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Jump to: Materials Discussion Questions Activities. Since the late 20 th century, women have constituted the majority of the voting public. The of female voters has exceeded the of male voters in every presidential election since In every presidential election since the percentage of female voters has exceeded the percentage of male voters.

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In his famous video Tough Guise, Katz documents how masculinity has changed over the past 25 years and how the rise of violence is tied to these changes.

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In other words, cultures create gender by giving social meanings to biological sex. However, communication researchers have only been examining it for about 50 years. Why are there differences? In early research on language styles, researchers relied on the term sex to describe the male or the female experiences. No matter what the cultural colours may be, people interact with babies based on their colour-coded clothing.

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In order to understand the basics premises of gendered communication it is necessary to define certain terms related to it. What are your attitudes? Eliminating the Y and replacing it with the X produces a female. But what happens when traditional texts like these, conflict with the representations we see in popular culture?

Person A: I flunked my statistics exam. What are the colour codes associated with baby boys or girls? This includes both verbal and non-verbal language. For females this includes traits related to attractiveness, nurturing, relationships, and emotions. However, formal research is just one aspect of how we come to understand gendered communication. Although this is changing due to the global markets, there are still differences. I hate that course. Humans are socialized into speech communities with distinctive norms and rules for behaviour.

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In North America, for example, the cultural identity of male includes traits such as strength, power, individualism, money and success. Recently I had a conversation with a young woman about to go on a mission trip to help rebuild a church ravaged by Hurricane Katrina. His newest book, The Macho Paradox addresses the things men can do to stop the cycle of violence. Today, most research in this area focuses on identity formation, multiplicities, and similarities.

This is why we differentiate between the terms sex and gender. They play, interact, and copy the behaviours of other males. In other words the ways we think about gender changes over time. Blue and pink are European or Western gender ifiers. For example, homosexuality is more accepted today than thirty years ago.

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Colour codes like blue and pink influence the ways people talk and interact with babies. It is a long history and worthy of a lifetime of examination. You can probably think of many more examples from your own life where stereotypes were useful.

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Attitudes about sex and gender are changing so fast it is hard to keep up. What does it mean to be masculine? Gendered communication has a long history — from religious texts to Mars and Venus. Today we make a distinction between sex and gender. Yet there is value in this explosion of pop culture.

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Why are they these colours? While these are fun to complete and read, they can do more harm than good because most of the popular media are based on stereotypes of gendered communication within the European-North American cultures. His web site is filled with excellent references and information.

Gender divide in bald eagles

In this chapter we examine the way gendered communication has been defined and analyzed over the past 50 years and how the language we use both reflects our worldviews and shapes them. Gender is a broader category that focuses on how we perform the roles culture and society ass to our sex. Building on that, we began to analyze the concepts of dominance and control. But a recent explosion of research illuminates a much more complex set of combinations.

Robin Lakoffdescribed language patterns unique to women. For her it was a natural part of her every day life.

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They also fuel the interest for courses in communication and gender that, in turn, can enhance the effectiveness of communicators. Defining gender and communication. As social scientists, communication scholars understand that biology influences sexual identity but we also know that environment is important. Her references are especially useful to communication students interested in this area of study. Have they always been these colours?

Individuals not only learn gender; we influence it. Often when teaching a course in communication and gender I ask the students on the first day to write their own definitions of important terms. It is no secret that we are living in a transitional era. Until recently within the last 10 years it was widely thought that a XX match produced a female and XY combination produced a male offspring.

Analyzing gendered communication helps us to understand this idea. According to Julia Wood these enhance our appreciation of complex ways in which communication, gender, and culture interact.

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In addition, different cultures have different colours ased to genders. This can be very confusing. As I mentioned earlier in this chapter, this is a transitional era.

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There are many theories as to why we use stereotypes and gender markers like colour. Popular culture is loaded with articles, literature, quizzes, and self-help books addressing it. In addition, Canada is a culturally diverse society and living here we are often faced with difficult decisions as to what to do in situations when gendered cultural norms are unclear. Sex is determined by the genetic combination of the X and Y chromosomes.

See Sidebar 4. Jackson Katz is an expert in masculinity and violence. Most likely you relied on stereotypes to determine that Person A is female and Person B is male, right?

Women's history

Majerus and biologists like him are more interested in the genetic building blocks for human sex determination. What can you conclude from the conversation example?

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Gender attitudes are confusing. Are they only these colours? What does the Canadian Psychiatric Association say about it?

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Gendered styles of verbal and non-verbal communication start at birth, or before. But for now you should be made aware that gender is learned in a variety of ways that include typical interactions with peers, play, role modelling, and mimicry.


Boys are socialized into competitive groups. Gender is learned. It is NOT an exercise in male-bashing or strictly researched from a liberal perspective. Sidebar 4. The term sex refers to most commonly to biological differences such as hormone levels and external genitalia.

But did you know that these are fairly recent cultural changes? Sex is a genetic trait. Think about it. The men have the responsibility to preach, and the women have the responsibility to teach. What does it mean to be feminine? Finally, studying gender and communication expands options of the communicator.

Language is far from a neutral representation of our lives. We examine these in depth in courses such as Gender and Communication. While sex and gender are related; they are not the same. In communication we consider the gendered language styles. If you are an immigrant to Canada, what are official stances of the related professional associations of your nationality or country of origin?

Consider the following genetic combinations for sex chromosomes in humans in Table 4. Can you tell the gender of each person?

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