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for Free! Part: One. School For Sluts. Part: One "this is no ordinary school" 22 Votes Score 4.

Name: Kari

How old am I: 33
I like: Hetero
Eye tone: Lustrous gray-green
My gender: Woman
I speak: Spanish
My body features: My figure type is quite athletic
Tattoo: None

In many ways it has been a fairytale romance for us. Or he would threaten to bring home friends from work to play cards knowing that if they would venture down the hall they would see me on the bed naked with my ass spread in the air.

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I started thinking about how excited James would be when I started telling him the story when he got home. As we played these games James would get so excited and cum so hard! I would tell him how sore and stretched my pussy and ass were, and how they needed a little TLC. So I would sit on his face and make him kiss and lick my used ass and pussy. This would really get him off!

A slut well used

He would act like he had to answer the front door, or he would actually answer phone calls. With James gone for the weekend, she invited me to go out with her Saturday night to a little neighborhood bar around the corner from her house and I thought it was a great idea. I teach 3rd grade at a local private school. I talked about James and how much I missed him. I have shoulder length dark brown hair. After a couple of seconds James took the phone back, and with his dick sliding out of me he apologized to Jim and told him he had to relieve himself. We also seem to be getting a little less adventurous.

Life as a slut

Since he started fantasizing about men fucking me, I started doing the same thing. It had been a while since Steph and I hung out. We seemed to have so much in common and to this day we never fight. As I talked to Jim about work and his wife, James shuddered and came deep inside me.

Our love making has been absolutely great! We had a few drinks at her place and gabbed a bit. But it occurred to me that this was very close to some of the fantasy role playing James I had had done. The bar Steph wanted to go to is right on the square around the corner from her house. Soon we headed to a little Bistro to get some dinner before we headed over to the bar.

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James would tell me to go get him a glass of water from the kitchen knowing I would have to walk past the picture window in the living room in my underwear, or sometimes naked. When I came to my underwear drawer, I decide to try on some of the lingerie to see if I still wanted to keep it. I know these were just fantasies, and James would always say that it was nothing more than that, but I really started to wonder.

It could be the pizza boy, his friends, neighbors, a plumber, sometimes even a group of men. I started off nursing my drinks and just taking in the sites while Steph was all wound up. The hours we both work probably had something to do with it, but I really think we were starting to take our relationship for granted just a bit. Steph is single and attractive, so she always gets a lot of attention.

I started to think that maybe James wanted these fantasies to actually come true, but maybe he was afraid to ask me. We are very much in love! Second, I saw how excited it made James. James tells me all the time that he thinks I have a cute figure. Putting on the show for James seemed to be having an effect on him. James came into the relationship with a lot more experience than I had, but we are both very open and I have to say we have broken in every room in the house.

From the Stories about sluts beginning we really hit it off. For the first years we were like rabbits.

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She told me about this guys she had met that she really liked and how she was hoping he would show up at the bar tonight. Usually, when I was assertive I would make him lick my feet, or lick my ass. He would order me to get on my knees on the bed with my head down and my butt in the air, totally exposed. To say our sex life began picking up would be an understatement. She and I used to hang out there quite a bit before I got married and moved to suburbia.

It was about when we arrived at the bar and Steph seemed to know everyone in the place.

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I was also thinking about all these guys and I started wondering how James would feel about them flirting with me. Both James and I go to the gym 3 days a week, so I am in great shape. First, they were really starting to turn me on too. We live in a nice suburban home in the Midwest.

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I was a bit worn and I was going to throw it away, but I decided to try it on anyway. One time I actually made him lick my armpits. Steph is still single and this is definitely a lively part of town.

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I guess I should also give you a description of myself. Steph lives in an older part of the city that has been restored. There are a lot of young professionals that live there. He eventually started telling these stories with these people actually fucking me. From that night on I started to play to his fantasies and dress and act a little slutty around the house.

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My name is Stacy. James is He has sandy blond hair and I think he is very attractive and sexy. He was actually paying more attention to me than he was to football! James and I have been married for 5 years, as I said, but we have actually been together for 7 years. He never missed a beat. Some of the guys that were hanging around us rented a house right next to Steph. So he left and I stayed home.

It’s my husband’s fault i became a slut

This seemed a lot easier for James than me. A few days ago James had to go to Cleveland for a few days. As I was going through my drawers James was on the computer in the office doing his fantasy football. At one point he said told Jim to hold on a second, there was something he needed to do real quick. That night I decided to talk to James about it and asked him why he got so excited. Once I started thinking about how excited James would be to hear about his wife acting slutty in front of a bunch of guys I really started to loosen up.

Life as a slut

He told him to talk to me for a minute. I have a good friend, Steph, who lives on the other side of town. I would make him beat-off because I was too sore for him to fuck me. I started drinking Martinis and I was starting to get buzzed.

When James saw me in it he went nuts. He also really likes my long hard nipples for some reason. I have a nice, but not overly large chest, slightly smaller than a C cupbut according to James I have the nicest butt he has ever seen.

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He is also in very good shape. As the night went on the place got more and more full. As this continued for the next few months we both started to open up more to each other and we started some mild role playing. I was a bit surprised. James is a branch manager for a local bank and makes very good money.

I would have him lay on his back on the bad and tell him that while he was gone all day someone fucked my brains out, or a group of men did. James wasted little time taking me right then and there on the desk in the office. He explained that sometimes it is a real turn-on to see me act a little slutty. We currently do not have children, but we would like to start a family soon.

I was dancing with a few guys and I really started flirting back. I am 28 years old and I have been married to James for the past 5 years. By the place was packed and we had a lot of guys hanging around us, buying us drinks. He was leaving on a Friday morning and would not be back until Monday Stories about sluts. After that James started telling me that maybe he should order pizza and have me answer the door naked to pay for it. It was about 4 months ago that I was going through some of my clothes donate to Vietnam Vets.

We also started to talk a little more about what turned us on.

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