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Tiny Cunny Stories


Five year old Suzy had an itch in her cunny. Not that she knew it was called a cunny. Her mother would have much reproached her if her lil lips ever uttered that. In fact she had never heard the word. Poor little Suzy… what else could she do but rub her cunny all day long?

Name: Adelind

What is my age: 27
My hair: White
My figure type: My body features is chubby
What is my favourite drink: Liqueur

Itchy in her cunny

Full hips, curvy belly, and a patch of blonde curls above her cunt all have his cock hardening even more than the baby cunts. You can touch it, if you want. Touch her cunny and watch her face. Thankfully, the cute blonde is finally finished, sliding off his lap in a delicious bit of friction against his cock. Her eyes widen and her mouth falls open.

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Molly has her skirt bunched around her waist, her little cunt bare and rubbing against the fabric of his uniform. He looks at their mum, admiring the large tits pressed against her robe, and he nods at her. She looks right at him and winks.

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Let him fuck your face, baby girl. No money is being made from this work.

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Perhaps next time, Father Christmas will even have his reindeer. Father Christmas gave me his special blessing, and I grew up to meet your father and have you two beautiful angels. Options Report This.

Ted’s family ecounter part 1.

Mummy climbs onto his lap, rubbing his spent cock as she slides her wet cunt back and forth over his thigh. No copyright infringement is intended. The next kid is a little girl, and Dung feels that same stirring deep in his gut as she climbs onto his lap. I wanna see your tits. She makes encouraging noises, praising her daughter and helping her move up and down until half his cock is inside her. Quickly looking up, he stares at her mum. The original characters and plot are the property of the author.

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She whispers something to her mum before she looks back at him. Adrift in Dreams Green Hermione mobile. Skin deed by banshee. Their mum is fondling her huge tits, smirking at him as she teases the nipples.

Remember our lessons. Lick him all over then suck him like a sugarquill. Father Christmas has to visit the North Pole to check on the reindeer.

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She likes having things inside her. He opens the door and sees a pretty woman standing there with two little girls. Pull your skirt up and let him see you.

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Was I good girl? We'll Never Tell.

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Come back tomorrow. She wrinkles her nose slightly.

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She wiggles around as she tells him about the dollies she wants, her little arse rubbing right against him, and he finds himself staring at the glimpses of creamy thigh that he sees whenever her skirt rises up. My girls are special, Father Christmas. Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc.

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Mummy looks prim and proper as she arches a brow at him. Her green eyes are big as she blinks up at him. Their chests are flat, not even any nubs developing, and he licks his lips as he thinks about how perverse the entire thing is, finding it even more of a turn on than his own fantasies had been.

We need to get home before Daddy leaves work. Did you know Mummy met Father Christmas when she was your age, doodle bug?

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His dick was huge and the thought of sticking it in a virgin pussy excited him to his core.

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Ted loved his afternoon jog.

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Doris went to he fathers house after school.

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This happened at my gf house years ago.

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s: [ 1 ] Go Down.

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The bar was a special place where you had to be invited.