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True Camping Sex Stories


I was five months pregnant with our fifth child when we decided to take a family vacation at a lake in NW Arkansas. Pregnancy typically makes me quite a bit hornier than usual which is saying something because I really enjoy sex! This vacation was no exception and we were looking forward to the great sex that was sure to come.

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Rick stood behind Carol as the others swam between their legs. Then she placed her left hand on his left hip. In fact, upon greeting the boys now, instead of running away from a hug as they did in their youth, Rick actually would seek her out and give her long hugs, running his hands down low on her waist, and up the sides of her breasts. Julie had shoulder-length blonde hair, a pretty face, and big round tits! Instead, all she could do was writhe to their touches, pressing her hips forward when Rick rubbed her crotch, then arching her back as Billy felt her breast from behind.

Soon Carol felt hands on both of her butt cheeks over her shorts.

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Was it the wine cooler or the questions that made her face feel warm? They had different hair color and texture, and different faces altogether. Rick, the older teen, had red hair and freckles, and although Carol would never say it out loud, reminded her of Alfred E.

Neumann, a smirking troublemaker. But Julie had a new red one-piece suit. Carol had an embarrassed grin at first, pushing hands away only to have them reappear somewhere else on her body. As the four boys entered their campsite, the three moms told them to come and eat.

Rick stood directly behind Carol and reached around her for the cookies with is left hand. In line behind them, Carol grabbed a paper plate and prepared her meal, leaning over the picnic table. The game turned into a general game of grab-ass in four feet of water, with various aunts and nephews pairing off and getting separated in the crowd of swimmers, pushing the others under water and trying to knock each other off their feet.

Carol froze as she did the evening before.

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The following afternoon, the three husbands went golfing. As others squeezed in on the other side of Stacy, she moved closer to Tom, until their bare legs were pressed together under the picnic table.

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True camping sex stories had to admit that she had come to think of the teens as more than nephews. He hoped that the suit would cling nicely when Julie removed her shorts and got wet. It was an odd conversation. A wave of arousal shot through Jason, and he instantly felt his cock twinge in his shorts. While posing, she pressed her left tit into his bare shoulder, as she had the evening before at dinner. Jason stopped her, but Julie managed to palm his crotch in the melee. And as embarrassed and flustered as this could make Carol, she was flattered by the attention that she so rarely got from men these days.

Julie smiled at Jason, stood up, and got behind him. The two other moms got in line behind Carol, but Rick cut through to grab some cookies from the table. It was a full open-palm squeeze. This was the part of the trip that Jason most looked forward to, seeing his aunts in their bathing suits. Rick and Billy had always been a handful. Jason had spent many hours under the sheets creating teen fantasies about these two mature women, imagining them, separately and sometimes together, stripping for their nephew and letting him play with their big tits before letting him fuck them.

As they all bunched together to pose in front of a pine tree at the back of the beach, Jason was happy to see Julie standing next to him. Tom, like his cousin Jason, had secretly admired his busty blonde Aunt Julie for some time now, but it was only recently, in his most horny moments, that he had fantasies about Aunt Stacy.

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Jason had a bit of a hard-on by the final photo, and wondered if it would show. Without her glasses, Stacy squinted at Tom as they silently groped. Rick and Billy looked up at her, smirking, and then smirked at each other. Ten yards away, a similar faux wrestling match had broken out between Stacy and Tom, although not nearly as rough. Telefon Numaram: 92 She was taken aback sometimes at how open her two sisters-in-law could be in ogling young men and teens.

As the photo session ended, Carol let out a secret exhale. Soon Julie and Stacy ed the boys in deeper water. The cousins all got along well, and it made camping easier for the moms now that they were old enough to wander around the state park on their own. Carol instinctively put her left hand up to her chest to hold the top closed.

