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Sybian Orgasm Stories


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Name: Dawn

Years old: 25
Where am I from: New Zealand
I like to listen: Heavy metal
Body tattoos: None
Smoker: No

It hummed as it worked, the phallus pressed deliciously against her g-spot, driving her closer and closer to orgasm. She whined uncontrollably, a renewed pleasure rising in her. Her upper body was all that moved, and as she fought the pleasure it only made the vibrations feel more intense.

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The soft lighting and erotic scene created quite a striking image. One plotted her temperature over time, another tracked the speed of her breathing, and another showed fluctuations in her heart rate.

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The vibrations increased and her arousal spiked, she was suddenly feeling herself getting extremely close to another orgasm. She knew from seeing the sybian operate before that there were controls, a cable that ran out of the saddle to a couple of dials on a sort of remote, but it was nowhere to be seen.

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She squeezed her eyes shut, shaking her head and trying to remain calm. As she came-to she became aware of a roaring pleasure coursing through her, radiating out from the steady vibrations thrumming between her legs. The light still felt too much, and she could only now begin to open her eyes fully.

But staring at the live feed, she was glad to have some semblance of anonymity. She felt sickened to be so analysed and ogled by strangers, but the commentary was so overwhelmingly positive that she could hardly ignore the little thrill it gave her too. She tried to lift herself off, but had only limited movement. The knowledge that people were watching her excited her more than she dared to admit, but the concept that she would be spanked for an audience frightened her.

She thrashed in her bonds, pulling at the chains and contorting her torso to try and escape the leg restraints. To the right hand side was her estimated state of arousal on a gauge, currently hovering just over half way, nearing a shaded section that she assumed meant orgasm. She recognised it from videos online, a sybian vibrator. As the list of viewers began to populate she found it harder to Sybian orgasm stories from hyperventilating.

Calling for help seemed fruitless, yelling obscenities might anger whoever was behind this, and asking who was responsible seemed unlikely to yield. The vibration speed of the sybian was being logged too, and at the bottom of the screen was a whole vertical section that interested her most of all.

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She was trapped in some hellish orgasm-device. The need for release was quickly returning and she hated herself for it. She breathed a sigh of relief between her laboured gasps of pleasure. It was full of charts changing in real-time, like the sort you might see on a medical device. Despite the anguish across her features, the occasional flash of pleasure overcame her expression. She had never had anyone abuse her body that way.

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There must be a way out of this nightmare. As she stared at the gauge, it climbed a little. Her body was screaming internally for climax, and she could feel it ready to envelope her, but if she let herself cum then it seemed like the camera footage would be streamed online for people to watch her naked body live. The item between her legs was the only remotely familiar object. Her legs were tightly locked into the saddle, a black metal cuff around her ankles parallel to the floor, and a leather-padded metal arm pressing down on either of her thighs to hold her in place.

The charts were pale-blue and white, matching the clinically bright nature of her box.

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She gritted her teeth, trying desperately to fight it, slowing her movement as she tired, and locking her muscles. Her blond hair and tensed back were in view, her slim figure emphasised by back-dimples as she sat upright as much as the chains on her arms would allow. She was so softly spoken that she doubted anyone would have heard her unless they were close-by. No not a room, it was too small; more of a box.

She was soaked, her wet pussy clenching but finding no purchase on the slippery rubber pressed into her. The idea sickened her, yet the sensors on-screen suggested that her arousal had increased in response. Much of the floor was taken up by a circular panel that both she and the sybian sat in the centre of, even the metal chain connected into the same panel. Presumably there were some sensors in her cuffs.

Her perky little bubble-butt was in view, occasionally jerking as the vibration played with her sensitive little clit, forcing her body to jolt. It was subtle and tasteful in ways she had yet to master, a slight blush to her cheeks to accentuate her narrow face and small pointed nose. She was in a bright square room. There was no Sybian orgasm stories, and only enough chain to allow her to rest her hands on the front of the saddle or the floor if she chose. She tugged at the restraints, beginning to scream in growing panic.

