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Post a Comment. s Home. Chapter 2 Madge stood in the doorway of Babs' bedroom, her jaw dropping in shock as she stared at the obscene sight of her little sister crouched there with the German Shepherd's prick rushing in and out of her cum-dripping pussy.

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I also had good feelings about this camp out since she had mentioned her wish to come camping with me back at the house. Our mother did not seem to display any concern that we would be alone in the camper. Fall was a welcome relief from the dog days of August and it aled that it was time to take a break from work. I slid my hands under her sweat shirt and found as I expected … no bra on her petite tits and puffy nipples. I just smiled as she pulled me in close. After a few hours of traveling we arrived at my hunting spot and began to set up camp.

I thought about my feelings for my sister from both a sexual and emotional viewpoint when compared to my and currant girlfriends at the time. I felt her hands sliding over my hips and then gently feeling my now very stiff cock tucked in my jeans. My younger sister DD came over to me and asked where I was going. Even before we finished our little evening meal DD was obviously getting horny in anticipation of us sleeping together in the camper.

You need to warm your hands too …. DD had confided to me that she had the same conflicts at times but we remained committed to our relationship. During the spring and early summer months, we usually stayed home on the weekends when the family would go to our beach house at the sea shore. I quickly came to love and yearned to continue what we were doing.

Cook for me without them on! DD then smiled and then sternly spoke. Our illicit relationship initially began as a purely occasional bedroom encounter. Our relationship had really blossomed Sister dog sex stories the year and it was truly a surprise to me that it did with so much intensity.

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We knew that we were very much in love even though we were siblings but it was extremely difficult to handle at times from an emotional viewpoint. My mind wandered to DD and I getting together in the bed. I tried to pass behind her when she pushed her ass back against me and pinned me to the cabinet. My other sexual exploits with partners were purely sexual in nature. She was excited to see me promise and squirm with wanting to touch.

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They were beautiful, exciting, hot, and very satisfying but something was different …something was missing …from what my sister and I felt when were together … even just holding hands or cuddling in each other arms without any sexual contact was exhilarating. We hoped that our special sexual relationship was not the entire reason for us wanting to be with one another.

I pulled her in close knowing how sincere she was in her declaration of affection. I took her hands in mine and they were cool to the touch from handling the salad greens. DD looked over the camper interior. Our very flexible schedules to meet secretly at a different location was a good cover for our torrid fuck sessions since it never looked like we together all the time on every weekend. I sure did enjoy her sexuality that always came out when we were alone.

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Her attraction for me was initially sexual and a convenience to solve a conflict in her sexual needs and her strict moral code of no sex before marriage. You know you could have mentioned that you were horny and I could have done something about it before we started cooking.

Now she was totally naked as she walked to camper door to make sure it was locked. She felt my semi-hard cock pressing back. I had to admit after thinking about it for a second that her idea of being warm and cozy in bed was Sister dog sex stories much better idea. Then she held my cock and moved it around allowing it to point straight up along my stomach while she felt all its hardness. But there were things to get done around the camp area.

DD cupped my balls in her hand while making a little joke asking if there was anything in them that I had planned on giving her after we ate. It was readily apparent to me that she had become a ificant lover and I was emotionally attracted to her far beyond a purely sexual relationship. Any idea of any sexual relationship was so bizarre and foreign to our family understanding of life that there was never a hint that anything could be out of the ordinary….

Unbuckling my jeans, I took her hands and slid them down into my crotch area saying ….

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It was just like being alone in the house while everyone was at the sea shore. She completed the unbuckling of my jeans, pushed down the front of my jeans along with my shorts and pulled my cock out. She had already been preparing a salad to compliment our meal. And I did want to touch! At that time she seduced me into stopping my hunt and had me mount her from behind while she was on her hands and knees under the canopy of trees.

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We set out the next day with my dog in back of the camper. She had been fidgeting about all the time we were driving to the camp site. DD was now squeezing and gently pulling on my very stiff cock while rubbing the head and smearing a drop of precum over the head with her thumb.

DD loved to display for me and she was already starting to remove her sweats before I finished with my request.

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From that day to this camping expedition, I knew enough to make sure DD did not tag along into the woods …… that is, if I was in a serious mood to hunt with my dogs and not too play and have fun. DD just smiled…. I put my arms around her…. DD had become an accomplished lover and we now had a strong sexual relationship but with a deep attraction for one another. I told her that I was going to sleep in the over cab bed which was the bigger of the two beds in the camper. The extra gear for the camp site was removed from the camper so we could move about with a little bit of room in the camper.

Sister dog sex stories relationship was a bizarre solution to all the conflicts but blossomed into a strong sexual and exciting illicit bond between us. DD thought that was a dumb idea. I was far too horny now after this little bit of teasing and sexual display. I was thinking we could fool around a little before you tucked me in for the night. DD had ed me in a hunt one time before but she had devious plans in store for me at that time and we somehow got distracted in a cool grove of trees. Not staying at the beach on summer weekends would be a very unusual event for my sister who was a sun fanatic and always had to get and maintain a good body tan.

The anticipation will make it more worth while!

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We always seem to be hot for one another when ever we would be alone. I knew what she had been thinking and what she had planned for this camping trip. My Sister's New Lover. We had been secretly bedding each other for almost a year at this point in our lives. Sounded like a good cover for our nighttime fun!

When I came back into the camper, DD had changed into her sweat pants and top. It was not going out into the woods with me and the dog. It was spoken with a mild sarcastic overtone. Within a short time period, we both began to experience a deep emotional coupling that intensified far beyond our initial feelings and at the time was very unsettling for me.

She coyly examined it with her head tilted to Sister dog sex stories side for a good view. She then stuffed my cock back down into my pants with a matter of fact push. I went to cut some wood for a camp fire and scratch out a fire pit. During the winter months, the beach house was usually empty and we could spend a day and night at the sea shore with no one around to interrupt our bedroom romps.

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I was at times very disturbed at what were doing, but at other times so excited that my stomach and chest was filled with unnerving feelings that surged and dwelled through out my body. As summer progressed, we stayed home with excuses for Friday night and then we would arrive at the beach house in the late morning on Saturday. I could hunt during the day and she would keep herself busy taking care of the camp. The illicit brother-sister relationship and the implication of being exposed seemed to heighten our climaxes above any other sexual contacts.

You need to warm them if you plan on fooling around right now! That wish alone was so bizarre to our upbringing… the idea of being in love as brother and sister was almost incomprehensible. DD shuddered at me feeling her tits.

I thought that she would think of camping as a boring weekend. When I told her, she asked if I would like her to go along with me by first showing me a seductive smile and then pouting her lips.


The dog was set free to run about and just get out of the way for a little while. Our upbringing and of course community standards said that this was a bizarre and detestable relationship. I rubbed her butt with my hands saying…. I knew she was just trying to be funny.

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I felt the gentle shapes … I felt the stiffness of her nipple aling she liked my caressing of her tits or may be the coolness of my hands… but what ever it was, she aroused my feelings. Let you sleep… hmmmm probably not! DD was already beginning to get sexually aroused and we had just arrived. I was loading my camper on to my pickup truck the day before leaving to go camping with the ides of hunting for a few days in Vermont.

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