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Sock Gagged Stories
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I was grooving on the advent of cool weather and organizing my sock drawer, when the inspiration hit! There is some bondage and sex though, so you may still be interested.

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She grabbed the large knot of wool sock, this pair happened to be dark green, and tried to bite down as much as is humanly possible on a wool sock knot comparable to the one that was gagging me at the time.

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Without saying another word, she fumbled around on the floor and came up with a few more pairs of her dirty wool socks. This pair of socks was dark brown, darker than the pair she had on her bound feet. Nothing romantic conspired, just a good friendship, and one memorable bondage experience for me. As we trooped up into her bedroom, I was informed that the laundry basket was almost entirely full of Mollie's dirty wool socks, as she had just returned the day before from a week long hiking trip up North.

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After determining that any attempts at struggling or maneuvering my tied and socked hands would be total failure, I sat, well, laid back, as she next began to tie my ankles in the same manner as my hands. That was a good realization. The Sock gagged stories and final pair of wool socks she had set out for use she slipped onto her hands. I don't want you trying to untie your bound hands, now do I? Soon after the socks were placed on my hands, I felt the first of several coils of cotton rope encircling my wrists, then being cinched over the loops. After her hands got inside the wool socks, I watched as she expertly took a pair of Smith and Wesson police issue handcuffs, and tightly cuffed her socked hands behind her back.

I figured I had some overtly unpleasant experience looming in my near future; I was gravely, gravely mistaken.

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I was curious what sort of sock fetish this girl had, until I rememberd, "Oh yeah, I have a sock fetish too. Very tightly, and totally without possibility of escape. We eventually were released when her mother got home. This sounded more than reasonable to both of us.

Right about now, I set out to shoot the most reprehensible pool I have in my entire life.

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Before we went down the stairs, we decided that a wager on our makeshift pool tournament would be necessary to "spice up the game. With surprising agility and ability, she double sock gagged herself, in the exact fashion that I was gagged. I thought, at this moment, that I might just be forced to be bound on this girl's bed for the next few hours.

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Nothing of any romantic note happened, we just both enjoyed a good afternoon being tied up and gagged, with many, many pairs of dirty wool socks. Don't even begin to think that you are for one second going to gag me with those socks.

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Contact TamatoaShiny Two summers ago was a rather interesting summer for me. Apparently, we had both fallen asleep tied up and sock gagged, and boy was her mother angry. She seemed very intent to let me know the whole time exactly what she was doing.

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It just ain't possible. What now? After a quick half hour, it was readily apparent that I was the vanquished, and she the victor.

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Mollie proceeded to tightly bind her wool socked ankles together, and then cinch the loops, ensuring her immobility. Mollie and I were hanging out together at her house one unbearably hot june afternoon, just watching television and such.

She slid her feet into a very thick looking pair of brownish grey wool socks, and then grabbed one of the remaining coils of rope.

You've been wearing themmmmmppphhhhh Now, if you have ever tried to Sock gagged stories while you are gagged with a giant ball of some girl's wool socks, let me tell you, it ain't easy. Qutie angry, you could say. And I wasn't doing it on purpose. Maybe I'll give you another one. Post by TamatoaShiny » 3 years ago. Post Reply topic Next topic. We eventually made our way down to the cooler basement, I believe to shoot a few games of pool.

I was preparing myself for a month long trip to Paris, France, to study French and International Law, and this was the summer I was introduced to Mollie, the cousin of a good friend of mine. So now, I have her argyle socks and her wool socks pulled over my hands, which are tied up quite tightly, and rather escape proof.

What do you think about a nice, tight, wool sock gag? Check out my DeviantArt ! And for some reason, it appeared to intrigue her. The second to last pair of wool socks she grabbed, she proceeded to tie another knot in, apparently fashioning another wool sock gag, this one for herself. By now I am totally immobile, and she definitely noticed this.

Remember to give credit where credit is due!

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The end. There we lay, on her bed, for the next 4 and a half hours or so. Now, with her socked ankles tied tightly and well gagged with her wool socks, she grabbed the partner to the blue soccer sock encircling my gagged face.


Both with our hands in her wool socks, tightly tied hand and foot, and VERY securely sock gagged, each with a pair of her wool socks shoved deep in our mouths, and a blue soccer sock protecting against any effort to thrust the wool socks out of our gagged mouths. Mollie somewhat roughly, somewhat gently pushed me face first onto her bed, and I figured that resistance would be futile sic.

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What do you have planned for me? Moderator: Archiver. We readily befriended each other, and spent a great deal of time together over the course of those fateful summer months. We finally entered Mollie's bedroom, and I noticed that a few drawers had been opened and emptied, and that their contents were all spread on the floor in several neatly arranged piles.

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I have all these wonderful socks here, and I would hate for any of them to go to waste. Oh no.

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And she began to speak to me again: "Well, Tyler, now that I've got you all tied up, and thick socks on your hands so you won't be able to untie yourself, what do you have to say about a gag? Oh goody, I thought at the time. I managed what I thought was a decent sized scream, but it came out a little quiter than normal conversation volume.

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One day a about a month ago I was hanging out with a few friends Michele and Jeniffer we were in Jeniffers room watching TV when Jeniffer mentioned that she was gettting bored.

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Dude who loves bondage, sock gags, and sports gear.

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