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Introduction: This experience took place while I was in tenth grade I was 16 at the time and becoming more and more aware of all female feet around me. I found myself constantly staring at many girls feet in my classes and also a few of my teachers as well.

Name: Roxana

Age: I am 35
Ethnicity: Irish
My sexual preference: Guy
Body tattoos: None
Smoker: Yes

Homeroom teacher

I'm glad I didn't, because Mrs. Barbara came through the door that second. I sat down at the seat in front of the desk. Some dirty thoughts passed through my head.

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I was concerned by my grade, so I did go to her office later. At thirty-eight, she wasn't doing so bad for herself. Not much better though, because with flats, only good foot play makes them worthwhile.

Foot harem

Her brown eyes matched her hair and what seemed to be her regular attire. What I was most interested was the part I wasn't getting to see: her feet. She wore these slip-on closed heeled shoes that I swear was popular with fifty year olds right now. I walked into the crowded lab, ready for my demise.

Now this was a pleasant thought: Mrs. She was my biology teacher and my ticket to graduating for my community college.

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Her outfit was a bit different than the rest of the semester. Not really anything special, but hopefully people will get a kick out of it. It was my biggest weakness and I felt like I could be owned by women's feet, and I was curious to see if her feet were worth anything. I wanted to go home and relaxed. Science was never my subject and hardly anyone in this class was really that helpful at all.

Ohhh, how much I would have loved to relieve her pain. The other girl went up, turn her test in a gave a quick goodbye. I stood up in surprise by the sudden appearance. They looked to be about size '8 or '9.

Not even Mrs. Barbara was to be seen. I walked to her desk and put her papers down, sitting rather quickly. I wanted to take them and see how they smelled. Of course, she did say they were new, so they probably weren't stinky yet. I snapped out of it, told her no and walked out. It looked like maybe she had gotten a pedicure over the weekend, as they looked a bit softer than usually.

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It was the spring semester, so there was no luck during the cold days. I decided to wait a minute for her. Because she wasn't old and her fashion sense wasn't dead, she wore tighter dresses and skirts that weren't daring, but would give the other teachers something to talk about. I looked down to see it was her wedges on the floor. I saw another student taking a look at her ass and giving it the up and down. I was surprised to walk into the room with no one there.

Studying the whole time? It didn't really feel any different to me. I took a quick look back and she was taking off her right wedge now.

My teachers feet

They gave me a small look, mostly of the ball of her foot. I couldn't just give up on this test. Her face was starting to show s of stress, but it was still rather fresh and freckled. I didn't know what to say. Glad to know I wasn't the only pervert here.

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I sat there a minute, bored out of my mind. I put down my notes and rested my head against my pillow on my bed, my usual study spot.

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They're cute, but walking on them is a pain. I had to run off a few copies, she said apologetically. She was wearing a tighter, yellow summer dress that was a bit higher than her outfits. I was right about this test, it wasn't working for me.

Age was starting to catch up to her, but she had a few more years of that nice body. It seemed a little crusty, but not too bad. Barbara doesn't know how to teach. Barbara could be helpful, but there was just way too much to learn.

My teacher ms. t

They were white wedges that were closed toes, but showed more of her foot than I had seen. Her hair was simple: dark brown that was past her shoulders and behind her ears.

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I was totally drawn in to her feet. Once it started getting warmer, I noticed that she broke out a pair of silver flats. She wore tennis shoes also, but that seemed to be her only wardrobe for quite some time.

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The shoes definitely were not the right size for her. Then, I accidentally kicked something on the floor. I worked carefully to avoid any easy mistakes, but at time went by, more and more people were finishing and leaving. I decided to wrap this test up.

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The only thing that I noticed was she had already lost her taste in good shoes, assuming she ever had any. It was true that I had tried her way, but it didn't work for me and I was done with this class. See me at about three probably.

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She saw me looking and asked me if something was wrong. I was going to fail this Biology course, no matter how much I studied. The older they get after college, the more disgusting they get. Eventually, it was only me and another girl. I might have them done by later today. She continued wearing those slip-ons, just without socks.

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I turned in the test to her and she gave me a smile. Barbara walked into the class, making quite a stir.

Hot for teacher's feet

I don't know how long I had been starting at these notes for. The only pleasant thing about her class was actually Mrs. Barbara herself. I was brain dead from studying for finals week. I had definitely seen worse And there I go again getting distracted. When she was walking by, I couldn't help but at a quick look at her wedges. Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. She had some curves that made me forget about the structure Teacher foot fetish stories DNA and more about the structure of her body.

What caught my attention was her shoes. They were nice and chunky, but not chumby or disgusting. Her legs and calves were starting to put on a few pounds, but I wasn't really complaining. I guess no one wanted to see their grade. I bet a nice good licking and squirting a load on them would do just the trick. She looked up at me, "But, if you are curious to know sooner, drop by my office. I think it will improve my grade a little though," I answered back.

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I went back to my notes, but my curiosity still lingered the rest of the night. They were rather nice and went well with her dress.

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She had on a red polish on her nails that looked fresh, proving my theory that she had a pedicure. Her feet had red line marks on them, but were very lovely indeed. It gave me bad thoughts and my cock was getting slightly harder. Oh well, at least if I got a D in the class, I would be happy. This test wasn't going to go well.

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