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Spanking Machine Story


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The only thing that Stephanie had to look forward to was staring at her feet and twiddling her fingers as she explained to Sal what really happened. This was important for two reasons, firstly for a level of authenticity, but also because this was the hand to activate the emergency device buttons that were on the panel.

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Recent Comments. It was a really sad feeling that she had at that point, and it was no better in the morning as she once more tried to fix the damn machine.

Stephanie decided to go back to the basement after her friend left to put the machine back as she had found it. With the controls she figured to be safe she would set it at medium, and as it had 32 areas of landing she chose 64 spanks, then finally set 2 minutes for the machine to be activated.

Some would say perhaps, that in her mind she wanted to make fully sure that there was no chance of a malfunction. Stephanie must have read the manual from front to back to make sure that she understood every single detail.

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Juliette approached the lap area and sexily wiggled her butt before bending over with her bottom perched in the air. She rubbed at the intense heat coming from her seat and did the time honored spanking dance, something that she had personally perfected more times than she would care to admit. Once she reached her destination she greeted Spanking machine story friend with a big hug and then they set out on their way.

The lock kind of hurt a bit, but ten out of ten for construction, it effectively pinned her to a point where she could barely move her upper body. There was a curiosity itch that needed to be scratched, and curiosity had got to this cat. As Stephanie began programming the control, Juliette subconsciously was still trying to maximize the use of her panties behind her. The machine was now picking up pace and she hardly had enough time to finish an ouch before the next spank landed.

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One thing was abundantly clear, the thin pink panties were of no consequence at all to the fearsome sting of the wooden hand. Stephanie pondered the machine and with a devilish grin she decided to try it out. Popular posts. As much as she kicked her legs in an unladylike manner and squealed and cried at the unrelenting spanking, she was taking an unusual comfort from being spanked in this manner.

It was only 30 seconds more before the spanking was complete and Juliette had stopped kicking by the time the machine delivered its final flurry. The thirty seconds remaining felt like thirty minutes as she stared as best should could. The girls chatted away as normal until Stephanie asked Juliette if she remembered the spanking machine that Sal was making for that film company.

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Stephanie played with the controls for two hours trying to fix the spanking machine but it was all to no avail. In no particular order the wooden hand warmed her fanny from the tops of her thighs right to the top of her panties, smack, whack, slap… OW, ouch, yeoow. Stephanie had been going steady with Sal for 18 months now. All that I ask is that you be kind to me with this story. She pulled her jeans down but decided to offer herself the protection of her pink nylon panties. WHACK, the fire then spread to her left cheek, she pulled at her hand to escape but there was no escaping, smack, smack, smack, smack, only six spanks in and already she was shouting out utterances of pain, if Stephanie had have known how much the wooden hand paddle would sting then the machine would have been set to mild instead of medium without a shadow of a doubt.

Juliette on the other hand thought that it was pretty much what she expected it to be, especially as one who had never been a stranger to a parental spanking when one was required, which in her Spanking machine story was far above average. As the night went on, Juliette would make the occasional remark about the spanking machine. Search This Website. Instinct told her to plead her case with a sorry, but what good would it do, slap, smack, spank,… ouch, ouch, ow. Those details were noted on 23, the two emergency buttons on the control panel were as basic as they could be.

She said to herself as she began to think up excuses. It was on a spanking site for a few years but it disappeared over a decade ago.

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The spanking machine abruptly stopped, Stephanie swiveled her hips to try and eliminate some of the sting as she impatiently waited for the machine to release her. Juliette felt awfully strange about the spanking, while it hurt like the dickens, she felt a strange feeling of satisfaction inside of her, perhaps it had been so long since she had had a spanking that she felt it was the needed bit of guidance that she was lacking in her life.

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The manual explained all of the different levels and intensity of the settings, the wooden hand was programmed to land in 32 different strike zones, which, considering the size of it, would also strike multiple times in other zones, the machine would start slow and then quicken as it progressed based on the s that had been entered into it.

She did resolve to herself though to try and pay one more visit before Sal returned from his trip. Regardless THOUGH, I do hope that some of you find a way to enjoy a new spanking story that will probably appear a little bit amateurish. Sal was going away on a business meeting for a few days and Stephanie had the keys to his place.

