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I searching chica who Sexy stories to tell your boyfriend filipina

Sexy Stories To Tell Your Boyfriend


Long term relationships are built on little things; things that matter and make a difference. A single flower, a romantic one-liner, and a kiss can do magic that no candlelight can. Whether it is freezing cold outside and you are cuddling with your beloved in front of a fireplace, enjoying a breezy night out on the terrace or are miles apart, you can turn on your girlfriend with a sweet and sexy bedtime story.

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Without even giving me a second, he kissed me and moved on top of me.

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I mean, I too had a girlfriend 2 years back, but we broke up. We both had our exams on 16th October in Delhi. The attraction and comfort we felt with each other was instantaneous. Soon after it ended, I got a call from him saying that he would meet me the day after. Seeing the confusion in my eyes, he simply lay down next to me and talked to me.

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But sitting next to him, it felt so surreal. Images: Shutterstock. I will put my lips against yours and kiss you hard. I went to Delhi and wrote my exam. The second I read that text, I was literally burning with the need. Twenty days after we started talking on Skype, things grew serious and he became my first boyfriend.

This went on for a few days, until we decided to talk on Skype. I still did not quote believe him, though. Anonymous May 5, He said he would take things slowly — and I agreed. My heart was beating so fast. The connection we felt was pure magic.

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By morning, I was completely exhausted. We fought a lot during that time and I was sure that we would not be meeting.

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He switched off the lights and ed me on the bed. We decided to meet there and stay together for one night. He shifted next to me and pulled me closer to him. Help each other with doubts and all.

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We ate at Starbucks and then started looking for a hotel. Would you like that? But he did come. The whole week, I tried to convince him to meet me, but he said he could give me a final answer about meeting only one day before. I mean we hardly know each other.

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I pretended to be tired and went to lie on the bed. I wanted this, but I feared the pain. Initially everything was studies related and we would talk at night. I was preparing for my entrance exams and had ed a few s on Facebook regarding the same. I was disappointed, but what could I do?

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One day, though, the conversation steered to relationships. We spent the whole day snuggling together and talking in the bed. We were both heading back home that day, and our trains were leaving in the evening.

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I knew this would not lead to anything. He agreed and we shared our s. After kissing and cuddling for some time, we changed and headed out to eat.

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When we used to talk, it felt okay. That night was the most beautiful night of my life. And then we started talking about kissing. We freshened up and sat on the sofa. So we decided to meet each other on 17th morning. We talk almost every day and Skype twice a week. I was really nervous as this was my first time and I had heard my cousins say that it was usually very painful. Maybe that was the reason I could talk to him like this, without feeling any pressure or discomfort.

How to start a sweet and sexy story at bedtime?

We hung out for a while, and then headed to Connaught Place. I was grinning from ear to ear as I lay on my bed. I scooted over to one corner and tucked myself under the blanket. I posted my query on the group and he commented there. Things were really going great and we even talked about sex. And we are still are very strong today. We found a nice and affordable one and booked a room. I was enjoying the way he was flirting with me.

He was re-taking his exam, so I sent him a personal message on Facebook. My face turned hot when I read what he had written.

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Soon chatting on Facebook became tedious and I asked him if we could talk on WhatsApp. We began talking about things related to the exams. I was lying on the bed and the lights were off. One thing led to another, and soon we were naked.

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I kissed him back with a passion equal to his and his hands slid under my shirt. It all started with one post on Facebook. That whole night, we talked like this. It was around 1 p. At 10 in the morning, we met at Hauz Khas metro station.

5 real life sex stories to get you really turned on

Obviously, he had in his first relationship. As soon as we came back to our room, he pushed me back on the bed and started kissing me again.

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I had never kissed anyone in my life. But when the right time comes, maybe I will tell you. My eyes fluttered shut and my fingers tangled with his hair.

Whats a good bedtime story to tell my boyfriend?!?

He would flirt with me and say something sexual, and I would flirt back with him. I should perhaps not have been talking to him about such things, but somehow it felt good. We were naked again and he rolled on a condom. I never wanted my first time to be anything other than how it happened — and I feel happy to be able to think about it.

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