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Strap Spanking Stories
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Shelley Palerski stepped out into the bright sunlight of the entrance steps to Talerno High and heard the glass entrance doors swing shut behind her. Reaching into her bag she pulled out a cellphone, fingered the buttons and then held the instrument to her ear.

Name: Evania

How old am I: 24
Ethnic: Panamanian
Color of my eyes: I’ve got lustrous green eyes but I use colored contact lenses
My figure features: My figure type is athletic
Favourite drink: Rum

Oh boy, was that thing beastly. My face went red.

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Was it an invitation or an order, though? Dad was a devil when he had a cane in his hand. Just then her husband Paul slammed the front door and crashed in to the room we were in. I cried out after each stroke despite resolving not to. An erection was stirring in my pants and I kept thinking about my arse.

Address:. Have you lost your horse?

Spanking fantasies

It was a misty morning. Comments welcome. The morning mist was slowly clearing as I in turn headed back to my car. She handed me a thick address card. I said, have you ever had the cane? It was the same plaited black leather item she had used so wonderfully that morning. Play your cards right Peter, and you could replace Paul in my affections. Drop them, Paul! All characters appearing in this story are fictitious.

The senior cane, I think. Like your father did.

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She had a crook-handled school cane in her hand. My arse throbbed. The strokes were brutal. The leather crop struck down repeatedly as he squirmed and tried to muffle his cries. A tobacco victim,R. Tagged: canecaningfemdompunishmentriding cropspankingstrap-on.

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Mind you I think our guest might have enjoyed it. You are late.

‘caught, strapped, trapped!’ : fantastic spanking story!

The lube squelched out of the tube with a rude noise. She had a leather-bound riding crop in her hand. Having my arse tongued after the thrashing was quite a turn-on, and it did ease the pain a little. All listed sites, pictures displayed or referred to in this blog feature consenting adult models and players over the age of All stories and artwork featured are fiction only and refer to adults in role play.

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We often come here on gloomy days for a taste of outdoor discipline. I stared at my dog and then at the address card. They headed off for their car. Next part is here. However, I decided to play along as things were sounding interesting. Oh boy, was that thing beastly! Any resemblance to real businesses or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

me up!

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The one who does it best may get to lick mine — not that mine is sore, of course. This site is dedicated to the memory of Jonathan aka jaybeefriend, muse, gentleman and master. Comments are here.

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Now I knew how Paul had felt. So there was to be no foreplay! Fetch my riding crop from the table. A high class one, maybe. What a scary sound it made. She strode purposefully towards me, while he followed a little way behind. This was a phrase my father used to insist I said after being caned. Boy, did his arse look sore!

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I was taking my dog for a walk on the ancient track. Perhaps she was a hooker I thought to myself. Why would she have had cards made? This blog is not suitable for persons under the age of Important Note: The owner of this blog does NOT condone, promote OR encourage the corporal punishment of minors or non-consenting adults.

Hot consensual spankings and canings for discipline and erotic pleasure…

Crossing a road at one point, I saw a couple unloading an estate car in the lay-by next to the track. Paul has had to go out so we will have to make our own entertainment. She was dressed in horse-riding apparel, he was wearing just white shorts, a white t-shirt and running shoes. What a scary lady she was. What an excellent idea! This blog is intended for adults only.

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You are disobedient and you will pay! You are naughty boy too, but on this occasion you may be our look-out! I hope you can do the same for me boy. My arse was throbbing and my eyes were already moist. She yanked my briefs down. I reckon my arse did too and I gave it a quick rub.

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I rang the bell promptly at 8pm. Peter and Paul.

Spanking fantasies

These strokes seemed even harder and he gasped, cried out, wriggled and screamed. My mind was in turmoil as I drove back home. I decided to not go along but to try to find them again on another misty morning. The last thing I wanted was that plastic cock making life even more uncomfortable! She answered the door in her dressing gown.

It was darker-coloured than the one she had used on me and it had the most beautiful crook handle. Over 18s only!

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I was enjoying the spectacle, and even more so now as he edged his briefs down to reveal a hairy but reddened arse to me and to his wife. But also horny. Here was this sex goddess commanding me as my erection rose. What a poor fellow, I thought to myself.

Twenty strokes. How cute.

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Nasty welts were appearing. for more caning stories.

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I could not believe what I was seeing.

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Coming across the following two pictures immediately made me think about such evenings.

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She was a youthful years-old, with short blonde hair and fiery eyes.