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Sorority Paddling Stories


With his permission, these two s will be shared here. We were all scared. They took us to the recreation room and made us strip naked and then they gave us these hospital gowns to wear. The ones that wrap around but are open in the back is what they provided.

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The pledges followed Sarah and Kayla outside then formed a semi circle in front of the two actives. We all knew it would get back to Willow Groove. Adam was offered a nice retirement package from the city and I had enough time to retire also, so. Good thing they are right after the paddle jugglers, that housemother looks like she might need a replacement paddle soon.

Liz kept running, while Patty, Meghan and Bridgette swerved to miss Jennifer.

Stories of spankings and other things you only hear in hushed voices

She complained about diaper rash for two weeks. It looks like they have a lovely dorm room scene. She felt guilty at getting the other two girls so far behind. Amber reached down and pulled with Jessica, up righting the blonde.

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I sure worked for me. This evening we have some stuff with the actives. The three girls tried to sprint to catch up, though Amber nor Jessica could maintain the vigorous pace for much more than a few seconds. They are still the nerds right? Kayla, what is the fifth Rule of Decorum? Kayla, how are we on time?

The other girls could do it, could she? Even a quick one would be acceptable right now. The shower section of community bathroom reminded Amber of a hospital ER, with shower stalls in place of the beds. So what did Melissa do? No more laying around here, go get cleaned up.

Her fears or the paddle? She was quite taken back at the question. It felt more exposed. It was on this second lap where Amber realized how much she was out of shape. Catherine, it looks like we are nearing the end of this years parade, but first we Sorority paddling stories the float from the sweet people over at College Accessories.

Amber got it the first time I left her with her father unsupervised. You know Lucy Caufield got caught.

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After lunch we will go through the remaining history, practice a little then head over to the bookstore so you all can get your books. Down past the sorority house, around the back of Wingate hall, past the fraternity houses, and the cute boys working outside shirtless, then looping around Lee Manor and back towards the Sigma house. She took the tumble as well as she could, but still ended laying flat on the grass, with only her pride hurt.

Oh what a wonderful tune. Grace returned with another platter of fresh vegetables. Everyone stopped. Even at the slowed pace, the all the pledges arrive back at the sigma house before either active. Is that? I am though disappointed about the incident with Ms Marshall.

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It is amazing how much history there is in such a small amount of time though. Next up is the float from St. Those Nun habits look very authentic from up here. We are all girls.

Sorority guest 1 & 2

Those drum majors are not holding anything back. That one is really flogging the woman secured to the St. Andrews Cross. The ickyness of sweat cooling in the AC coupled with missing a shower in the morning was a little much for Amber.

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And those sister sure have been naughty. Wow, look at those jugglers through around those paddles, they are an experts in dealing with the hard wood. Why break something that works?

She slipped off the workout clothes and wrapped herself in a towel before investigating the shower situation. That bride is sure getting it. The guys run this obstacle course then fuck their girlfriend until they cum, slip a pine cone into her ass then she repeats the course without letting the pine cone come out.

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More naked. Maybe this girl was learning. Lead on! We going to jog a couple laps around campus, but first we need to stretch. By the second lap, the girls became spread over twenty five yards from lead to Kayla and Sarah, with pairs generally forming to chat while running. Kayla, I think these pledges could use a shower first, they can take their punishment afterwards. The girls were coming up onto Lee Manor for the second time, when Jennifer stumbled slightly on the uneven ground, then tripped over her own feet while attempting to regain her balance.

Her lungs burned, thighs ached and if it was not for the fear of the paddle, her pace would have been half of its current rate.

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Next we have the float by Domestic Depot. The other girls chuckled, slipping into shorts, t-shirts and tennis shoes. They each hoped the outfit would be suitable for anything they would be put through, and not reprimanded for being improperly dressed. Yale and Stanford where her top 2 choices, but the full ride really us convince her to go to Myra for undergrad instead.

Eleven pairs of tennis shoes followed Emily on a trek around Myra. Daniel, can you tell what is he giving out to all the naughty girls and boys this year? The worst part was asking to be changed, especially when you knew it was wet. Kayla and I will bring up the rear.

You were chubby and dorky in college, now freaking gorgeous. Bad food and a little paddling? Up next is one of the more extreme floats, from Lefien Leather.

It is like tomorrow is the first day of kindergarten, not her sophomore year of college. You are really going to see something special today. Yes it is! What a lovely bedroom scene they have created this year. Ohh, and that padded sawhorse is new. Tracey, one of the VPs tried to get out the first day and they found out.

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Not a fun baby. Emily you can set the pace. Much worst that the paddle in school.

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The shower room was far from public and she had changed earlier in front of her roommates, but this was different. They basically lock their pledges in diapers for the week and spank them if they wet the diaper. Oh her execution just dropped his tawse and, yup, there he goes, rogering her good. Next up today is a nice little workout before you start preparing lunch.

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Punished by 10 swats. The presentation had been perfected over the decades, so there were few questions and most were orientated understanding a particular fact. Sarah smiled broadly. She squealed like a pig when they used that hairbrush on her. The shower curtains could then be pulled around the head to create a temporary private stall. More open. Sarah lectured the pledges for nearly an hour before allowing them to ask questions then a short break.

Three removable shower he lined the far wall, with curtain rails running in semi circles round each head in the ceiling. Lets go up to the front yard. The two blondes touching their toes are perfectly positioned for his cane. Kayla and I will meet you downstairs in the common room. Fiery lungs went away much faster than a fiery bottom.

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It was so great to hear Aunt Martha left you the house. A nice good run to revitalize you! Would you like me to fetch the paddle?

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At one time, paddles were definitely used, both on pledges at initiation, and on members who broke the chapter rules disgraceful display on campus, failure to do chores, sagging grades, etc.

Sorority Spanking Stories

At one time, paddles were definitely used, both on pledges at initiation, and on members who broke the chapter rules disgraceful display on campus, failure to do chores, sagging grades, etc.

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The history of the paddle, however, is rooted in violence and remains both a tool and symbol of hazing in Greek organizations.