Elouise screamed out loudly, her toes curling as her body shook with orgasm.

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Presumably hidden somewhere beneath the floor panel. They showed the same two displays, one of the measures and the other of the stream. Through the foggy confusion of pleasure, she tried to focus more on where she was, pushing the pleasure away.

Comments flooded in next, some praising her tight little ass, others noting her smooth slender legs gripping the saddle. Her eyes widened with shock, looking at the stream video and spotting something black hanging either side of her body that might be deed to strike her. Her skin crawled at the realisation that most of the charts seemed to be tracking some element of her body. She felt like a caged animal, forced to perform for an audience.

Her wrists were also in cuffs, attached to thick black metal chains that were screwed to the floor in front of the saddle.

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The idea that all this technology was deed to make her cum was equal parts terrifying and alluring. Soon there were too many to count, with more still piling in. Her eyes darted around for answers, a scream growing in her body begging to be released. A few discussed her feet, calling them pretty and admiring her long blue-painted toes.

It was some sort of timeline running along the bottom centre of the screen, with five circles along the line indicating milestones. She was wearing a little make-up, the sort she would never apply herself. Sybian orgasm stories first to catch her eye sent another pang of terror to her heart, a camera lens trained directly on her. Though she knew that the expert machine would soon coax her back to another rapturous climax.

As if emerging from cold water, she gasped for breath, opening her eyes to the confusing array of lights and cacophony of sound assaulting her senses.

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She had never used one before, and now recognised how worthy it was of its widespread popularity. The saddle was on a rotating platform, and just before the stream started she was turned to face away from the camera. Her back tautened, stretching up and back as the pleasure shot up her spine. She gasped for air as she simmered back down, the vibrations slowing to ease her back to reality. She moaned as the looming climax began to creep up on her. It was her on screen, her eyes wide with shock.

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There must be thousands of blond girls in the world called Elouise. The vibration sped up a little, sending a jolt through her frame as the pleasure intensified. The walls, floor and ceiling were white cushioned leather, with soft led lighting strips at every corner. No reply came, but a beep was emitted from the second screen she was yet to study.

The gauge ticked up till it was so close to the shaded section that she could feel the edge of orgasm against her hot skin, like the smoke of a fire licking at the walls trying to consume it. The Sybian orgasm stories taunted her, it was so close but she was climbing towards it so steadily and slowly, she knew the release would be incredible when she reached it.

The metal was curved perfectly to the shape of her leg so she was firmly stuck. Her cheeks burned with the embarrassment of knowing that people might see her, but she knew she could hardly hold it any longer. First three, then five, then twenty-two names filled the list.

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But what else could she say? If she could avoid speaking that might protect identity a little more.

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Why are you doing this to me!? The benefit of her relentless daily exercise was in clear view, her lean abdomen tight with perky firm tits bouncing with her movement, the nipples tight and inviting. Another moan escaped her lips, breathy and soft. She held her breath trying to hold it in, groaning as she felt the bright white blinding bliss approach.

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Her long white-blond hair had been tied up in a loose bun to give a good view of her face. She gave a high-pitched squeal of despair, before her body was suddenly spun. She was the girl people likened to a princess, only half in jest.

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She fought it again, trying to drown out the devious part of her that wanted to see what the viewers would think when Sybian orgasm stories saw her cum. This was real. Now her orgasm had subsided she felt a sudden clarity. Her tits bounced wildly as she squirmed, her hair tasseling and saddle squeaking under the movement.

She returned to the timeline diagram and kept reading. Her eyes shot open, staring directly into the camera and pleading silently for the vibrations to stop. A black saddle with a dildo protruding from the top, which was currently working away inside her, vibrating against her g-spot, accompanied by p that massaged her clit at the same frequency. It commanded all her attention, despite all the other intricate items of interest around the room, her eyes were fixed to the device. In front of her were a couple of screens and some equipment. She was on her knees, and the top of the box was only a few feet above her head.

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