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Sister Camping Sex Stories


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Name: Madelon

How old am I: I'm 22 years old
What is my ethnicity: Turkish
Tone of my eyes: I’ve got bright gray eyes but I use colored contact lenses
What is the color of my hair: Gray
Figure type: My figure features is plump
My piercing: None

While Phil and I tried to find some way to fix the tent so that I was usable, Jackie set up my tent. Again and again she pull almost free, only the suction of her lips holding me inside her mouth. Each time she squeeze my balls, I rub her clit with my thumb.

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A soft bra held the mounds of her breasts, the material pushed upward by the hardening of her nipples. Reaching over I kissed Jackie lightly on her lips and said, Sis, you are beautiful! After a breakfast, and after completing the camp set up Jackie left a note for Becky and Phil, packed a small snack and started down this path.

Camping trip

Feeling a huge hard on coming on I watched her dress into shorts and a shirt, which she tied at waist level. Fingers fight with the snap of her shorts and once undone, I move between her legs and pull them slowly down over her hips and push them free from her feet. The trembling of her thighs als the beginning of her orgasm. That sounds like fun. So, in the spirit of cooperation I volunteered to let them sleep in my tent. My tongue glides across it in tiny touches, the soft suction of my lips providing a constant flow of electricity to flood her body.

Camping with the sister in law - taboo incest sex stories - chapter by djrom full book limited free

Smells of pine trees, flower blossoms, and the sweet scent of honeysuckle filled our senses. Slowly her orgasm subsides and I leave the sweet center of her pussy to lay beside you and share a deep kiss - the taste of you on my lips and tongue spreading over her own lips. Lifting her hips a little, I slide her panties off and lean back down to continue my explorations.

The salty wetness fills my mouth as I savor in the delicious taste of her juices. On one occasion Becky and I were visiting my sister; Jackie and her husband Phil who lived a couple of hours from our home. I pull her head up until only the tip of my prick is in her mouth as she tries and capture all the juices spurting from my prick.

Button by button, I uncovered the delights of her body finally taking my teeth and untying the shirt bottoms. It was immediately obvious that a new tent could not be gotten as the nearest camping store was miles away down country ro that no sane person would take in the dark.

Her soft gentle caress of my nuts sends shivers through me as she closes her lips completely around the head of my dick. Her fingers slide the briefs free and I can feel my balls being cupped in the soft palm of her hand. You remember those days?

Acting quickly I caught her by catching her around Sister camping sex stories chest accidentally grasping her breasts at the same time, accidentally, of course. After we finished we both laid down, Jackie on her back and I on my right side, propping myself up on my elbow, looked down at my sister, her eyes closed, soaking in the sun. Although we both had tremendous orgasm, we are still unfulfilled.

The glisten of her juices sparkles as a shaft of light through the trees settles on her stomach. Jackie closes her lips around the shaft and nibble gently, Sister camping sex stories hips pushing up against her. My hands slid over her body until I pull her around so I can reach the soft wetness of her cunt. I have always had a passion for camping. My tongue circles each one, leaving a wet trail that is cooled by the gentle breeze making them grow harder and longer. Stopping briefly to explore the area we continued our hike.

Pushing me over onto my back, she duplicated my initial movements.

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Lost in the sensual feelings of the kiss, I gently laid her on her back onto the blanket atop the soft bed of pine needles that lay beneath. When Phil and Jackie arrived Becky was on the phone with her supervisor.

Camping trip

About a half hour into the hike Jackie stumbled on a large root protruding from the ground; acting quickly I caught Jackie before she fell. With my tongue exploring the tiny slit in the end, my salty pre-cum slipping into her mouth. My finger feels the rhythmic pulsing of her pussy, her moans echo through the clearing as her body explodes in a tremendous flow of feelings. The head peeks out the top of my briefs, the shaft plainly visible inside the white cotton. As she lay there I saw her breasts moving with each breath she took.

Phil, after setting up the stove and the washstand had been digging into his equipment for his tent, a two-man dome tent that is honestly ancient compared to our cutting edge self-erecting three room, six-person cabin tent.

