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Scuba Sex Stories


Carl is at it again. This time he does two on the same day: a stripper and a realtor. Maya has fun chaining her female slave to the wall at the bottom of the pool and tormenting her. Skip comes home early and in a bad mood.

Name: Minnie

Age: 35
Nationality: Swedish
Iris color: I’ve got large blue eyes but I use colored contact lenses
Sign of the zodiac: Cancer
What is my figure type: I'm skinny
I like tattoo: None
Smoker: No

In response she slipped out of her bikini bottoms exposing her neatly trimmed womanhood. After about a half hour or so, we got to the reef, dropped anchor and got into our gear. With my face a little red, I told her she looked terrific.

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Although Catherine is not likely to grace the s of Playboy, she has an attractiveness that I think has a lot to do with her self confidence. I started to work my mouth down to her pussy but she stopped me. I had to stop every couple of minutes to breathe which I did quickly so as not to let her excitement diminish. She stopped sucking my cock, popped her regulator back in her mouth as her orgasm hit. We swam around the reef for a bit until we came to a small clearing. She is about 5 feet 9 inches with an athletic build from playing volleyball in high school and college.

But there was something about watching her underwater that was exciting.

Scuba diving sex stories

I could tell when she was close to orgasm when her hips started gyrating harder. Before I could say anything she asked if she was responsible for that pointing to my crotch. Trying to mask my embarrassment I asked her of she saw any other hot half naked women on the boat. Without saying another word we kissed deep and hard.

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Search Forums. But it was still a turn on. As we were setting up our gear I asked her if she had ever done this before to which she shyly said no. It was difficult concentrating because her mouth felt so good on me. I removed my shorts which fully exposed my raging hard on. Time to get wet I said, and with that we started putting our second tanks together. Do not get me wrong, Catherine was an attractive woman by the time we were in high school, it just for whatever reason never got past the friendship stage.

I spent about as much time watching her as I did the sea life. I had always had an interest in scuba diving so when I turned 20 I decided to go for it. As I drove the boat out to the reef, Catherine and I chatted as she rigged our BCs and regulators on the tanks and made sure everything checked out. Even though we were best of friends we never became a romantically involved.

Bubbles exploded from her regulator as she gasped and moaned loudly into it. Intimacy Scuba sex stories went beyond the occasional kiss. Being this was my first dive with Catherine I was awed by the gracefulness of her diving and not a little turned on.

Scuba me too. he was the best dive guide at finding macro critters but he mimicked sex underwater and grabbed me in inappropriate places. i had to choose between exploring the undersea and being assaulted. scuba me too.

She looked at my erection smiled and told me I looked pretty damn good myself. We did our buddy check, rolled Scuba sex stories into the warm water and began our decent. The experience is hard to describe. The water is so clear that even from the surface you can see clear to the bottom. I enjoyed the feeling of her mouth on me for a few moments before removing my own regulator and burying my tongue in her slit. I sat at the center console with my feet up on the grab rail as we talked about her time at college and my work with the utility company. The water in the tropics is so warm that most of the time you do not need a wet suit unless you are doing night dives, today was no exception at 90 degrees.

I removed my regulator and started sucking one nipple as I softly pinched the other which caused her to moan through her regulator.

One of the instructors when i was a dm used to always say ‘no certification without penetration’

About an hour later we decided to do our second dive. This problem was solved when she straddled my face with her knees in the sand keeping us in position. It was nice day as we headed east to a reef that lay in about 35 or 40 feet deep.

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I smiled and told her I had no problem with it. Jerry taught the advanced classes such as rescue, wreck and instructor certification. However we could talk about any and everything and usually did. We got down to the reef and swam around enjoying the abundant sea life. She said just wanted us to have some fun, and as long as we kept in that perspective, she did not see a problem, but if I was uncomfortable with it and did not want to, that was fine to.

We did our buddy check, went over the side and descended to the bottom. It was exhilarating diving nude. Soon after she returned she found out I had gotten certified. I gently caressed them as my fingertips rubbed her erect nipples.

