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His dark eyes met hers from across the crowded bar, with just a glance she knew the countdown had started. She politely excused herself from the table grabbing her purse and made a quick dash to the empty bathroom. With each step her heartbeat poun We weren't driving long, when you put your hand on my knee and slowly moved it up my thigh. You pulled off onto an empty field, and I climbed into your lap.

Name: Lilah

Years: 27
Ethnic: I'm from Uruguay
What I prefer to drink: White wine
What is my hobbies: Hunting
I like tattoo: None

First time lesbian sex story SexyLady - February 16, Views. This was my first Lesbian encounter. Our erotica is written by members of our passionate Juicy Community. Then I will have my way with you, and that fucking sexy ass of yours.

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She looked so sensual, so sexy, bathed in the afternoon light. And then my cock slowly dripping pre-cum, pointing straight at the mirror. I didn't expect that she… Read full story. The detail of clipping over the suspenders and then slipping my feet into the high heels. My wife's Best Friend. Extra activities dinapetro - October 10, Views. Our experienced writers are always on hand to offer encouragement and help. Unhinged because I didn't believe that I knew Jilly anymore. We also categorise our stories to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for.

Sex I mean, specifically sexual relationships. I love the feel of the stockings on my legs. Check out her books in our book store. My little secret. Dressed to thrill Fredie - August 21, Views. He pushed her skirt up over her hips and immediately buried his head between her thighs. Welcome to our Juicy Community.

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Juicy Sex Books. My first temptation GPguy - October 10, Views. She was 9 years younger and was moving away, about a one hour drive. Here is an extract from one of her stories: "Maybe though, just maybe, it was the fact that I'd seen Coach Barrett's big cock through his sweatpants every day this year when I dropped Nicholas Jr. I had seen how long it was.

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We add new erotica to our site most days. I mean, she had never shown the slightest sexual interest in women. Teenage Dream meganmorgan - May 27, Views. Juicy member of the Month.

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Erotica books - collections of naughty sex stories by our Juicy members. Her kiss wandered from my mouth to my ears and neck then down to my chest and had my body bucking wanting more. You navigated through sex because certain things were a given.

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Home Most Viewed Favorite. One of those was that my wife Jilly was not a lesbian. However it had all been on a one on one basis until one hot summer night. Some of our most popualr sex stories are in the following sections love sex storiesoral sex stories and group sex stories.

How it stretched the fabric of his otherwise loose-fitting gym wear From the Juicy Team. I had lost and now I had to pay the forfeit, the four of us never played for money nothing so boring for us.

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Then you will come to me on this chair where I will spank that little ass of your red. We are very proud of the fact that new writers use Juicy as the first place to put their work out into the public domain. I wanted to suck a cock, while having mine sucked. Our community are a mix of experienced and new writers of erotic fiction. But then she met Adele and my life became unhinged. I wanted to top a man and I wanted to be topped. Our Latest Sexy Stories. Gail grabbed my ass pushing my cock deeper into her mouth as my cum shot out load after built up load she sucked and played guzzling down my man juice completely until I had finished.

Sex with my naughty step-mom Mr Juicy - September 25, Views. Read full story.

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He took in the sight of her breasts, her smooth, flat stomach, and the little slip of gauzy white fabric around her waist, barely hiding what was underneath. I… Read full story.

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This is how Mary found me. She stretched her long legs out on the seat, barefoot as she'd left her sandals on the floorboard up front. I interrupted. Slept with. I like to stand in front of the long mirror and let my eyes slowly rise from the black patent heels over the slight wrinkle of nylon on my instep, up my legs to the band of the stocking tops.

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I thought of it as 'either or', not 'something and'. Some people would call me easy. Her hair spread out around her head like shimmering, copper-gold silk. Others would call me a slut. Then she licked my shaft to ensure she got it all. We just felt our own way. Every story submitted by our members is checked by our moderators to ensure it is of high quality and complies with our submission guidelines. Spank me. I was her boss. The one who lost his stake first had to carry out the order of the final winner. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter or through our Blog Feed and check our news here.

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Ash and Val go on a first date whippingboy - October 10, Views. She slowly started to kiss me paying attention to every nook and crevice of my body, exploring me, finding new erogenous zones never before encountered with my many trysts with the male race. How thick. Covid 19 naughty mask dinapetro - October 10, Views. I was supposed to be the cleaning girl in that house, but i was seduced and fucked earning a good tip Read full story.

We also promote our members sex story books for them. I wish he would. I was almost cumming before she had even reached my nipples. First time with another man GPguy - October 10, Views.

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Looking for. She was already wet. I had always been interested in exploring with someone that was the same sex. It was an innocent leaving work party, she had her work mates there and.

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I wanted her to lick and suck my dick! Our Juicy member of the month is PiperRai. Bang with 5.

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The elegant theatre of rolling the nylon and placing over my toes and then slowly stretching and smoothing them up my legs. I was supposed to help and assist the VIP expert in his working project, but i ended up seducing him to fuck me Read full story.

Get your erotica book featured here. Were husbands to be abandoned, excluded, despised I didn't know. Sex Story Books. He breathed in the warm, musky scent of her pussy, and then plunged his tongue into her. Lesbian themes on TV or film appeared to be distasteful to her.

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Unhinged because I didn't understand how lesbians might see a cuckolded husband? He moved down her body, hands on the seat on either side of her slim waist. It was king who won this time,a devious man who played cards well, never yet had he lost first in two years but on the times he won his forfeit was always sexual in some way.

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Our erotica is written by members of our passionate Juicy Community.

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Fact: In a simpler time—long before an unlimited amount of pornography flooded the Internet—it wasn't unusual for people feeling frisky to read their porn.

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These real life sex stories are almost too hot to be true.

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Wonder how much the lines between art and erotica can blur?

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This is a historical sex story, which takes you back to the mystic times.

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Fact: In a simpler time—long before an unlimited amount of pornography flooded the Internet—it wasn't unusual for people feeling frisky to read their porn.