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Tickled to orgasm stories like hunt for male who loves humor

Tickled To Orgasm Stories


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Name: Jeanette

What is my age: 36
Caters to: Gentleman
Color of my eyes: I’ve got cold dark eyes
My hair: Long thick blond hair
Figure type: My figure type is quite athletic
My favourite drink: Red wine
Favourite music: Latin
I like: Roller-skating
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My body writhed with pleasure as the orgasm continued. I tried to move my head, looking around for my captor only to realize I was blindfolded. My body spammed with the pleasure of my climax as I cried out. I fisted my chained hands, refusing to cry as the slaps came.

‘tickle orgasm’ stories

The multiple stimulations pushed me over the edge. Reluctantly, I slipped my arms into the soft robe, leaving it open as I slowly climbed off the table, my legs still trembling. We married six months later and took Katie on our honeymoon with us. The hands left my legs, one slipping two fingers into my still-lubed pussy, the other lightly tugging in the be in my ass.

The fingers and the be pushed me back to the edge; the sensations were so intense I could ignore the Fingers on my ribs.

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One day she invited us both over and asked us both to have our way with her. I was in the shower, rinsing the shampoo from my hair when the lights went dark. Suddenly, I felt hands rubbing lube between my legs, the realization that my secured legs were spread apart took me by surprise. My body continued to tremble as the sensations continued to overwhelm my senses. My pussy throbbed in anticipation of our next meeting.

I tried to pull away, but it was too late. He held out a robe for me to put on.

‘tickle orgasm’ stories

My back aches from the bowed position I had been bound in, but still, my body longed for more. He smiled and nodded before Aubrey turned back to face me. The captor at my feet continued to tickle my bare feet as I was forced to take the dildo in my mouth. She began to stroke fast, pushing me back to the edge as the other hand slowly pulled one bead out of my ass. She let out a squeak of surprise then returned the kiss, her tongue slipping into my mouth. I tried to clench up before the impact, but it made no difference, my entire ass burned from the impacts. My Cries of pleasure filled the room as I was allowed to orgasm without punishment.

I tried to control my body, not let my captor see, but he knew. I felt hands on the back of my head, removing the gag. How did you two meet? My left ass cheek was still singing when I heard the whistling sound of the paddle.

Tickling diane

I could feel the ropes of drool running from my lips as my aching jaw closed for the first time in what felt like hours. Only when I tried to cry out in shock, did I realize my mouth was filled with a rubber gag, the ball effectively muffling my cry of shock. Quickly I finished rinsing off and reached out, fumbling in the dark for a towel. I awoke, unable to move. The hands on my feet ticked their way up my legs to the back of my knees, then to my thighs. When the final orgasm tore through my body, I cried out in dread of the slaps to follow.

When the tickling d, I realized that I had not one, but two captors.

‘tickling’ stories

Or, perhaps they just found people like me who craved to domination. Aubrey and Michael cleaned up the restraints then began walking towards the door. The vibrator switched off, leaving me panting around the gag as I tried to catch my breath.

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My head was pulled up, and the dildo removed. I felt fingers entwined in my hair as my head was forced to move up and down the fake cock in my mouth. The hand from the back of my head released my hair and moved to my ribs. The hands moved from my ribs to my breasts, strong hands squeezing breasts and tugging on my nipples. Or maybe they always just brought Katie in to be their submissive. My first thought was the bulb had died. I felt my captor removing the vibrator as my body continued to tremble with aftershocks of pleasure.

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I could feel the thin rubber of the gloves as the warming lube was spread liberally inside the lips of my pussy. My captor moved back around me until I felt delicate fingers tickling my feet. Michael surprised me by answering.

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I willed myself not to come for at least five minutes between s four and five. I fought hard, trying to focus on anything but the waves of pleasure rolling through my body. Four slaps followed in quick succession, two more on each cheek.

They came for me again (m/f/f) tickle torture, forced orgasms, spanking, oral play

Aubrey nodded toward the man who still stood behind me. Grabbing my by the hair, my captor lifted my head.

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Turning, I saw Michael. My muffled cries filled the air as I felt the first orgasm crash over me. Aubrey and her husband walked out of my house.

‘tickling’ stories

The overwhelming stimulation pushed me over the edge over and over, with each climax, another bead was removed. The rules seemed to be simple; orgasms equaled spankings. The fingers teased over my clit, drawing out a moan of pleasure against my will. A hand grabbed my wrist; the fingers were like iron. My husband is quite talented, but he still only has two hands. I do participate on occasion. My head was forced back down, and the dildo secured in place. The creations sent waves of pleasure coursing through my body as I felt the first orgasm already starting to build.

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By the time the last bead was removed, my thighs were soaked from my dripping pussy. Without realizing what I was doing, I felt my head moving up and down the shaft, my mind picturing a real cock buried in my throat.

They came for me again (m/f/f) tickle torture, forced orgasms, spanking, oral play

The third and fourth orgasms were almost back to back, the slaps from the one barely finished before the next orgasm hit, earning me six additional swats. The vibrator between my legs bummed louder as the power was turned up. Katie, our sub was…adventurous.

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With a nod and smile, Aubrey confirmed that everything Michael had said was true. The second captor, a woman I thought, pulled her fingers from deep inside me, sliding them up the lips of my pussy to my clit. I grinned, imagining the couple fighting for who would be the dominant one. I squirmed and tried to pull away, but aside from my head, I securely bound. My captor has free ass to my pussy and my ass.

I looked at her, expecting Audrey to laugh and tell me it was a joke. I could move my head up and down the shaft, enough to keep from choking, but not enough to pull my mouth entirely off. I had a feeling it would be… intense. The hum of a vibrator filled the air moments before I felt the head of a magic wand pressing against me.

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Each bead was slightly larger, stretching me further as they were pushed in. The most intense orgasm of the night tore through me. The sharp sting of six more seats changed my cries of pleasure to pain.

The paddle whistles through the air again, six more spankings left me trembling. The stronger, masculine hands continued to play with my breasts.

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Before I recovered, I felt myself being stretched as lubed up be were shoved into my ass. As the fingers in my pussy began to pump, the be were tugged, stimulating me. As my head cleared, I realized I was on my knees; my body bent forward until my forehead rested on the ground. The sharp prick of a needle jabbing me in the arm was the last thing I felt before darkness took me.

After five be, my captor walked around the table to my head. Each climax earned me six seats, and an increase in the power of the vibrator.

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