Camping with my older sister

Her lips tease my tiny nipples to an almost painful state. With our tongues finding each other and probing the soft sensitive areas of our mouths we pulled each other closer and closer. I feel the touch of her tongue against the massive, circumcised head, sensitive to the touch. I hear her soft moan and look up to see her hands and fingers teasing and tugging her nipples while I continue to explore her with my lips and tongue. Not wanting to let her know I was awake I continued to observe Jackie undressing. Once located, I push against the spot and continue to suck her. The pull of her lips sends me over the brink as my first shot of cum splashes deep in her throat.

Jackie feels the warmth of the sun on her body as I lick the length of her pussy, terminating the touch at the peak of her slit. A tiny dribble leaks from her lips and runs down over her chin. After the first two are undone, my lips trail down her neck, the scent of her body blending with the other delicious smells of our spot.

Camping with the sister in law - taboo incest sex stories - chapter by djrom full book limited free

The feel of our bodies pressing together and her soft breasts mashing against my chest, and our hips pushing against the pressure of the each other as we had done in our youth brought our passion to greater heights. He needed her to come into the office to help with a problem concerning a court case she was involved in. Moving down over her stomach, I kiss each section of skin. Finding the swell of her breast, my tongue slips into the crevice between her mounds, exploring the soft sweet skin. My prick throbs against the pressure of my jeans until she frees it from its confinement as she slid them off my feet.

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Soon I can stand the sensations no longer and warn her of my building climax. As we continued to kiss my fingers slowly and carefully undid each button of the shirt you are wearing. The smell of her womanhood drifts into my nostrils causing the need and passion to increase.

High in the trees, a squirrel chatters and leaps from treetop to treetop. My hips start an involuntary movement, forcing my prick to slide in and out of her mouth.

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Pushing a single finger deep inside of her, I press upward and forward seeking the special place that enhances her pleasure. Now it needed to be decided where Phil and Jackie would sleep.

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There is nothing better than to escape from the fast paced hectic routine Becky, as an IRS Revenue Specialist and mine as a small business owner share. Hands tangled in her hair, I pull you away from the sensitive head of my prick and up close against me.

Camping with my older sister

Rising up for a moment, letting my fingers find and undo the front clasp of her bra I slowly pushed the material aside, my palms sliding over her skin, the crinkled and firm flesh of her pink nipples comes into view. Feeling the early morning sun hitting my face through the tent flap and noticing a stir in the tent I squinted my eyes to find Jackie changing. After about an hour Phil and I gave up and took their tent to the near by trash bin.

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So that night after a quick dinner of hamburgers and hot dogs a few marshmallows roasted over the fire we settled down to sleep. Suddenly, the path opens into our clearing. Jackie up righted herself adjusting her clothing turned to me and gave me a thank you kiss meant for the cheek but ending up on my lips.

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Again we share a deep kiss, this time I can taste my own juices on her lips. Pushing my fingers inside of you, I duplicate her motions - each time my prick slides deep inside of her so do my fingers. I find the tiny shaft of her clit extending from its hood and slowly and very gently suck it into my mouth. Sliding her hips over mine, she move her hips until the head of my still hard dick rests at the entrance to her pussy. With increasing suction, she pulls her head up until only the flared part of my prick stays in her mouth.

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Taking a single step inside the tranquil setting transported us into another dimension, one where enjoyment and pleasure overshadow anything else. My she was beautiful. Jackie, wanting to rest up, selected a nice spot away from the trail, spreading the blanket out over the bed of pine needles we settled down and ate the lunch we had packed, munched on some trail mix and drank bottled water. It had been years since I had seen Jackie nude and what I saw brought back some very erotic memories. Every summer my wife, Becky, and I arrange our schedules so we can enjoy at least one week of camping.

Pulling the panties aside, my tongue slips inside of her as deeply as I can reach. The warmth of my palms and fingers Sister camping sex stories over them, the friction just enough to cause tiny flashes to flow through her body. Becky explained to her boss that they were leaving shortly on a planned camping trip. It was during our visit we mentioned we were going tent camping next weekend at a beautiful location in Southern Ohio.

Together we entered the tent to complete our disturbed sleep. Leaning forward, my lips find the firm flesh and pull it into my mouth.

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