Spanking Movies. She kicked her legs wildly and begged for the machine to stop, her ass was on fire and she had tears rolling down her cheeks, crack, whack, slap,… ooh, yowch, ow.

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Today I was going through an old external drive and I found a spanking story that I wrote 15 years ago in The chances are, unless you are a Windsor stalker, lol, that hardly any of you would have read the story. Now her fear was genuine, there was a nauseous well forming in the pit of her stomach.

(***, m/f, intense, n/c paddling, revenge)

The wooden hand was only barely in her peripheral vision and the only thing she could really see was the crown of her upturned bottom. Her demeanor after the spanking was simply the grounding of being brought back to reality, like a steadying of the mind, the feeling a naughty girl gets after a spanking no matter her age.

With the machine set, Stephanie directed Juliette to put her hand in the lock on the floor. Not much more was said between the two and before long, Juliette was marching her well spanked bottom home, knowing full well she would be masturbating for a long time that night.

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As soon as she arrived at his place she went to the basement where the spanking machine was located. This was going to be the longest two days of her life. What if the machine malfunctioned, how would she get out?

BTW, I found the image below on the web, if it is yours then please let me know and I will credit you. In seconds Juliette was able to stand up with two welled up eyes. As the mechanical locking device came from her left side, it almost served as a body as it prevented her from moving that hand back. After a brief chit chat about the programming, Juliette completely removed her jeans and fixed her hi cut white nylon panties behind Spanking machine story, Stephanie smirked to herself as she watched Juliette, she could see her lily white bottom which had little protection and was actually quite looking forward to watching it become bright red.

Her friend Juliette lived in Brooklyn also, so she planned to visit with her right after work. One was to stop the machine, the second was to activate an emergency release on the locking device, a built in safety mechanism. Sal was a carpenter by trade who took on many private asments, one such asment that he was currently working on was from a video company for him to produce a computerized spanking machine.

The spanking machine

Stephanie finally decided to make way and Juliette said she would walk her home. Then her thoughts went back to that awful machine, Jesus Christ, how could I smile and think it would be a bit of fun, she chastised herself, while at the same time reminding herself to not let her curiosity ever get the better of her again. Finally the locking devices unclamped and she was able to stand and almost immediately she furiously rubbed at her brightly glowing well spanked red seat. Spanking Sites.

During the day at work, Stephanie had a hard time sitting still, every time she slid in her chair a little it caused her to wince. Once Stephanie made her way to the basement she found the manual for the spanking machine and started to flip through the s. This was one lesson she never wanted repeated, EVER.

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The machine set into action, first her hand slotted into the lock by her waist for her wrist, which was then quickly followed by the lock going over her back. The Spanking Machine. Of course if she had remembered then Spanking machine story would have left her jeans up for sure, the only barrier her panties were going to provide was purely a psychological one. Once programmed, there was a locking device which went over the waist tightly and a lock which pinned the right arm around the wrist. Sal had already told her that it was finished other than some varnishing, so naturally she wanted to show her appreciation for his workmanship, I mean, why else would she want to see the finished product?

Windsor Wednesday Classic — ». After the dishcloth was left in place for 5 minutes, Stephanie went to the hallway mirror to survey the damage, she just could not believe how bright scarlet her bottom was, Spanking machine story prayed it would not bruise too bad. His knowledge of computer technology was good, but he had enlisted an expert to assist in the project. If Stephanie had read that part it might have saved her from the reading every in the manual, especially as the thought only crossed her mind the moment she put her hand down her side and it was locked beside her hip.

The thought of having her bottom spanked like a naughty girl, then coming home and spending some time with her mechanical friend, was tying her stomach in knots. If anyone had of been walking past they would have assuredly thought that a naughty girl was getting her long overdue comeuppance. The two of them had grown up in different environments, what Stephanie assumed was a deep embarrassment from Juliette was so far from the truth. Not that her panties had offered her any protection anyway, but with her wild gyrations they had now ridden up to a point that it was practically a bare bottom spanking.

There was a whirring from the machine and Stephanie sucked on her bottom lip, half in anticipation and the other half in fear.

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That was just a natural reaction for Stephanie, because if the truth was known, she was as honest as the day is long.

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