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An enormous cheer rose to the sky, completely blocking out the waves crashing on the beach nearby. They loved the spectacle too much. Her father finished his routine with a standing backflip and flourish. Her father rocked forward onto his toes, then back on his heels, throwing his hips out for balance. She tried to force her way forward, but the crowd was too tight, the bodies too close.

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Vibora clicked her tongue. But her wrist had been bare for days. Pine needles fell from a tree, spinning in the air before coming to rest on his cheek.

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The bowman immediately followed, his weapon clattering to the ground beside him. Toggle. A collared slave with a loaded short bow followed a few steps behind. Black caimans were notoriously hazardous to people who tried to fish the marshes. Their names, their powers, where they are now. Her servant, Lucas, stumbled along a few steps behind her. Before she could question propriety or decorum, Johanna did what felt right.

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Our partner. Whatever Vibora had done to the collar was finished, and she straightened from beside the saddlebag. Their smell sharp and pungent. Nervously, then hungrily. His shirt was pasted against his chest as if he was caught in a stiff breeze, no part of him moved except his wide-open eyes. I hold all the cards. Kill me, take me, The storyspinner read online you want, but let him go.

The horse drank greedily as she filled her canteen. He urged his animal to gallop, and it did for ten body lengths before smashing headfirst into an invisible wall. Johanna would be killed, and their mission would fail. Resuscitation by D. Breaking Point by Jon Demartino. Pira, please be close enough to hear me. The startled horse rushed out of the camp with the sound of a tornado on his tail. And now what? A dizzy Vibora struggled to her feet, one hand pressed to the back of her head, blood streaming from every place her skin was bare. The energy forced his bones into alignment, replacing one pain with another.

One stood close enough to hear, but with his back to the fires so he could see when Vibora returned. Then the pain hit. Chapter 96 Johanna Johanna smelled of rotten leaves and marsh sludge.

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The giant reptiles would wait for the perfect moment before lunging out of the water and crushing their prey with crocodilian jaws. Instinctively Johanna reached for the dagger always in her sleeve.

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It fell to the ground with a tiny plink, but in the firelight she saw that the pebble sparkled with metallic speckles. Smoke filled the air. For hours they moved forward at a steady pace. Not that Tex would have appreciated that. Dying in one blast from some unknown Mage? Hard Going by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles. His arms were around her waist; her fingers were in his hair. They worked together to lay out a plan. And yet, they eventually emerged from the marsh—filthy, bug bitten, and exhausted—but otherwise unharmed. It was a simple kiss, the merest contact. With a deep breath he tried again.

Something shrieked in the distance. What was that. A few poked through his shirt, jabbing him in the back. Rafi called the guardsmen over. Under his freshly repaired hand, the transparent wall felt as solid as granite. The power to mend his arm was there, just out of reach, but pain blocked his access to it. Ultimate Desire by Jodi Olson. Pira materialized from between the trees, a short sword in one hand and a dagger in the other. She pressed her cheek against his neck, dark scruff scratching her skin.

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Read Book Download Book. Why was it so easy to trust her? Johanna shuddered. Anyone on asment from the Mage Council is a Keeper they could afford to lose. He grabbed her arm and yanked her toward Breaker. A bolt shot clean through his throat, exploding through the back of his neck. The sudden loss was a knife keenly edged. Johanna was exhausted; the horses were heaving. Snout would incapacitate Lucas, and the other three would knock out Vibora. She recovered quickly. The rest of her words were cut off by an angry growl. The slave swiveled, training his weapon on Johanna as she moved.

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The arrow that caught him in the back spun him in a tight circle before he dropped to the ground. Johanna yanked on his arm, trying to force him into action, but even her strongest pull did no good. Then he was sprinting, hurdling saddles, startling the horses, and crushing her in his arms. And probably just a weak soldier. It felt perfect; it felt safe. Unless this enemy is an old one. Snout knelt over the fire, boiling water for their evening meal. She had nothing, no way to defend herself except feet and fists, but with any hope she had someone.

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His right arm bore the brunt of the collision, crumpling under the force. Rafi waited till he was sure they were out of earshot to begin. Someone cried out; Johanna and Rafi jerked apart, turning as one of the guardsmen stumbled into the fire. The animals and snakes kept their distance, sticking to the banks, and absorbing the sunshine. For a moment The storyspinner read online mind was perfectly clear; every sensation, every detail slipped into acute sharpness.

The deer, he realized. The sky south of him flashed orange. Kissing her once, twice. BloodWitchInferno by Mary C. Carousel by Barbara Baldwin. Crash Into You by Kels Barnholdt. The woman took one shot to the head and fell to her knees. Keep talking. All unfazed by two women moving through their territory. Johanna smelled of rotten leaves and marsh sludge. He forced himself to sit up as images of his crew, burned, bloody, and dying, raced across his mind. Rafi took one faltering step forward and froze.

Pira grabbed a handful of weeds and did the same thing for her horse. I should have left him in Olinda, given him the chance to die in his bed. It left an ash mark on his forehead. Tex had lived through so much. Her troupe once spent an entire day strengthening a bridge so that the wagons could cross without sinking.

Johanna watched as Pira carefully threaded her way through the trees and over a weed-covered landmass.

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Her blue eyes would narrow with concentration. He was responsible for four of the bodies. Keep Vibora distracted till Pira can do whatever she has planned.

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He urged his animal to gallop, and it did for ten body lengths before smashing headfirst into an invisible wall.

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An enormous cheer rose to the sky, completely blocking out the waves crashing on the beach nearby.

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Johanna could feel it.

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Becky Wallace.

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