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Taken In Hand Relationship Stories


I relate to your point of view very much and you are eloquent in explaining the nature of this relationship. Wonderful article. I am a woman in a tih relationship- and you nailed it right on the head. Post a Comment.

Name: Binny

Years: 21
What is my nationaly: Latvian
Body features: My body features is medium-build
I prefer to listen: Dance
Smoker: Yes

Over this past year I see Daddy as a much more relaxed man who laughs a lot more and seems to be far less stressed. Never let my drink go below half glass. So, I tell him of all the things on my mental list that I have to pay attention to tomorrow. I have to make sure I have enough plates during the party. Daddy said just last night that he wishes we would have started this 20 years ago. We find ourselves, at the end of the night, in bed-making love. So, I ask my question, or clarify and he automatically jumps to defense mode.

I just wanted to cry over everything.

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I find myself still preoccupied and stress-filled at times. At another store, a candle store, Daddy bought me two candles. I am no longer at home where I can work on dinner and keep the house clean as I go throughout my day. Yesterday was just awful! At least that is the idea in my head. I have always told Daddy that the way I feel about myself after hurting him is always worse than any physical punishment I receive from him.

Taken in hand

There are little tasks that I do for him on a regular basis that have been forgotten here and there. I cut it short realizing what I was calling him in public. After a few minutes of silence, I ask if I can clarify my response. Maybe it puts too much pressure on me, in a sub conscience way. I am settling into my new job and will actually complete my 90 day probation time in 3 days.

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We did have more of a serious road bump this past weekend. Thank you for not giving up on me. Things such as ironing his shirt for him on the weekend, changing out his bath towel once a week, and making the bed before I leave in the morning. I feel like submission has become part of me, rather than something I have to TRY to achieve. Daddy has been so extremely understanding and supportive. By him sending me these two posts out of the blue, it has settled my heart once and for all that he not only understands my secret struggle, but that he truly does cherish me and appreciates me greatly.

Taken in hand relationship stories even came to my office to have lunch with me twice this week, just so I could see a friendly face and be encouraged during my day. So, just like that, we are done. I am grateful we learned this lifestyle and have worked at making it fit us. Our youngest daughter will celebrate her HS graduation next weekend with a big party.

I think both are true! See these two posts? Either way, I am still awkward with how I address him in public, and often catch myself in mid sentence and find myself trying to do a quick cover-up, which usually is an epic fail! If it melts, or gets used, I will have to get more.

I am blessed with him. Now I get paid for Holidays! I know I deserve a punishment.

passion personals Avery

We still have a bump or two from time to time. I feel like I am always right back here at this place of Posting about an issue, misunderstanding, argument, or what have you.

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Please forgive me. None of these have been overlooked on purpose, but rather a matter of distraction and forgetfulness. We started the weekend with fireworks, went on a Sand Dune Ride, had a picnic, Went to the Mall, ordered Pizza, Went to a fancy restaurant, etc. As for myself- I have learned to take annoyances and stressful moments far less seriously and feel like I have achieved more inner peace.

He has taken it upon himself to either make dinners or delegate to our daughters to make dinner and clean up the house. It frustrates me sooo much!! Instead,he waited until the evening, at home, to punish me. Culture Shock!! Daddy sent these to me over the last couple of days.

I am finally convinced that we are on the same ! The morning started off with me over reacting to something you said, and then it escalated.

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I have to keep an eye on the ice bucket. It was fun picking out outfits we would like to try. I blame my current state of mind emotionalism -and then once I saw you starting to shut down, I lost my control and got angry. We made some great memories. He says yes. Neither of us could believe a year has passed already. I have no right to ask how or when the punishment comes, I just hope you would understand that waiting hours or days for a punishment is so difficult.

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Things still feel a little disorderly at home, though. Where do I begin? Thank you for that, Daddy. Deep down I wanted you to embrace me and just say everything is OK. I apologize. He rolls over, I roll over.

Taken in hand

Daddy was the perfect father, ing in on all the fun, even the Mall. I find that I am thinking of him most of the day and longing to be by his side. This I have found to be completely true! Daddytraining. Daddy still really wishes I were more proactive in searching out blogs, stories, etc, of other couples who practice TTWD. Not only is my head spinning with all the information they are throwing at me, and all the things I must learn and memorize to do the job, I am also trying to adjust to a new way of life, as I figure out a new routine for my days.

Well you know what?

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But remember I have 30 people to play hostess to tomorrow. At one point, while the girls went their own way in the mall, we stole a few moments in a lingerie store. We worked all day on the yard and house so it will be nice when we host 30 people for a BBQ tomorrow. Make sure you are pleasing me. Just popping in for a little update on life around here… We are still living, learning, and loving our way through our most recent transition of me taking a new job and being away from home all day, every day.

Daddy is being super patient with me. I would say things have leveled out for us in this new lifestyle.

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I have to keep an eye on the food to see if it needs refilled. All her fave things to do. One of the things that made the weekend so fun was just the idea that we spent the whole time together, sharing small, loving moments together- even in the midst of the girls being around. Tonight is July 3. They struck a chord with me like no other. On August first I officially closed my home-based Daycare and started a new desk job at a local place of business.

If I run out, I will need to get more. It is at the forefront of my mind while doing my work, cleaning, everything… I wish we could deal with this swiftly.

My journey into becoming a submissive wife.

It has also become natural for me to be more grateful for Daddy as my forever mate. Daddy tells me I am allowed to ask questions or get clarification anytime he gives me a rule, or instruction to do something. There have been MANY changes around here lately. I hated the punishment, but even worse was the feeling of shame I carried within myself. Fun Times…. He was exactly right…I felt a world of difference in my stress levels too. And, as you saw, I did. I am thankful for that.

Our new persons

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