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Stories Of Women And Dog Sex
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It was early in the day and she was still wearing only a frilly dressing gown. The slinky garment clung to her body, caressing her smooth flesh. Through the semi-transparent silken material, the dark circles of her tit tips could be seen and, farther down, the triangular outline of her cunt mound was tantalizingly hinted at.

Name: Anny

Years old: 30
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I took him out and dried him off. I have heard about this, but Bud, my other dog never did this. I got up and took off my shorts and t-shirt and bra. He drove his knot inside me.

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This is one such story. And then he jumped back, barking loudly. He hunched his hips slightly. In my sexual frustration I have turned to some pretty odd things. I grasped his cock still jabbing me. I moaned perhaps a bit exaggerated. He started fucking me harder. I could feel it, that extra pressure, stretching me. It hurt being yanked backwards. Every pulse. But as it did, I quivered and shook as a strong orgasm flooded my body.

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I took him into the tub and gave him a bath. I could not believe I had that thing in me. The week came and my neighbours happily showed me where everything was. My clit, rubbing against his knot and the base of his cock, tingled and pulsed. One of them is bestiality. A mix of his cum and a little blood ran down my thighs. I steadied myself on one hand, reaching back to guide him back inside me.

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He needed little more encouragement. I lost my balance, rocking forward on my knees, toes behind me in the air, hands splayed out before me bearing our weight. The tip was spurting cum and I let it hit my cheeks as I extended my tongue, flicking the tip before taking him in my mouth.

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However, my joys would soon end. He started whining and the best feeling happened.

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I took my right foot and rubbed his belly as I sipped on my Corona. He gripped my tiny waist and pulled me to him. My pussy squeezed the hard cock inside me.

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He was huge! As Ben turned ass to me, he started walking away from me.

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And then it happened. I smiled and patted his head.

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My name is Megan, and I love sex. I would be fine. Through the week, I did not learn my lesson, and kept coming back for more. My foot brushed his sheath and he bent licking his furry sheath and my toes.

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He stopped in the den and I grabbed a handful of fur and scolded him. I reached back to guide him, but instead, he dismounted and began barking loudly. He instantly smelled my arousal and took a quick lick, that shot of electric shot through me as his tongue snaked inside my ass across that sensitive area between there and my cunny inside my cunny, and finally over my clit.

Ben slipped from me still humping, warm cum shooting over my ass as he poked my sensitive area between pussy and asshole. As I did, I lost my balance and fell face first against my end table.

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He ran out to the corner of the yard and did his business. I wanted him right there. He was still eager, pawing me, so I obliged getting on all fours, and began crawling towards the living room. He gripped my leg tight humping. He pulled. I finally gripped his flank and held him until he plopped from me. Right then. My husband owns an English Setter and although we have had intercourse, this particular story revolves around a big mistake with my neighbours dog. He yelped, and I was afraid one of my other neighbours heard that. He was hunching shooting all over my lawn chair. I walked over to my yard and he followed.

So when they asked if we would mind looking after him for the week, I happily agreed. I was disgusted. I rubbed some more.

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I have turned to the internet to occupy my lust and found a sexual awakening and kinks I would otherwise have never tried. Even though it was a mistake, I still get hot and bothered over it.

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I gasped in pain but it was too late. I ran after him. Warm fluid, his and mine ran down my leg. I undressed and called him inside my house. I sat on my lounge chair and he sat near my feet. I grabbed his knot and lowered my face down. He mounted me. I needed him. The tip poked from the fur. My neighbours are elderly and own a rather large German Shepherd. I opened the back door and yelled for him to get out.

I was starting to sweat, toes curling behind me into grass and dirt. My husband, as it turned out would also be gone for a good portion of that week. I sat back down and called him to me. He took off from the bathroom, cock dangling and still shooting spraying everywhere. Shrill, high-pitched bark that you can hear a mile away. Half kneeling, half standing, he entered me and began thrusting hard. I had no choice but to follow backwards, crawling after him one hand trying to keep a grip on his fur and hold him still.

I felt the cock boil in the back of my throat, warm cum spurting in my mouth. He quickly began to swell inside me as I finally got back to my knees. When he was finished he turned ass to me, cock still lodged inside me. I could feel him shooting inside me. Again he mounted me as I walked to the house. I had before been cautious about women who insisted they had ejaculated but now I can attest to their statements.

I screamed.

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I felt like I had to pee, and it was the first time I actually squirted. I showered and checked myself over. They said their goodbyes and thanked me again and my stomach churned with nervous anticipation. The dog leapt off me, barking loudly once again. I stroked his sheath until he once again got hard in the bath tub.

The car drove away and I opened the dogs pen.

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He was very clumsy, trying to crawl up the backs of my legs as his warm cock slid inside me. I pushed him but he was too large. I let him be in my backyard that evening. Claws scratched my thigh. I was helpless though. I drank some more, rubbing my foot along his sheath.

He began hunching, more red cock exposed. I was so nervous.

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He dismounted and I got on my hands and knees. I bit my lip.

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