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Spanking Naughty Girls Stories


Some naughty girls need their own s of their time at my school. This is a girl who is rather posh, and delightful to know. Always dressed well, polite, and hard working.

Name: Kathryne

My age: 29
Nationality: I'm dutch
Tone of my iris: Bright brown eyes
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She slipped out of bed, and pulled back the curtains, revealing a fine spring morning. While the other mistress slippered her own girls, Sally slippered the St. Still muddy and sweaty, and still wearing their hockey kits, each twelve- or thirteen-year-old was placed across the knee, her pleated gym-skirt was raised, and Sally's plimsoll set to work, first on the tight gym-knickers, then on the bare bum, with knickers at half-mast.

Sally had administered spankings for all sorts of misbehaviour, but the girls at St. Catherine's knew that if one thing was liable to earn them a sore bottom, it was failing to comply with the school uniform rules. Holding the large girls across her lap, she raised their kilts, lowered their school knickers, then paddled their bottoms cherry-red, while the other girls looked on in stunned silence, and the naughty spankees howled, thoroughly and sincerely repentant.

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The day, her school knickers - all ten pairs - had been stolen. Sally hadn't slept a wink, but she wasn't tired at all; a potent cocktail of excitement at seeing her father for the first time in a month, and a nervous fear of his paternal anger and the spanking to which she seemed to be doomed had kept her awake most of the night. To make things easier for everyone I hope!

He would go to see the Headmistress first, to find out about his daughters' academic progress and behaviour since his last visit; Sally knew how the two of them would joke and smile ruefully about Charlotte's behaviour - scarcely a week could pass between her sister's school wallopings - and then how shocked and dismayed her father would be at the news that his elder daughter had also received a spanking.

‘naughty girl’ stories

I'd be very interested to hear from anyone who enjoys the way I've dealt with this in the story. When she was bad, I would get him to take her into his study and give her a proper punishment.

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Not only would Sally prove her innocence and avoid her father's discipline, she would have the evidence to make sure the little minx received such a spanking - in front of the whole school, Sally thought, her blazing red bottom on display - that she wouldn't sit for a week.

A mature fourteen- year-old, Jodie McAllister was wearing the uniform of her school, and it was very smart indeed - it looked like Jodie and her mother had resolved to make a fine first impression. From her bedroom at the front of the school, Sally could see the long gravel drive along which her father's car would approach.

Sally sighed. She'd been slippered by the Headmistress for wearing non-regulation knickers. Stubbs newsguy. This proved to be prescient, as Mrs McAllister explained:. The little minx hadn't got Sally slippered without avoiding a spanking herself, though a few smacks with a slipper were nothing compared to what Sally had in store for Jodie when things had been sorted out.

The story is just my deranged fantasy. She wore the shirt with no tie but with the collar neatly buttoned - like, Sally couldn't help thinking, a recently-spanked St. Catherine's girl.

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Jodie looked positively angelic, and yet there was something about her which made Sally's right palm itch. If anything goes wrong, or you'd like me to e-mail parts you didn't get, just let me know. Although it was a Saturday, this still meant full, formal school uniform for St. Catherine's girls. Not that she needed the mirror.

Such a naughty girl

A curious feature of the year had been how much Sally and Abigail had become great friends. Sally put on her uniform: snug maroon regulation knickers returned the evening just as mysteriously as they had vanished ; grey knee-socks, with a maroon band; a long-sleeved, stiff-collared white shirt, underneath her gymslip in the school tartan, which she belted with a grey sash; maroon blazer with grey trim; sensible brown lace-up shoes. Along with Charlotte's tie. A greater contract than the blue and brown was provided by Jodie's hair, which was long, pony-tailed, and an extraordinary white - blonder than blonde, icy.

So, when Abigail told Sally in passing that Jodie was making a nuisance of herself, with various minor naughtinesses - talking after lights-out, being late for Spanking naughty girls stories - Sally was on the lookout. Brushing her short blonde hair with her own hairbrush, not the large wooden affair she used to administer more severe spankingsSally could see that the uniform was incomplete.

Her brown and sky-blue striped blazer was lying at her side, so the sky-blue collar and sleeves of her school shirt contrasted sharply with the brown of the tunic. She did want to see him - she loved him dearly - but she couldn't stop the butterflies in her stomach. I really don't know how many people this appeals to.

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Like a sergeant-major with sloppy new recruits, Sally's own uniform was always beyond reproach, and she expected no less from her girls. Sally found herself frantically estimating how long it would take for the car to reach the school, how long he would spend with the Headmistress, and how long all the other things would take that stood between her and her first - at eighteen years old - spanking across her father's knee.

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Everything depended on Charlotte. Although she'd buttoned her shirt-collar, in the required fashion, there was no school tie around her collar. She wore her Spanking naughty girls stories with great pride: smart and formal, like a military uniform. Miss Robbins, obviously fuming, discussed appropriate punishments with the mistress from the other school, then left for the hospital with the injured girls, telling Sally: "I want them slippered, right now. Unless - and Sally hoped and hoped and hoped just as hard as she was able - unless Charlotte had squeezed a confession out of the knicker- thief.

