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Sister Spanking Stories


After my mom remarried I had a new step sister her name was Joni. We were the same age, both of us were 18 at the time. One night when our parents were out for the night I was up in my room and watching porn. Joni was down stairs watching TV.

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We always came and went through the back door and so the first room we entered was the kitchen. I want your sister to spend some time on her own so she can think about her behaviour. I remember that Beccy was nervous as we were walking home from school together because she knew that her report was going to displease our parents.

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As I have mentioned, neither of us had ever been spanked before. Eventually she asked Beccy if she had any homework to do and when she nodded, Mum told her she had better go to her room and do it while she could still sit down. I said that I had homework to do and started to follow her, hoping to find out how she felt about her imminent spanking, but Mum stopped me.

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I had a knot in my stomach which I would one day discover to be the same feeling I would get when it was I who was to be punished. Then she would come into the room, tell us our tea was ready and to come downstairs and she would not mention our promised spanking, and of course, neither of us was imprudent enough to remind her. At the table, Mum spent the meal reading out damning passages from the report, and then showing them to Dad as if he might think she was making them up. As always, Dad arrived home from work at 6.

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My mother had a habit when my sister or I were misbehaving of asking us whether we wanted to go over her knee with our pants down. The three of them trooped up the stairs leaving me alone with my almost full plate.

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Mum pushed her chair back from the table and got up. It was December and the school had sent out its end of term reports.

Spanking sister stories

Dad said nothing and concentrated on eating his tea. When they were out of sight I whistled to the dog who was not allowed in the kitchen at mealtimes and was delighted to get a treat of all the meat and potatoes from my plate. I had a torch which I used for reading under the covers when I was supposed to be sleeping and I shone this on her and took hold of the waistband of her pyjama bottoms and started to slide them down.

We arrived home and my sister was reluctant to go in.

My sister’s spanking

The smacks were spaced about 10 seconds apart and I assumed my Mum was making some point in between each one. As soon as I heard the bedroom door open I slid down the banister.

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Rebecca was a year older than me and her first spanking happened almost exactly a year before mine and for the same reason. I stood about three steps from the top listening intently and for quite a while I could hear nothing.

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Beccy got up looking like she was about to burst into tears and led the way to our bedroom with her head down staring at the stairs. As I was doing my homework and Mum was preparing tea, I asked her if she was really going to slipper Beccy.

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Mum asked Rebecca if she was going to eat any more and she shook her head. Later, as I lay awake reliving the sounds of her punishment, Rebecca fell asleep and started to snore softly.

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My sister went upstairs. We were both at the same school then, I was in the first year and Beccy in the second.

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I rightly, I later discovered guessed that during this break in proceedings, Mum had handed over both the slipper and my sister to Dad and she was now getting a much harder spanking. I was sent upstairs to fetch my sister while Mum served tea.

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My parents were not given to shouting even when they were angry. My parents were modern and embraced the metric system, opting for multiples of ten, whereas the school preferred the imperial half dozen or dozen for serious misbehaviour.

Sister's spanking

Dad did the same. I then d my seat at the kitchen table. I was desperate to see her bottom while the marks were still fresh but thought it unwise to argue with Mum while she still had the slipper in her hand. Specifically, she knew that her report expressed concerns about the amount of days she had missed through illness, whereas in fact, she had been playing truant and forging sick notes and as far as my mother knew she had been in school every day.

When Dad had finished eating. Dad did not leave such long gaps between smacks, only two or three seconds, and in a short while Rebecca had another 35 whacks with the slipper, making 50 in total.

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In spite of the frequency with which we received this threat, both of us survived with our bottoms intact until we were 12 years old. The thought that I might also get a spanking for disobeying my Mother when she was in this mood was enough to make me very careful.

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We had never seen this slipper before. We would sit on our beds, nervously waiting for the sound of her footsteps on the stairs and when we heard them we would huddle together in fear, wondering if this was the day when she would keep her promise.

I cannot remember a time before this question was regularly asked, so often that Rebecca and I would use it to impersonate her when she was out of earshot amidst fits of giggles.

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