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Stepbrother Sex Stories


I turned my rental car into Mulberry Lane and my eyes widened at the Christmas decorations lining the houses on both sides of the street. Some things never changed — and one of those things was the love of decorating for Christmas on the street where I grew up. I smiled as I approached Usually are parents are home but today they went on vacation for a week. I head to my usual spot in the library to read and chill for the day.

Name: Marlene

How old am I: 41
What is my gender: Girl
Hair: I have wavy ash-blond hair
My figure features: My body features is fat
What is my favourite music: My favourite music folk
I like piercing: None

He would be crushed and embarrassed. So where does Randy get it from.

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You can easily see the washer and dryer from the top of the stairs to the basement. I caught him turn a little and look at me a couple of times but he let me and ignored it. They would hide him. Randy got home on Saturday and I got home on Sunday. He had a big bedroom. Mom and dad were careful about teaching us to maintain our privacy while forging solid family values.

Randy was seriously hung. He had Stepbrother sex stories top off and was taking off his pants, the short kind. Long ski or dress coats too. I said no but could he switch my wash to the dryer. It would get around very quickly and I would have heard about it. He was so large in the man department I was shocked. I got an eye around the edge of the door and watched.

There was a time I thought he was looking at my bedroom while I was at the gym one week so one day I left him milk and cookies. When I say big I mean stunning big.


We went out to Marvins and sat in this roundish type booth. He protected himself.

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He was slow in and out of my bedroom. Sometimes I sniff his for fun and I guess he sniffs mine for the same reason. He is absolutely world average. We never worried about each other handling our clothes when washing. He was looking around without moving his head that much. No wonder he wore thick cargo pants all the time. He could handle my undies and bras and I could handle his stuff.

He obviously wore a jockstrap full time to hide it. He emptied the pockets and threw his shorts in the washer and turned back this way. I was stunned.

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He had on a jockstrap and stripped it down his legs and off. I had no idea. It was a nice time. When I looked down I froze and stepped back around the door frame. Not long. I absolutely know how big dad is, flat and blown up. I always wondered what he was interested in. He took one big bite out of the cookie and that was all.

I always wondered why he wore jockstraps.

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Poor thing. It only takes a few noticed glances and that would be it.

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Mom is happy. I had a big bedroom. He got caught and took it like a man. And long. My first year, his second.

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I never found anything disturbed. Are you sure? I helped him and he helped me. I ignored me doing it too but it made a sort of small statement. He had a bathroom. From college. I always respected him for that. He said sure and went on down. I was just wondering if you knew. Mom and dad on the first floor.

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Mom waited so I got it together and started again. Not big. I had a wash in and needed to put everything in the dryer. Randy came by to see if I had anything to take down. He turned around and put the jockstrap in the washer and started getting dressed in fresh clothes.

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We lived at opposite ends of the house on the second floor. After he left I quick changed and went down to see if he could wash my stuff with his. He had stairs up and down. Randy helped me bring my stuff in and store everything else in the garage to take back at the end of the summer.

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I could see it hanging down between his legs when his back was to me. We never mentioned it again. I had a bathroom. My brother had a world class dick. I was mostly finished unpacking and getting back to normal. As long as he was stuffed in his jockstrap he probably felt safe.

I had stairs up and down. Randy always either wore thick cargo pants in the winter or thick short cargo pants down to the knees in the summer and some kind of top. I was really going to have to guard myself or he would realize I know. I was on the outside and randy was next and mom next and dad across from me. He had girlfriends but they never lasted that long. He usually wore extra-large and extra-long shirts and t-shirts. I wondered if mom knew.

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Nineteen years in the same house. Randy was taking his clothes off and putting them in the washer.

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Nobody ever said anything about it all this time. I was at the top of the stairs.

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I woke to find everything as normal as can be, by which I mean the 'new normal', the normal everyday world of a newly constitutional adult.

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I hated it when my parents got divorced, and I hated it even more when my mom got remarried to a guy she had met named Devin.

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