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The Erotic Mind Control Story Archive


If you are into Mind Control Erotica hypnosis and other meansyou'll find mcstories. And totally free. Also listed here are some of My other favorite story sites. To see the stories of this site, for the Story Galleryand here for the captioned mind-control story pics.

Name: Constance

Age: I am 34
What is the color of my hair: Chestnut
What I prefer to listen: Hip hop
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Interesting and educational Web Hosting by i. Boob growth, body switches, perversions, big-boobed blondes I've never seen anything else like it. It had to be included.

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This is the one of the best Internet comic strips I have ever read. You may have noticed that several of my graphics are of the same girl. She has a quality site which is updated and she has several enticing fetishes as well. This site is owned by Cristina Princea bimbo writer with quite a following.

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Very interactive as well. Give it a shot This site focuses on transformations. Highly recommended, particularly if you do enjoy porn. This includes a whole variety of changes, however, including like age regression arage progression apweight gain wgpregnancy and others.

See a problem?

If you're an ass man like me, you pretty much need to see this site. Content warning: R material, borderline XXX at times. This is a blog by Mudakthe thinking man's mc author. It is a site you will go back to again and again You didn't think a site with as much GR in the stories as mine wouldn't have a link to the BE Archive, did you?

You will be asked to vote on which booty is better between a challenger and whichever is the defending champion at the time.

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He has all kinds of s, pictures and interesting ideas. This is one of the funniest things I've ever read on the Internet.

List of hot and % free erotic mind control stories

This is the largest collection of stories involving sex that I am aware of. The reviewer is a regular guy, but he's also an entertaining writer and he definitely knows porn.

slut biatch Nayeli

It also tends to be cliquish, but they are usually friendly toward newbies. And yes, they have stories involving the kitchen sink those kitchen sink fetishists are no one to mess with. Pretty cool, right? Highly recommended. And you'd be surprised how many forms mind-control takes. Visiting her site is highly recommended.

The erotic mind-control story archive

It's not as busy as some sites, but there's a lot of interesting content. This is where it all started for me. Two women or four wrestle.

dirty gal Andrea

Also, she wears far less clothing on her site than she does here. He wades through bad porn so you don't have to! Hot, hot and hot. This site inspired my first story "Countermove. Heights Academy Feb. Raiders of the Misplaced Ark.

If you find any broken links, please inform me at Chrystalwynd aol. The reason for that is that the girl- Vanessa Montagne - is as close to the perfect bimbo body as I have been able to find. Reminder- I'm not responsible if you play with the sigils and flashes and end up a big-boobed, bimbo stripper or addicted to sperm.

They have everything you can possibly imagine, plus a few that you can't imagine, plus a few that you're really better off not imaging.

Erotic mind control story search engine

This site is nothing less than selfless public service. Lots of fun pictures here. This forum MC Garden tends to have a more sapphic ambiance than the Forum.

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This site focuses on stories involving mind-control and sex. This is a great site! Another fun fetish site, this one deals with hair cutting, head shaving and everything in between This contains a collection of sigils and hypnotic flashes that will go far towards turning you into a bimbo if you are female, or feminizing you and then bimboing you if you are male.

sluts women Emory

Even if you don't play with the hypnotic toys, the site is a lot of fun. She is an entertaining blogger as well as she dwells on various aspects of mind-control, mc fiction and other things as well. This is THE site for the mind-control genre. This site is apparently no longer active, but I really enjoyed it, so if anyone finds it's been resurrected, please let me know.

It involves a medieval Chrystal Heights of sorts, and it has all kinds of erotic fun. He is very well read and will often drop interesting bits of knowledge gleaned from whatever study he happens to be engaged in at the time an element he practices in his stories as well. This is a blog by robotunit8an excellent writer in her own right and the most consistent reviewer of EMCSA fiction ever to date.

Oh, this is a fun site. Interesting, well-rounded and fun. This forum MC Forum is fun and very active. Welcome to Chrystal Heights.

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The winner gets five minutes to do whatever they want to the loser with anything they want. Her website is outstanding. This is actually just one of Doug's web site, but it will get you started.

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She dabbles in pregnancy as well as bimbification, and her approach is a bit different at times. This is the one I'm usually picturing when I'm sculpting bimbos in my stories. This and the Garden just below are the best MC forums that I am aware of. This is a women's erotic wrestling league.

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