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Even staunch conservatives like former Sun News host Michael Coren say the debate has gone off the rails, made worse by misinformation from critics of the new curriculum. How does it come out? I went to Catholic school, and in elementary school, our sex ed was combined with religious studies. And as any of us should remember from our own childhoods, children are not actually that easily shocked.

We may want to touch ourselves. This was in Grade 7, I think. They only use slang.

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The teacher brought out these two felt posters of a man and a woman, and hung them on the wall. Thank god for the Internet.

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There was only one openly gay person in my high school of around 1, people. I went to a Catholic school so most of my sex education involved teachers preaching abstinence. All I can say is thank goodness for my liberal-minded mother who tends to share too much information.

When I was in Grade 10, he fatally shot himself with a shotgun. Some time later, we had a young woman working with a Christian organization come teach us girls about menstruation and abstinence. All this put the teachers in panic mode I guess, so they decided to give the younger students some sex ed classes. Groups like Planned Parenthood have been providing age-appropriate, evidence-based sex and relationship education for many, many years, but making that an official part of the school curriculum is clearly preferable to the scattershot, ad hoc way most of us received sex ed growing up — if at all.

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Our textbook was called Fully Alive. I walked in on the teacher suggestively squeezing the breast-pillow attachments as he removed them from the velcro chest, leering at the student teacher. Even though I had read that fact many times before online, hearing a teacher say it gave it legitimacy and made things a lot better for those of use who were in the closet or still figuring out our sexuality.

Nobody at the school officially acknowledged his death perhaps because it was suicide but the message was that nobody cares about gay. B tried to tell us that condoms are only 50 per cent effective and that the pill was even worse. When my class heard about this we demanded a sex ed class of our own. Anyway, after we were dismissed from class, I had forgotten something at my desk and had to go back. I was laughing because a friend of mine made a rather funny joke about how ridiculous the seemingly s video we were watching was.

The Catholic guilt that went along with that one was tremendous, probably until early high school.

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I remember questioning the vilification of women who had abortions. The teacher was certain it was impossible. I have two memories of sexual education in Ontario, the rest, like much of elementary or high school, has faded away. I remember at one point some of our teachers even encouraged us to take chastity vows. What if that happened!!!? Then everyone else started giggling. No matter how carefully I read the tiny folded up instructions in the box, it truly was a mystery.

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I remember getting angry and leaving the room a lot. And the clear hierarchy of slutty acts was weird too. Honestly by that time we already knew anything we needed to know from watching the Sunday Night Sex Show with Sue Johanson, but it was the principle of the matter.

Nothing about respect or consent or anything like that. In the end a few of us finally got together in the school washroom and casually asked that one friend who was open about the fact that she used them. There was no talk about medicine or prevention, except that the only way you can really save yourself is through abstinence. I spoke up, saying that I thought if they were used properly, they each work well over 90 per cent of the time. In Grade 6 or 7 we started receiving lessons about puberty and such.

Then I started giggling lest anyone think I was a filthy, filthy masturbator. We later learned body parts and, next year, that sex was a thing. Also: the same creepy man made one of those boxes where you could put questions anonymously.

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I literally felt like I might be the only one left after he died. I remember vividly the portion on masturbation. There were also a few pregnancies and abortion rumours floating around. I put out a call on social media this week for stories that highlight the good, the bad, and the weird parts of sex education in Canada.

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I remember a couple classes on puberty in Grade 7, and vaguely recall a thing about reproduction and childbirth in biology class, but that was really it. It was my first year in public school after being transferred from catholic school — talking about sex in class was very taboo for me, but I was curious. The second memory is of a story we had to read in one of our textbooks.

I think it was during English. All I can really remember is her telling us that a common symptom of menstruation is feeling bloated. The curriculum itself, however, is meant to give children the basic tools to navigate relationships, identify boundaries and consent, protect themselves from sexually transmitted infections and understand sexual and gender diversity.

There are two memories of our sex education classes that really stick out to me. There was no sex ed in Kitchener, How on earth does that go in there? Opponents say it is not age-appropriate and pushes a socially liberal agenda, with discussions of homosexuality and gender identity having especially alarmed many parents. This article contains frank discussions of sexuality and includes some strong language.

I was terrified. The sex ed I got in my small, northern Ontario public high school around included NO mention of the existence of homosexuality that I can recall. Reviews and recommendations are unbiased and products are independently selected. Last, I remember having active fights with my teachers later in high school about the content.

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Even then I could tell he was being a creep and making her totally uncomfortable. Our middle-aged, slightly demented male Grade 5 teacher taught all the sex ed material to our co-ed class. It was like defying God. I also remember in Grade 9, high school, that our teen aid lady came in and made us glue paper hearts together. While some of us got lucky and had the benefit of caring and open-minded educators, many others were taught false or damaging things that took many years to unlearn. That was all we got, one class. I became sexually active at 15 so I had to educate myself on sex and birth control through the Internet, books and by going to the doctor — and I had to keep it all secret from my parents and teachers.

Children will learn about sex one way or another, and left without any guidance they are likely to find it through online pornography and from their equally ill-informed peers. The same teen aid lady also made us play some kind of convoluted card matching game. I was informed that this was incorrect and that I needed to listen and stop disrupting the class.

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We had to rip them apart, glue them back together and so on for probably like 20 mins, while she explained that every time we had sex out of marriage, this was what was going to happen to our hearts and spirituality. He said that in our class of 25, at least a couple of us would be gay and that was normal. It literally said knitting. It may have been in printed literature but my Grade 9 health and phys. Postmedia may earn an affiliate commission from purchases made through links on this. It was very nuts and bolts, though: how to put on a condom, contraception, what STIs are and how to avoid them.

When I was in Grade 11 or 12 there was an outbreak of chlamydia amongst a group of younger students.

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My Grade 10 sex ed class included a long discussion on whether a man can urinate with an erection. How mortifying would that be!? I was also a Fully Alive victim. The book said that to avoid masturbating we should take up a hobby, like knitting.

Every time I think of that I am so happy that they were proved wrong. She then started talking about hypothetical girls who had done some of these things and not others, and asking us whether they were still virgins. In Grade 7 in Windsor, Ont.

For some reason the teacher thought I had started laughing as a means to make others laugh, but such was not the case. My seventh-grade teacher told the class that condoms were only deed to prevent pregnancy, but that HIV could get through latex. I remember fighting about the approach too, with a lack of emphasis on birth control methods. At least two of us are, I later found out.

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