Tom thought Julie was pretty and voluptuous, as was his own mom Carol, a revelation that Tom tried to suppress. While Julie was secretly rubbing on Jason, Stacy was standing behind Tom. Tom felt his bespectacled aunt leaning into him, and felt both of her big tits pressing into his back. Carol turned to see the four boys sauntering down the road. Eventually she stopped protesting. At the beach, Stacy immediately whipped out a camera, and made the entire family pose for True camping sex stories, with one of the girls clicking the shutter.

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Rick and Billy found spots on either side of her. Jason had been looking forward to camping all summer. As hungry as Jason was, as he prepared his meal, he stared down where Aunt Julie sat. She felt herself getting a little flush at the thought of older women admiring her son. Between photo clicks, he reached around her, and got a quick feel of the side of her tit over her bathing suit top.

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Carol was a little surprised that Julie and Stacy would be admiring their nephew so openly, after just ogling another teen not much older. Carol felt her face go flush again as she caught the boys staring at her breasts.

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Carol fought off their four hands, which were all over her body, starting low on her thighs and working their way up, over her ass and crotch, up to her chest. Carol felt his semi-stiff cock pressing right between her butt cheeks over her clinging bathing suit. Jason and Julie each grabbed the other around the waist, and the wrestling momentarily turned into a general hug as the two panted and laughed.

They giggled as Billy slid his hand under the back of her suit and felt her bare ass, while Rick simultaneously slid his hand in at the crotch and rubbed her pussy mound over her pubic hair. What a pair of bookends!

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Aroused at the thought of splashing around the two teens in just their skimpy bathing trunks, Carol shyly agreed. It may have been fleshy, but it was shaved and smooth. She simply endured the grope for several seconds before Rick left the table.

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The girls and husbands returned to the campsite and got in line for food. But the boys would not be deterred. She had now let Rick squeeze her butt twice this weekend, and Billy touch her breast, without any admonishment. It was two-on-one between the tall busty brunette Carol and the two shorter aggressive brothers Rick and Billy. But sometimes Jason wondered if they looked similar naked. When her nephews started sliding their hands under the suit onto hear bare ass, Carol tried harder to stop them.

Nick swam up from behind and grabbed her around the waist, pulling her off her feet. Jason watched Julie strip out of her shorts, wiggling them down her hips. Julie wrapped her legs around Jason and put her arms around his waist, half floating in the water and half-carried by Jason. Even her calf was now pressed firmly against his.

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And Carol had shoulder-length brown hair, equally as pretty, long shapely legs, and even slightly bigger tits! All three nuclear families had boys in the same age range, now eighteen to nineteen; as well as girls who were similar in age.

They were mischievous little brats sometimes. The two brothers stared at Carol as she unzipped her shorts and tugged them down her legs, leaning over to show some cleavage. He really wanted her big tits, and managed to get his aunt in deep enough water that he slyly felt her tits under the water, over her bathing suit top. Initially Carol stayed up on shore by herself, but soon Rick and Billy ran up from the water and insisted that she come out and them. Julie placed a paper napkin on her lap.

But Stacy was your average mom. Carol was wearing the same pink one-piece suit that she wore last year.

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He was getting hard thinking about Stacy. When Stacy began to play with his cock over his suit under the water, Tom stopped fighting.

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Rick really has grown up. They were smart and good students, but around the family they always seemed to be in trouble. Then Billy put his arm around her and squeezed her waist. The moms laid out beach towels True camping sex stories claim their spots. As he pulled her back, he got both hands on her tits over her bathing suit, and had a long feel of them before Carol escaped his grasp. As each one swam through the gauntlet, they would in turn let others swim between their legs.

Julie and Jason in particular got mutually aggressive at this game. Julie just stared into his eyes, with a dirty smirk on her face. Carol was flustered by such a brazen question about her own son. And they never seemed remorseful for their sins, always just smirking when being scolded or punished. Carol was the tallest of the group, and found a place in the back row, behind the girls. Her tank top was gapped open slightly, and he stared down into her cleavage. Julie had just a little too much flesh on her tanned thighs, and her ass was a little larger than the teen girls at school, but Jason admired her whole body.

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