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I picking Teen castration stories that like teachers

Teen Castration Stories
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Name: Audre

How old am I: 28
Where am I from: I'm brazilian
Available for: Gentleman
Figure type: My figure type is quite fat
My favourite music: Heavy metal
I like: Dancing
My tattoo: None

Re: don't!

He was supposed to be at a scouting camp, but he'd told the scoutmaster at the last minute that he couldn't go. I was cumming again, too soon. So, for the first time I confess Rachael is me, and I am Lisa Like that means anything to any of you!! He began moving his cute little butt forward, his cock spearing into my wetness easily. I sighed and begged him to lick me, I promised him anything if he would push his sweet little tongue inside me.

I took his hand in mine and pushed his fingers between my legs. When I pulled off my shorts and panties for him he stared innocently at my light bush. If you're a juvenile, show it to your Dad first and ask him what he thinks.

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His cock wasn't large by any means, 5" perhaps and a little bigger around than a man's thumb. But he insisted and I agreed. No need to hurry, no rush. He wanted to be castrated and I wanted to do it. What grand schemes.

I reached down to feel him in my hand; it was so hard, so hot and smooth. My orgasm shook me the moment I felt his hot breath on my clit. I told him he couldn't break me, to do with me whatever he liked. I was already wet and it surprised him, but I told him it was ok and he learned quickly how to rub my soft folds.

When he slipped a finger inside my warm wetness I could feel my pussy walls gripping his thin finger, I was going to cum already. My young lover backed away, not sure if I was all right. I hadn't experienced anything like this before, always it had been me who was young and filled with innocence. I kissed him again, softly, playing with his tongue while I positioned him, spreading my legs and bending my knees missionary style.

He was inexperienced to be sure, I had to talk to him, move his mouth with my hands so that he would find and stay in the right places. He didn't go soft at all, I could feel him still hard inside me and that thought alone kept me on the brink of orgasm.

I cried out and shook and let the waves wash through me.

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We went to my family's cabin in Enumclaw to be alone. Then he began fucking me in earnest, driving his hard penis in and out slowly at first, then building until it was feeling delicious inside. I finally understood what it was that older men found so appealing in me. I moved his mouth to my sex, pulling his head gently and filled with a need to feel his lips on my heat.

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I smiled and told him it was ok, to push slowly, gently. I was rewarded when he began to lick and suck and kiss my vagina harder, finally realizing it was what I so desperately needed. I really did. I rubbed the head across my wet slit and had to hold him with my other arm, talking to him to be calm, to slow down.

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He smiled, bashfully, wonderfully like a small dog that wants so desperately to please his mistress. I was moving with him, lifting my hips to meet his thrusts, urging him deeper inside me, pulling his smooth butt with my hands.

When I realized he really was only 13 I tried to talk him out of it. Poor boy, he was so close to cumming and I wanted him inside me. He cupped my breasts in his hands squeezing so softly, I had to put mine over his and urge him to press harder. I let him explore that first night. I pulled him by the hair back to my pussy, thrusting my hips at him until I felt his first tentative kisses.

It's fantasy, don't try this at home and don't use it Teen castration stories an alibi if you ever need one. His parents dropped him off at the church, but he'd ditched the bus. I looked down, between our bodies and saw it standing straight out from his body. He deserved it. I let my long blonde hair hang free and I wore a pair of pink shorts and a tight white t-shirt with no bra. It's a fantasy.

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I'm 5'2" lbs and my boobs aren't really big, 34b, but my nipples were hard when I saw him. I was as pretty as I could make myself for him. His first kisses were soft and the surprise in his eyes when I parted his lips with my tongue was wonderful. He was only I picked him up at Southcenter Mall in my Dad's car. This boy was slow and gentle and I reveled in his delight. He made me cum again and yet again, deep shuddering cums like I'd only had rarely with a man.

I couldn't believe he really wanted this.

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After a few minutes of kissing he began to make love to me again, properly fucking me this time. His fingers were so nice, not like the men I'd been with, rough and urgent forcing themselves inside. We had a couple days. My body was flushed and it was hard to breath.

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Anyway - This story is free for anyone to read. He told me he loved me and that he wanted to give me something. It was so nice, size didn't matter at all. This was the best fuck of my life by far.

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He'd never been with a girl before and he was so sweet and tender. I was cumming long and hard, knowing that his sperm was filling my body, his balls pumping his seed into a womb for the first time I held him to me, not letting him pull out as we both began to come down from our high. He was already trying to thrust inside. Not perfect excuses, but the only ones we had. I pulled him to me and kissed him, licking myself from his lips and face. But it didn't really matter, I was so hot, so ready by this time anyplace I felt his lips was ecstasy for me.

When the head of his year-old cock entered me he gasped.

And I was supposedly staying with a friend who would cover for me; she thought I was with my bf. I'm only 17 and as much as I wanted it too, it did seem wrong at first. I asked him if he wanted to make love now and he nodded.

I wanted him to make love to me, slowly, to make it last so it would be nice for both of us. I started cumming again, thinking about his stiff cock, which had never known a woman before, Teen castration stories inside me. But it was beautiful. I let him go, only stroking his smooth boy body while he discovered what is instinctive to all of us.

My pussy tightened and I pulled him close hearing him moan loudly as he suddenly erupted in a flash of warm semen. You're mom might encourage you to read it; dad won't I wrote this in Seattle ohhhh Disclaimer: There is none. When he lifted his face finally from between my legs and took quick deep breaths I could see his face wet and red and shiny with my juices. Especially since this couldn't be more than an infatuation, a crush which would change his life forever Both of our lives.

I could feel his cock, hard and throbbing against my body.

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We'd chatted online and later on the phone.

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