feet right from those days.

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But I was much older by the time I really got chances to experience my foot fetish. That day I could not do anything more as I feared she might get angry.

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He introduced me to the tutor, who he called "Mita miss". Mita miss's chair had cross bar horizontal bar between the two legs of the chair on which she was resting the heels of her feet. I was working out my math problem with my head buried in my book. In the passing lights, I saw that she was wearing black jeans and her feet were wheatish with red painted toe nails. She said, "I think we have to wait in the dark since there is no candle in the house. When she was teaching I moved my left hand to pick up the eraser from my friend and slowly brushed my elbow on her feet.

I was thinking how to touch those toes with my head when she herself did the needful. All these are my experience with my tuition teacher.

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One thing I did every day for all those years was to lick and worship my great tutor's holy slippers before entering or leaving her house. Dangling just above were her toes. Monday, March 19, Tutoring Experience. I don't know why, but she let me. I sat at her right leg while my friend sat in front of her.

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Not something that you or me would really fantasize on, but clean fair feet with pink heels. As soon as the lights went out and our hall was in darkness, I pretended like I was searching for a torch and got the opportunity to hold her feet with my hands.

It was his first week at the tuitions and suggested I him that day for trial. This time I put it in my mouth and sucked every toe. Read and leave your comments if you enjoyed reading this.

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I mean, she had no idea about this fetish and just went with the flow. Since I did not have my seat reserved before hand, I had to share seats with a stranger and I was uncomfortable sitting with him. She sat on a high chair and we sat at on the floor. I licked between her toes. The same strategies to touch and worship her feet I repeated over my classes, for few years and she let me do it.

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How could I tell her kya hua in my pants that very moment? I looked up to see if she noticed anything but there was no reaction. I was sitting very close to her chair. He had this amazing experience with this tutor during school days. Another day I was struck with an idea what if I touch her feet with my tongue, then what will be her reaction And hell ya, I was successful in the attempt.

It was quite natural. My parents felt I needed extra classes and they were asking around for tuition classes.

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That position gave me the opportunity to touch her foot for the first time. One day there was load-shedding and I got my chance to hold her feet completely with my hands. Some Amazing Feet Videos. The whole train was over-crowded with some berths being shared by 2 people even!

Seeing those cute toes I turned hard in my pants. The blanket had slid off one of the girls and her feet was exposed. I was surprised at the remark and asked her why 5 paise? I think I will have you both recite me a poem from your Hindi class. I pointed out that her feet were all dusty today.

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I sat doing my math sums and she was on her high chair as usual with her pretty toes peeping out. I too did my little bit to help them and asked a few friends. I was travelling home for Diwali vacation in a crowded train.

And one day I was successful in touching her foot with my head.

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Since I was thinking of a way to touch her foot, I was not doing the problem. We were in Delhi when I was little boy studying kindergarten. She replied, for my services of cleaning her feet and because I was touching her feet with my head like a beggar she said so. Only once remarked, "I don't have 5 paisa now to give you". She remained quiet for most of the cleaning. She said, "Then clean it detective Karamchand.

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Al has the perfect job to satisfy his foot fetish.

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So I live in a house me and my sister are renting with other people living here.

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