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Stories By Quillis


Discipline and Desire Spanking fiction in the genre of the best romance novels. From the title This is a pay site with a FREE section. I included it here for the reasons of the superb content and the tough-to-find tasteful presentation, sans overt sexual content catering to the more delicately dispositioned reader.

Name: Jewel

Years: I am 24
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Lee Coyote, one of the most prolific authors in his field. Most s are claimed to be real-life, and given the state of things, I have no trouble believing it. Not quite my cup of tea but it can be enjoyable, and this is a very good collection anyway.

Spanking and d/s story links

General spanking discussion, role-playing, and a big story board. Personal Spanking Stories Web Sites. Nice concept though. Spanking and Spanking Fiction Yahoo!

foxy lady Magdalena

The site is an idea of and is coordinated by Christopher Nuttall. Mish, most of which feature explicit sexual content.

cute sister Melani

Stories like Cyber Tattletale and Storm Seekers are among my favourites. Now mirrored at malespank. They were all posted on the soc.

Quillis' stories

Large, rich group. RL is largely favoured to fiction. What is known is that there is spanking, sex, and BDSM Landhill is a classic author, a "dinosaur", one of the first whose stories I read when I first ventured on the Internet. Consensual and non-consensual discipline, ageplay, some sexual underthemes. His talents are there for everyone to see, even though some of his themes are even too traditional and often lack inventive to be enjoyed nowadays.

Good site.

Quillis stories

Even I, who usually dislike such pairings, have found many of these stories to be captivating and intriguing, especially those by Tristan, Juan Santiago and Biggles. Now if only she were more prolific! Spanking, sometimes extreme, dealing with pretty much every theme coming to mind. Pictures, clips and discussion.

Winter stories

He also draws pictures and his site is a vast and well-organised repository of his works. Mostly family and school discipline of kids and teenagers, but adult stories as well. Small but great! By me anyway.

Quillis stories

Quintessential schoolgirl spanking awaits! Definitely check this out! A must-see for every spanking enthusiast and, quite curiously, this site is the first stop for many newbies on the scene, for it is a comprehensive compendium of fiction.

Here you can read rare-to-find stories, but also works by authors who do have their own personal web sites elsewhere, so consider this archive a personal selection.

Laura's spanking corner

If this is your thing, go ahead and help yourself. It is not an adult site by any means and there is no "FemDom", just old-fashioned, mostly loving discipline often featuring preteen spankees. Some are very good, some not so good, but all in all intriguing. His themes vary from family discipline to mild sensuality.

Spanking and d/s story links

In French, "maman" means "mother", of course. Pictures, clips, and discussion. Her themes vary from traditional family discipline to ageplay, from essays to poems, from real life s to the most extreme fantasies.

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Web Sites with Stories by Miscellaneous Authors. It focuses on adult spanking, disciplinary or erotic.

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Overall, a very nice site with stories for all tastes, but basically focusing on family discipline of preteens and teenagers. The site also features stories by other authors such as SamPast. Very nice collection.

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Group spankinstories.

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I Dress My Husband As A Woman Stories

Oh, that is so true, and Quillis has such a range of subjects, from standard teen spankings to multiple couples orgies and spankings.

Best Gay Incest Stories

Oh, that is so true, and Quillis has such a range of subjects, from standard teen spankings to multiple couples orgies and spankings.

Telugu Crossdress Stories

Definitely check this out!

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