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Sissy Milking Stories


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Name: Kameko

What is my age: I am 25
Where am I from: Israeli
Sexual preference: Guy
Eye tone: I’ve got soft brown eyes
What I prefer to listen: Easy listening
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All of the sudden he got a funny look on his face, planted his cock in my twat balls deep and stopped moving. As I fingered his ass with my left hand, my right fucked his pee hole with the needle, moving up and down slowly.

I stopped sucking his cock and removed my hand from his ass all at once. In not much time at all I was cumming all over his face again and again. My toys consisted of my favorite two way strap on, a crochet needle for sounding, nice thick lube and some nipple clamps.

The stalker — part two

In faded jeans, a white tee-shirt, work boots and a jacket he looked just as yummy as I had remembered. Published 6 years ago. My hot pussy clamped down on his hard cock and milked the length of it. That spandex mini dress molded to his body like a tight glove.

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I then showered and put on my attire, a purple satin and black lace mini dress, purple being his favorite color. I could feel his heart pounding as I pressed my body against his.

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As I found his prostate with my fingers I began manipulating it, he then complained of the sounding making him sore. I opened the door to a very nervous looking stud muffin who timidly entered my home. It was a wild sensation stroking his cock and feeling that hard metal rod inside.

Holding his hard cock in my left hand I started probing his pee hole with the end of the needle. I pulled his face out of my wet pussy to find I had squirted in his mouth, down his chin and all over the comforter on the bed!

The stalker — part one

I never could figure out what drives his desire for an older woman, such as myself, but he can never keep his eyes off my long legs or my round, voluptuous ass. He pestered me to no end to dress him as a proper sissy and take his hungry ass with my strap on and was quite relentless about it. He looked terribly disappointed that his ass didn't get the strap on fucking he had been craving. I probed deep into his little hole to my delight.

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I thought, what a good pussy eater he is, as he munched away on my clit like it was his last meal. Once my sissy had cum, I knew that was the end of our encounter, as he was far too tender to take anything more. for Free!

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With my legs in the air and him on his knees in front of me, he pumped away. I laid back on the bed and told him to get to work. Before he arrived I carefully laid out on my bed, all my sex toys and an outfit chosen especially for my sissy slut boy.

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I showed him his outfit laid out on the bed and told him to put it on. Upon entering the bedroom, I turned around and planted a deep, wet, kiss right on his lips that lasted quite a while. He is sixteen years my junior, six feet tall, blond haired and blue eyed, with an insatiable desire to be my submissive sissy slut. Working his prostate with my fingers, I then swallowed his cock sucking it like I was trying to suck a pea through a straw.

You want to be feminized and milked

I put a surgical glove on my left hand, squirted a gob of lube on my fingers and started playing with his tight ass hole. I picked up the crochet needle and spread thick lubricant all over it.

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Some black thigh high lace topped stockings finished my sexy look. Finally he wore me down, so I invited him over one afternoon to give him what he desired. I removed the needle and teased the head of his cock with my tongue.

Sissy downfall.

I thought he would look so cute in my tight spandex mesh hot pink mini dress with white thigh high stockings that had matching hot pink bows. He was impressed that the bows on his stockings matched his little hot pink dress.

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I had my legs wrapped around him in a vice grip milking his cock with my magic pussy till he was spent and limp. I sent him away, myself fully satisfied and my sissy slut stud muffin still wanting Cross-dressing sissy bows sounding milked.

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His hard nipples poked through the little holes of the hot pink mesh so I pinched them tightly by applying my nipple clamps. I had always wanted to try sounding on him and knew he could take it from his pictures and the cam shows he had put on for me. The scruff of his goatee made the sensation even more intense. Score 4.

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Once dressed, I laid him down on the bed and went about exploring his body with my hands. I could see his thick eight inch cock growing as I grabbed the lube.

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I was just done getting ready for him when I heard a knock on the door. He gasped and his cock throbbed in my hand as I felt the hard metal rod piercing him.

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