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Tickle Strip Story
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Name: Cami

What is my age: I'm 20 years old
Gender: Female
Hair: Blond
I speak: English, Portuguese

Stories of tie up games

Francine and a few others standing around all started asking what the matter was as she contorted herself and nearly fell to the floor, wriggling furiously and trying to claw at her back through her clothes. The more you laugh, the more you take off. I promise. She found her in the hallway. The Group had picked out Cindy as their victim for the evening.

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Cindy almost bounced up and down, making her ponytail wave from side to side. Francine looked sharply at her, then at Paul. Francine studied her calculatingly during the party. Cindy came back out in a few minutes, having managed to dislodge the mysterious piece of fluff that had fallen down her collar. A little while later, Cindy was wandering through the party looking for someone she knew, without much luck. She knew that if some activity were to start up, maybe then she'd have an in.

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Francine looked at her, softening, and suddenly she grinned. I can't find anyone. Francine had spotted her first, at the beginning of the evening. She looked at Francine, who smiled encouragingly. Please don't tell them. George, tall and long-haired, she had already met.

Francine grinned.

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Then Paul said to Francine, in an audible sotto voce, "Speaking of new faces, we're one short for the game later on. She excused herself, blushing, and almost ran for the bathroom. She didn't notice Paul coming up beside her. Cindy looked crestfallen. They waited until no one else was in the room, and then George opened the door to the cellar, and they all filed into a pitch black stairwell.

Thank you," Cindy said. They had reached the basement, a small room moodily lit by a few track lights. My boyfriend's somewhere around, getting beers.

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Cindy beamed as Paul dashed out of the room. Cindy, as our guest player, would you care to cut the cards? There was only one way to find out. Everybody always wants to play, but we don't want just anybody.

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The game. Everything okay? You'll catch on fast. Tickle Strip by Unknown.

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Cindy perked right up. Francine nodded. Cindy grinned and looked embarrassed. Paul nuzzled her ear and whispered, "She'd look even better with some of those clothes off, wouldn't she.

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She marvelled at how it had seemed to seek out the very person, the very bit of skin that could stand it the least. Cindy took it all in, and a cold sweat ran down her back. And this is Cindy. Paul smiled at Francine, from where he had been standing behind Cindy. I won't tell anyone. Paul followed her stare, and whistled silently.

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Good thing it didn't get any lower," Francine said with a devilish grin. Then Paul sidled up holding a couple of beers. Keep an eye on her. Who's your friend? Paul whispered conspiratorially, "T.

Stories of tie up games

This could be a lot of fun She cut the cards and they all stood around the table while George dealt them out, face up. The three of them drank and chatted for a while, getting quite chummy. They went into the kitchen, where Francine and Paul introduced her to George and Tricia. Francine giggled. Then she noticed a very attractive, honey-blonde girl smiling at her from across the room. We'll keep it a secret. What game? She looked relieved to see Cindy. Francine looked around and spoke in the same low tone.

Cindy gave her a quick look. She loved parties, but she was a bit of a stranger at this one. But this didn't seem like the right crowd for games. Cindy followed, a little nervously.

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She stood almost a head taller than Cindy in her suede boots, which she wore with black nylon hose over her long, shapely legs. Francine blushed and quickly folded her arms over the front of her sweater. Tickle Strip.

Girls pantsing and stripping board

Francine laughed. Tricia watched Cindy, then looked at Francine, who winked back.

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Suddenly Cindy shrieked and nearly jumped out of her shoes. Francine thought about it. Cindy gasped. She was a lovely thing, a pert little brunette freshman with big eyes and a pixie face, her dark hair swept back into a playful ponytail.

She does look perfect for it. Cindy caught herself. Cindy grinned and waved.

Girls pantsing and stripping board

Her limbs to jelly. Francine took Cindy by the hand and led her in, and George followed, locking the door behind them and then padding it with sound-proofing foam while Cindy tried to make out what he was doing. My chances are pretty good. She watched with hidden glee the reaction Cindy had to that idea. Paul nodded. It's not easy keeping it a secret. George flicked on a flashlight and led the way down.

I'll clue you in and give you some pointers. Well, she thought, there's five of us.

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Cindy could tell she was a looker; the hot pants and snug white turtleneck didn't hurt either. Squirming on the table.

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Tricia was a very pretty redhead, about her height, dressed similarly to Francine, with cut-off blue jeans, lavender hose and pumps. Paul was giving a thumbs up and motioning for them to come. Cindy felt her heart beating faster. She searched the rooms for Francine. Uh, I just meant, maybe for you Francine eyed her sternly. Francine was getting very excited. Francine smiled at her, and oddly enough, seemed to be looking her up and down. What had she gotten herself into?

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