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Sex in a car story hunt for somebody who loves tatouage

Sex In A Car Story


Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Soft music filled my ears as the lights from the dashboard cast shadows over his sharp features. I looked up into his eyes as I leaned close and brushed my lips lightly against his. I moaned at the first taste of him, my hands flattening against his chest, my body leaning as close as I could get to him with the console between us.

Name: Thea

How old am I: 34
Nationality: Philippine
What is my gender: Girl
I like to listen: Electronic

And fuck.

R29 original series

She sighed as it fell open and when I undid the bottom string, she let it fall off her shoulders. It was late and deserted, and I breathed in the air and waited for her to turn down the music.

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We stepped outside after paying the bill, and sure enough, Kath blasted into the parking lot in that big old pickup. The Lie in Your Eye. Lucky Davincity. Wearing tiny blue shorts and a white bikini top, she looked like summer had decided to take on human form. Like that night Jay fell asleep at the party. Is that what you want? I mean, I thought my text was clear. As my orgasm began to leave me, I found nothing in its wake.

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It was muscular thighs, a big cock, smooth skin, tender hands, and then the slow movement of completion as he pushed inside her just inches from my face. Ben put his feet on my lap and stuck his head out the window, yelling something none of us could hear.

Her eyes rolled back as I whispered horrible things, and when she began to clench around me and scream, I knew I was no longer responsible for anything. Kath took my face in both hands and kissed me gently, but there was no room for words. We sat on the edge, our feet dangling, as we looked out at the blue-black waves. Kath looked at Ben once more and then squeezed herself out from between us. The ocean left me, and so did Ben. As I began to let the anger and desire fill me, I fucked her harder, and I could see her start to vanish as well.

She sat up on her elbows as she watched us slowly jerk the other off over her body.

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Even Jay never fucked me in his goddamn truck. Ben began to rub against her wet lips as I sucked on his balls, and I was no longer smelling the ocean at all. Dead Carcosa. Tom Jacobson in a Few Words. Wanna come get us? I bit her shoulder until she screamed and she raked her hands down my back, leaving scratches that would last for days.

Driver vows to never have sex in car again after it plunged down hill during romp

He grabbed my dick and then looked up at her, his face inches from me. Ben was no longer moving slowly, and between his cock and my mouth she began to buck and cry, and I swear I could see her tighten around him. When I took one nipple between my teeth, she moaned, and when he unbuttoned her shorts, she lifted her ass up so we could take them off. When she turned to Ben, I pushed them both back onto the blanket as my hands moved to her breasts.

If only we hurt more than we could bear.

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I looked at Ben laughing and smiling, and I looked at Kath, naked and ready beneath me, and then I looked down at my cock pressing into her already soaked skin, and I wondered how much of it was love and how much was luck.

Erotic Beginnings. And then Kath started to come. I kept on sucking, and he kept on fucking, and as she moaned something personal to God and Jesus, she began to let go over both of us, soaking us as she came.

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Sex in Cars 2. I swear he loves this thing more than he ever loved me. He leaned back, grabbed the base of his cock, and then finally pulled out just as I reached up to take him. When he finally fell to the bed of the truck, Kath rolled in between us once more, and she kissed me—come and all—for what felt like hours. Guy New York Follow.

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His come found my lips and my chin before he was back inside her, and that dreamy mess of everything will stay with me forever. She opened the cooler and tossed us each a beer before kicking the tailgate down.

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She stopped at one of the four views that looked down over the dunes and the crashing waves, and she backed the truck up to the edge. I managed to get his cock in my hand and to my lips for a few seconds before he moved in tighter, both hands on her ass.

Nnalerona Keisang. She was totally getting off while she watched us. I opened my mouth as she sat down, and then I was drowning in her pussy as my boyfriend sucked me off. I need to forget in a different way.

Her boyfriend’s truck, the first story in my second collection of stories about fucking in cars

Kath climbed up into the bed, pulling us behind her before collapsing onto the pile of blankets in the back. Use me, even if just for a moment.

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With more than 70 titles, my books have been widely read and occasionally burned. I somehow managed to get a hand between her legs as he began to blow me, and she was so damn wet I had to taste my fingers. She reached out with both hands and ed in, taking us at the same time. Grabbing her ass cheeks, I pulled her to me, fucking her with my tongue and fingers.

And so we fucked slowly, and we fucked sweetly. It must have been an hour before anyone said anything, and I swear the Atlantic has never crashed so joyously against the sandy beaches of New Jersey as it did that night. I grabbed his ass and pulled him up higher, leaning in so I could lick her clit as they began to fuck. We understood him though. Kath, I want you so badly. Two seconds later we were back on the road as she smoked out the window and cranked the truck up to seventy.

She turned and kissed me. We pulled the blanket around our three naked shoulders, and each of us held a hand beneath the light cover. Written by Guy New York Follow. He moved down so he could get a better angle and she moved up so she could straddle my face.

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Chapter one for each of Guy New York's erotic books. Green Jeans. at www. Especially since I could smell the ocean with each passing mile, and if there was one thing I knew about our old friend it was that she fucking loved the beach.

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Her touch was tentative and shy, but we showed her how the other liked it and soon she was working us like a champ. Enjoy the stories on their own, or find a new dirty book you might love. I eventually moved out from between her legs and all three of us managed to sit at the foot of the bed, looking at the water once more. I could see him rubbing her back as she cried into our lips, but her words were still pleading for me. Instead, I kissed her and bit her, and we thrashed about like we could forget if only we fucked hard enough.

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Cow Dung Springs Green. Just like that her mouth was on mine, and I was tasting her for the first time, and there was so much desperation in her touch that I wanted to cry. Jonathan Fuentes. I showed him the text message, and he smiled that big damn goofy grin of his and raised his eyebrows a few times. about Sex in Cars 2 on my author site www. What a perv. Our kisses were relief and sorrow tinged with joy and liberation.

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Writer and publisher of dirty books. If only we came loud enough. I laughed as I plunged into her, and she wrapped her legs around me and kissed me again. We cried out to no one as we let go, and I never once pulled out. On occasion, she kissed one of us, but mostly she stared at our hands as we touched each other with well-practiced ease.

She was out of the cab a second later, and Ben and I followed because what else was there to do? And each time Ben ed us, the love grew bigger and stronger until I wondered if it was enough to make me come. Like Father, Like Son: Part 1. I did the same, before lying back down, all three of us looking up at the stars as we lay on the soft blanket.

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Alexia Agathe Rousselle had an early connection with cars.

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It was a nice summer evening; driving on the beach road, just cruising and having nice time, enjoying the lovely weather, a perfect warm day, neither too hot, nor too cold.