When she was little, I would smack her - lift her dress and just a couple of smacks on the bottom - but as she got older, my husband took over the job of disciplining her, along with her brother. And along with Jodie's, Sally remembered. Later in the term, Sally was requested by the mathematics mistress, Miss Payne, to chastise three sixteen-year-old fifth-formers who she'd caught cheating in a mock examination.

She's been at Meadowbank Girls since the start of the year, and it's a good school, but they've no corporal punishment there, and I do think that a good old-fashioned spanking now and then is just what Jodie needs.

Such a naughty girl

She was sure she'd feel different if she'd genuinely earned the slippering; if she really had been such a naughty girl. She wished she'd never seen Jodie McAllister! But she hadn't. I'm reposting the story to which this is the sequel, 'Such a Good Girl', at the same time, so look out for it. I originally posted this story a few months ago, and I think it's due a repost. Sally hardly felt in uniform at all without her school tie.

Persistent offenders would expect to find themselves staring at the carpet in Sally's room. It was early, but her father always came early.

‘naughty girl’ stories

She missed the ritual of putting on the tie, and she missed its presence under her chin. And she would be spanked by her father because she'd been slippered by the Headmistress. But there was so little time!

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They'd always had enormous respect for each other, but it seemed that the severe spankings they'd both received that day at the start of the year had knocked any envy and resentment out of their systems. She wished Charlotte would hurry! Sure enough, she saw her father's car in the distance. Three days later, Jodie McAllister had exchanged the chocolate-brown and sky-blue of Meadowbank Girls' School for the maroon and grey of St.

Catherine's, had been installed in the same dormitory Spanking naughty girls stories Charlotte Heriot - third-formers both - and was already causing irritation to her new House Captain, Abigail Rice. Sally's heart sank as she heard the faint rumble of a car engine. There's also a lot of description of formal schoolgirl uniforms. After all, smoking was hardly a of maturity; nor was the way they both bawled during their hairbrushings. Sally had had no reservations about recommending Abigail to be one of the new House Captains, and now she had a good and trusted deputy.

She would have punished the girls herself, she told Sally her preferred method was to use a long-plastic ruler over knickers, with the girl draped over her desk but she wanted the girls to be humiliated in front of their classmates with over-the-knee spankings on their bare bottoms, and she could neither manage to place physically-mature young ladies over her knee Miss Payne was very small indeed, and rather frailnor take down their knickers for punishment this privilege being restricted to the Head, Deputy Head, and the Head Girl.

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In the Autumn Term, scarcely two weeks after becoming Head Girl, Sally had been called on by Miss Robbins, the gym mistress, to spank the entire second-form hockey team including the substitutes after a fight involving both teams had broken out during a game against a visiting school, and two girls had been slightly injured. She's much too big now for me to handle. Having been invited to the Headmistress's study to meet the new girl and her mother, Sally's first impression of Jodie Spanking naughty girls stories certainly hadn't been that complying with the St.

Catherine's school uniform rules would be a problem for the girl. So, Sally fetched her hairbrush and, hearing from Miss Payne the seriousness of the offence, administered three of the very hardest spankings of the year. Sally suspected that her right arm ached rather more than the girls' smacked bottoms on that occasion. Sally Heriot was in deep trouble, and it was just so unfair.

A dozen with pants up, and another dozen with pants down. During her first two terms as Head Girl, Sally had administered quite enough over-the-knee punishment spankings to younger pupils to understand how a firm hand was often both necessary and loving; still, the thought of her Daddy being sufficiently displeased with her behaviour to believe that smacking her bottom was the best course of action made her feel sick with shame and a sense of injustice.

Sally and the Headmistress exchanged glances, their eyes smiling, while Jodie looked daggers at both of them. She was a good, sensible girl, she told herself. By the time of Jodie McAllister's arrival at St. She'd upended them and warmed their bare seats for smoking, with no regard for their maturity. Jodie sat primly, sweetly demure in a chocolate-brown gym-tunic and stockings.

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If you've any comments or criticisms, or you'd just like to discuss anything in the story, drop me a line. You'll be amazed how quickly I reply. Unless hers and Charlotte's scheme paid off - and soon!

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In addition to the everyday smack-bottoms given to younger girls - usually with pyjamas down, in the dorm at bedtime - for relatively minor misdemeanours, there were a couple of group spankings - both severe and memorable - tales of which quickly gained mythical status amongst the more impressionable girls. Please do not believe I would want anything which happens in the story to happen in real life, or that I agree with any of the statements made. Despite being the eighteen-year-old head prefect of St. Catherine's School for Girls, she'd been slippered by the Headmistress the day, and faced the prospect of a painful spell across her father's knee later that day, unless her sister Charlotte could manage to get a confession from the girl who was responsible for the whole mess: the real culprit.

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