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Stranded Sex Story


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Name: Claudette

Years old: 36
What is my nationaly: Irish
Color of my eyes: Clear hazel green
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Other hobbies: Listening to music

He had a rag in one hand, which was also greasy. He might have something that will fit in your car.

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Dave stared at her every time she came over to the house, to see his daughter, Cindy, who was apparently still asleep in the car. She saw the disgusted look on her "uncle's" face, and realized he was really upset. Register here to post. One was a gas station. It was obvious they weren't going anywhere real soon, unless they could rent a car.

He felt stupid, but finished.

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They ain't supposed to be in the oil pan. The good news is that there will be a new oil pan on the new motor you're going to have to have. He ignored her. As if the motor knew it had done it's job He had on a ball cap that, at one time, had been red, but was now an indeterminate maroon color, due mostly to grease that had almost covered up the red. Dave shot him a dark look.

Stranded in the desert

In a place this small, there couldn't possibly be more than one mechanic, and he didn't want to get off to a bad start with this one. He looked in the rearview mirror, to see if there was any traffic behind him, and when he didn't see anything, he opened his door. A faded said "Flannery - unincorporated", and then there was a railroad crossingand then there was Flannery, which was composed of the grain Stranded sex story and seven other buildings.

It wasn't until he felt the car falter, that he looked down and saw the "oil" light brightly lit. He heard Robert Palmer, but, in his mind's eye, he saw the dead pan faces of the women on the video, as they held guitars and swayed enticingly. Then he stood, pumped the handle, and rolled under the car on a creeper.

He held the finger out for Dave to look at. The knocking was there immediately, but he put it in gear and started forward. Both men stared at her. Dick, her father, had stared at her for years, unbelieving, as she turned from a little girl into a young woman any man would gawk at.

Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Everyone in the car had heard the crunch and groan of metal impacting concrete, but he'd though it was just the frame. She looked at the two men with startling hazel eyes, that seemed to flicker from green to blue, depending on the light.

Ten minutes later he rolled back out, pulling the oil pan with him. There was a silo ahead, and a small cluster of buildings. He stood up, lifted the pan, and peered inside. Turned out it must have been the oil pan.

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He poured the oil in and felt arms go around his waist. Dick yelled, with pent up anxiety, as he saw the up ahead. The knocking intensified, and took on a deeper tone. Any idiot knew that! It was getting late, too. Both men noted her short, lush body, still in her soccer uniform. His daughter had woken up as they tore the trunk apart, and had been brought up to date by her best friend.

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He heard the rapid, staccato sound of valves, trying to work without oil, and knew it was bad already, if he could hear it over the music. He'd forgotten there was a concrete tire barrier, and his forward momentum had carried the car over it. He got out again, shaking his head. He put the cap back on and then got on one knee, to look under the car. Both men looked to see Denise Williams, Dick's daughter, come from where the open hood had blocked their view of her getting out of the back seat.

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The girls had had a little sleep in the car, but were still tired from the rigors of the game, and home was still three hours away. That wasn't so bad. They'd played hard, and they were bushed. But a closer examination, and the right clothing, revealed that, below broad shoulders, and breasts that looked too big to be on such a short girl, there was a narrow waist, and then hips that, combined with the shoulders and breasts, were why she looked so stocky.

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Jimmy Joe got a jack and lay on the ground to position it. Dick looked at Jimmy Joe, and then said "Why don't you call Lester, while we talk. Dave pulled to the shoulder and shut it down. I'm not an idiot.

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There was a rag in the trunk, but he didn't want to go get it. Dave nodded, but kept his eyes on the road. In the parking lot, after the game, he'd tried to pull forward, through the empty slot in front of the car. He wanted to go fast, to get somewhere quickly, but knew that running the motor at slower speeds would do less damage.

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They had stared at her all through the game. He'd found two quarts of oil, amid all the sports gear, old newspapers he'd forgotten to take to the recycling point, the picnic blanket they hadn't used in years, and one very flat spare tire. It had a white colored scrape on it, with wet oil streaking away from a tear that looked like a crack. Her dark brown hair had been let out of it's pony tail, and fell to her shoulders in long gentle waves. Even inside the cab they could both hear the crackle and pop of overheated metal, flexing in the motor compartment.

Dick Williams, his next door neighbor, and best friend, started rocking in the seat next to him as he got into the beat too. At first glance, she was stocky looking, short and wide. Dave took it anyway.

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Dave looked into the rear view mirror to make sure he hadn't made the music too loud, and wakened them. The dip stick had burned Dave's fingers when he tried to pull it. Dick grabbed the map and stuck his nose two inches from it. That uniform did nothing to hide her big breasts.

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He waved his hand in front of his face to blow away the smoke and fumes that were billowing from under the hood of the car. He knew what he'd see when he pulled the stick. Introduction: It was supposed to be a quick trip No TV What on earth Stranded sex story they do to fight off the boredom and keep themselves busy? Posted Thu 1st of July Report. Jimmy Joe went blithely on. The girls were in the back seat, dead to the world, after a soccer game that had been a real thriller. Both men stared at the engine. He leaned down and pulled the hood release, groaning when smoke flowed out of the gap created by the hood popping up a few inches.

He saw oil start dripping out slowly, and knew what had happened. He'd see nothing, where a black coating of oil should be, where the cross hatched lines lay next to the words "operating range" on the dip stick.

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An observer might have noticed that, sometimes, the rag got grease on his hands, instead of cleaning them. A quick question to Jimmy Joe, while he was on the phone with Lester, determined that wasn't going to happen. She didn't say anything, and he knew she was just trying to make him feel better. He used that rag to wipe his hands, frequently. Jimmy Joe spent extra time examining the girls, and grinned happily as they each gave him two fingers to shake. His hand flashed to the volume knob and he twisted it viciously.

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Dave more or less aimed the car there and winced as he heard things begin to rattle under the hood. He looked at Dick. Of course metal shavings weren't supposed to be in an oil pan. Then he stuck a finger inside and wiped along the bottom. They could feel the heat, standing three feet away.

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Dave was so into the music that he didn't see the warning light on the dashboard light up. Thank goodness they didn't need the spare. They were in the middle of nowhere, taking what looked like a short cut on county ro He couldn't remember if they'd seen any traffic, but he knew he hadn't passed anybody, or been passed, for quite a while. He rolled back out, went to a tool box, made some selections, and rolled back under the car.

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