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Spying On Mom Stories


Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Out of the blue, my mom had announced that she would be going out on a date later that evening, which was unusual because it was a Monday.

Name: Davita

Years old: 19
What is my nationaly: Canadian
Who do I prefer: I love male

The other hand rubbing her breast. She bend down taking off her stockings putting them in pile on the bed. She pulled it forward sliding it down her arms her breasts falling out.

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She moved over his face putting her pussy close to his mouth. Claire then pushed the dildo in her pussy groaning as she fucked herself looking down at the bound Alec with her wet smelly personal knickers in his mouth. She then leant forward rubbing it into his chest and stomach and up and over his cock.

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Wont be home till late, been picked up soon. He ran his hands over her arse, up over her bust kissing her.

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She bent over rubbing her bare cheeks. With his teeth he pulled her knickers out of her wet moist pussy. She caressed her naked breasts looking down at him.

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Except her long blonde hair. She sat next to him stroking his cock and rubbing his thighs. She rubbed it over his lips. She then sat up. A minute later Claire stood up kissing him.

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It fell to the floor she stepped out of it kicking it away. She pulled out some pink fluffy handcuffs cuffing his hands to the bed. He then lay down.

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His mum was hot he would love to play with her, and his sister. She put on the matching bra. She then pulled them to the side, rubbing the dildo over her clit and labias down to her vagina.

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Its been nice just the two of us. She stood straddling him looking down rubbing over her underwear. She looked down again rubbing it over her panties. Fuck he thought for a minute, she knows about the camera shit, he panicked. She leant down pressing her breasts into his groin sliding up his body to his chest. He arse in the air using her knees as leverage to firmly give him a body slide all over his front. She stood lifting a leg putting her foot on the bed opening her leg rubbing up her thigh to her pussy.

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After five minutes she took it out. She put it to the side kneeling between his legs leaning over him kissing him lips. She stuffed her underwear in her pussy with a bit hanging out she knelt back down grabbing the dildo playing with it in his mouth. She reached over picking up her underwear off the bed dangling them over his face swinging them over him.

She picked his cock up in her mouth sucking up and down his shaft supported with her mouth as she fondled his balls and rubbed his chest her knickers still in her pussy. They stood kissing in the room.

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She kissed down his neck to his chest rubbing it kissing his nipples. She pulled the underwear our of his mouth. She reached into the drawer pulling out a bottle. She put some leather restraints on his ankle threading them through the slatted iron bed to the other side restraining his other ankle. She then straddled his groin sitting up. It fitted. He knew the one, a black lace see through one. She put the tip of her tongue over on the dildo. She got to her bed sitting down opening the drawer.

With one hand she parted her labias rubbing inside her pussy standing over his head he looked up at the show. She stood putting the dildo on the bed. She then picked up the dildo and stood on the bed. She grabbed his cock playing with it as she rubbed her nipples with her other hand over the bra. For five minutes she lay back playing with her pussy. He stood back undressing. She smiled at him as she put the tip on his nose lightly running it up and down his nose.

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Unknown to Jordon she had worn them for a week before her meeting with Alec. Five minutes later she pulled it out and knelt over him. A short blue high waisted pencil skirt finishing mid thigh with a split up the back, and black stockings with a seam up the back. She stood at the side of the bed rubbing her hands over her body up over her hips, up her side to her breasts fondling them facing him, them turning to the side running her hands down her sides to her arse lifting the dress up revealing her arse cheeks.

She then slid her hands up the bra straps, to her head bunching her long blonde straightened hair in her hands. Alec held her head watching his girlfriends mother suck his cock. Stepping over him. She slid back sitting on his knees.

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She put it on. She then reached behind her unclipping her bra. She looked at the ceiling. She tipped some in her hands rubbing them together she Spying on mom stories it against her breasts and stomach. Alec groaned with her week old unwashed knickers in his mouth watching her stand over him fucking her pussy with her daughters dildo, wearing her daughters underwear.

The v neck showing her cleavage. She wore a white satin round neck sleeveless blouse. Kissing down his stomach to his groin kissing over his cock to his balls. She slid her hand behind her back unzipping her dress pulling it down. She lay back plunging her pussy with her daughters dildo rubbing her clit. Claire sat on the bed getting the dildo opening her legs guiding it to her pussy sliding it in. They grazed his nose and mouth. She put the dildo in his open mouth slowly pulling it in and out making him suck it. She pulled out a black g string.

She left it in there letting him support it with his mouth she stood pulling her daughters knickers to the side. She opened the bottle tipping the oil on his chest, down his stomach onto his cock. She looked in the full length mirror checking herself out. She turned facing him wearing her daughters bra and knickers. She rubbed them in his face then put them in his mouth and kissed his lips.

She slid the dildo down to her pussy rubbing the head over her panties.

Spying on my mother

His cock hard. A bit taller than his sister, but same size breasts and figure. Alec opened his mouth, she stuffed them in his mouth kissing his cheek licking his cheek playing with his cock. She lifted out a tray putting it on the bed. Claire then fiddled in the drawer. He sat watching his mother undress.

She reached behind facing the camera unclipping her bra. This content appeared first on new sex story. She then turned them inside out rubbing them over his face, his nose, his mouth. He saw her pussy a tuft of hair above her clit. He looked at his mother in her bra and knickers.

She leant in kissing his lips dangling her nipples on his chest. She lifted her blouse over her head. Totally naked his mother sat on the bed taking his cock in her mouth holding his arse as she sucked his cock. A bit tighter on mum a bit shorter but it looked good. She rubbed them all over his body, his chest stomach, groin. He got to his room and sat down on his bed, he opened his computer and decided to look at Spying on mom stories sisters room imagining her in there naked.

She dangled the bra over him dropping it next to him. He pulled his cock out.

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