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Thanksgiving Belly Stuffing Story
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He always looked forward to Saturday, waking up feeling hungrier than ever till his favorite day. The Saturday before was a huge disappointment. With his company forcing him to work overtime at the boring career fair, he had to break his routine unwillingly. It was time for his reward.

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Looking out over the feast laid out in front of her, somehow, that dream felt closer than ever. She had a feeling, though, that the stuffing she was about to receive with end with a much, much larger Twilight Sparkle. And feast she did. They were just so creamy, so buttery, so filling and fattening - and she wanted more.

She swept a plate absolutely groaning with food onto the tablecloth in front of Twilight. She chewed with long, drawn out moans, flecks of crumbs speckling her lips. Twilight let Pinkie walk her to her seat, still a bit dazed from the wave of succulent smells and sights washing over her.

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Instead, she kept staring, unable to fully process - with any of her senses - just what was lying before her. She tucked the napkin away and gave Twilight a wide smile. Instantly, the warmth and smells of every scrumptious, succulent dish Pinkie had prepared hit her like a tidal wave. At first, she was methodical. Pinkie bumped right into her. She swallowed, then scooped up another hefty slice of turkey.

A groan of temptation slipped from her lips.

Admiration, care & feeding of the male form

She reached down and patted her gut, feeling the shape and mold of it. She saw Pinkie, one hand curled around a basket heaped high with more biscuits.

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The sweet potatoes? After a solid thirty seconds of sampling, Pinkie was done. The seat creaked beneath her two-hundred-plus-pound weight, her ample butt cheeks squishing out beneath her. It absolutely groaned with food; in fact, it was so covered in dishes that most of the clean white tablecloth was obscured.

A blink of an eye later, and it was back in front of her, once more piled high with food.

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She was Twilight after all; she could scarcely do anything without some sort of pattern, rhyme, or reason to it. Twilight yelped. Okay, sexy? That was just what Twilight had wanted to hear. Twilight grinned. Twilight groaned, savoring the warm, buttery scent wafting through her nostrils. She went from dish to dish first, finishing off the potatoes before moving onto a pile of green beans. Twilight wondered if she could feel it filling up already, then scoffed.

A thanksgiving stuffing to remember

Watching Pinkie pile more and more food onto her plate was an experiment in patience all its own. The idea that, by the end of the night, she could be filling up both chairs, filled Twilight with glee. By the end of that plate, her belly was beginning to poke out from beneath the hem of her shirt, a line of smooth, soft, creamy flesh exposed to the world. She almost moaned as she chewed, her teeth grinding the warm, flaky crust to crumbs.

Pinkie took one look at her and giggled. When she spoke again, it was with her mouth full, her crumb-speckled cheeks bulging with food. She patted her belly, the round, soft mass jiggling beneath her shirt.

A thanksgiving stuffing to remember

Barely a thousand calories each. Her head passed through the doorway. It jiggled wildly from the force of her palm against it. I can smell it. Her moans as she ate were almost orgasmic; each bite brought new wonders, new experiences, and - of course - new calories. Twilight watched with no small amount of satisfaction as her fat belly rolled out over her lap.

It was piled high with potatoes, turkey, and vegetables, and the entire thing was absolutely smothered with gravy. With a groan of pleasure, Twilight swallowed, then opened her eyes to look for more.

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Pinkie giggled. She caught her mouth watering again and slurped it up. Twilight barely had time to wipe away the line of drool going down her chin before grabbing for her silverware and starting again. Twilight was more than happy to munch on her personal basket of biscuits while she waited.

Thanksgiving turkey

She barely hesitated, more than happy to just dive into her feast. Twilight paused in her meal, letting Pinkie clean her off. It covered nearly half of her thighs, a good three inches of skin poking out from her midriff. There was just so much.

She was nowhere near full yet. Pinkie was eating beside her, albeit at a somewhat slower rate. She swallowed and found herself panting with eagerness.

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The biscuits were good, but they were still just an appetizer - a side dish. Her ample chest jiggled with the motion, momentarily distracting Twilight from her pre-emptive food coma.

Baked apples

Savoring it, she tasted every bit of the biscuit, every flake, every little crumb. She tapped her empty plate with her fork.

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Her belly bounced against her thighs as Pinkie guided her into the dining room. If you wanna get a little sloppy She rather liked the sound of that. Soon enough, her tongue was coated in a slick, buttery creaminess that woke her tastebuds up fully for the meal that was to come. She was at least conscious enough, though, to give Pinkie a somewhat incredulous look when her girlfriend pulled over a second chair beside her, nudging it beneath the side of her chubby rear.

Twilight licked her lips, already reaching for her silverware. Already, her chunky ass stuck out on either side of her seat by a good inch and a half. She leaned back in her chair. She was too busy scarfing down a line of stuffing, carrots, stuffed mushrooms, and - of course - more turkey.

A moan escaped her lips as she chewed through an absolutely massive glob of mashed potatoes.

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Twilight swallowed, her second chin quivering slightly as she eyed the appetizer with no small amount of interest. Before long, Twilight found herself swirling her turkey in potatoes, stabbing a dozen green beans on top of a fat pile of mashed, creamy goodness before stuffing the whole thing down her throat. Twilight took a sniff and shivered in pleasure.

Twilight swallowed. And the smells - dear Celestia, the smells.

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Absentmindedly, Twilight gave it a soft rub, fondling her belly through the thin fabric of her blouse. Surprised by the sudden presence of the biscuit in her mouth, Twilight still wasted no time in accepting her more-than-welcome present. Always more turkey.

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Dishes of every kind and size greeted her: mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, sweet potatoes, green beans, biscuits, pastries, cheeses, crackers, sausages, bre, pies, cakes, ciders - and, of course, to top it all off, an absolutely massive turkey, easily two feet across. Her stomach was rumbling, roaring to be filled, but Twilight could do little more than stand there in a dazed stupor. Still, it felt a little bit more solid, a bit more resistant to the pressure of her fingers. Twilight stopped short, her eyes going wide and her nostrils flaring.

A table wide enough to seat ten people sat before her, taking up most of the space of the room. The turkey? Pinkie smiled. Then, looking slightly abashed, she chuckled and said. She turned back to give her girlfriend a level stare.

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He always looked forward to Saturday, waking up feeling hungrier than ever till his favorite day.