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After her orgasm subsided, she turned removed her regulator, flashed me a smile and blew me kiss. When I felt my own orgasm was eminent, I aled her not sure if she wanted to take it in her mouth or not.

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This was not the first time I had seen Catherine in a bikini as we had been to beach numerous times. Before I could even get my regulator out of my mouth I felt hers on my cock. I concentrated on her clit sucking and flicking it with my tongue.

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She kept sucking my cock stopping whenever she needed to take a breath. I could tell she was as nervous as I as well as excited judging by how hard her nipples had become. Together we loaded 4 tanks along with the rest of her gear into my SUV. We drove out to the dock and loaded everything into the boat along with a cooler filled with water, soft drinks and some sandwiches that I had bought on the way. Catherine and I are the same age and had most of the same classes all through school. They would use either the 25 foot center-console boat with twin outboards for small groups, or the 37 foot boat for larger groups and deep water dives.

After we ate, Catherine laid a towel on the deck saying she wanted to work on her tan. This is a true story about Scuba sex stories first experience with scuba sex. I know she saw me watching her a few times, but did nothing to dissuade me.

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For instance we both knew when each other lost their virginity After graduation Catherine went away to college in Ohio and I went to the local University which led to a job with a utility company as a technician. Go to First time having sex while scuba diving. With both parents being diving instructors, it is no surprise that Catherine and Eric both got certified as soon as they were old enough.

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It is an erotic sensation but on a different level than just having sex. I squeezed her ass as I slowly licked her clit Catherine slowly rotated her pussy on my face.

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Despite growing up on an island and practically living in the water, I did not take up scuba diving until I was about My instructor, Sharon and her husband Jerry ran a dive business with her teaching the open water and advanced open water certification classes. She did not say anything about me watching her earlier.

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I massaged her mound for a few moments and then let my finger slip into her soft womanhood. She asked me if I would mind if she removed her top. She asked me if I wanted to dive naked. On the way out to the site Catherine took off her t-shirt and shorts revealing the navy blue bikini she was wearing.

That combined with the fact that we lived near each other saw us become best friends. Because of the tank on my back it was little hard to keep from tipping from side to side.

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We hung out on occasion going to the movies or to a. My hand moved down her body and found the soft folds of her pussy. I kept my mouth on her clit as long as I could until I myself was in desperate need of air. They would also do dive tours on one of the two boats they had.

Sexy scuba partner

As we got up to get our gear together, Catherine noticed the bulge in my shorts that I had been trying unsuccessfully to hide. After 2 years and missing home Catherine transferred to the local University where she eventually graduated with a degree in education. The whole time it was all I could do not to stare at her topless form like some idiot. After that I dove whenever I could. On the day of our dive I arrived to pick up Catherine. I sat up as she lay in the sand where she started sucking my cock again. I felt her muscles clamp down on my finger as she moaned louder.

Show Thre Show Posts. After about 40 minutes we went back to the boat, got out of our gear and laid out on the bow of the boat with the sandwiches and juice. I pulled Catherine towards me and as we knelt in the sand I Scuba sex stories the buckles of her BC exposing her breasts. She does bear a slight facial resemblance to Belida Carlyle. Even intimate topics were not unusual.

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I took a deep breath and strummed her clit faster determined to take her over the edge. I asked her if she was sure, as I did not want anything to ruin our friendship. They have a son Eric and a daughter Catherine who is 2 years older than Eric. She had me lay back so that I was on my back. I did not need a slide rule to figure where this was going. The bikini she had on was not a thong or anything ultra revealing, but it did fit her nicely with a string top and brazilian cut bottom.

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Vanessa felt tired but tingled with excitement between her long swimmer's legs, as she walked from her pick-up truck to her apartment.

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I'm writing this one in first person for once.

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This story occurred several years ago when my wife and I had taken our 21 year old daughter on a dive trip as a graduation present in the Bahamas on a live aboard dive boat.

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The day was clear, the weather wonderful and I was going to finally dive the Great Barrier Reef for the first time.