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I look up chica Schoolboy pin stories like fitness

Schoolboy Pin Stories


Young boys like to fight too by Ed. There were a group of boys gathered to watch the fight between David and Chris that took place in the backyard of David's house on a Saturday.

Name: Sosanna

What is my age: 26
Other hobbies: Dancing
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Posted by ticklebully on Posted by somebodyelse on Send Tweet. I bet he liked seeing you guys in jocks, especially you; and I find it a bit hard to believe your gym teacher DIDN'T hear all the screams of your victims as they were schoolboy pinned down to the floor and tickled Schoolboy pin stories the armpits. Do you have any idea how sexy you must have appeared to any of the boys in your gym class who may have been gay or bi?

Of course, that's an important IF Here's the scenario: I just finished my morning run, wearing just my running shoes and shorts jockstrap underneath, of courseand you ran with me, or you're just there where I finish. Please try again. If you think I looked good pinning in my underwear often with a bulge in ityou should have seen when I did it in just a jock. I wish I could have seen that, sexy you tickling him all over but concentrating on his armpits because he was most ticklish there That my dude is being a tickle-bully to the extreme.

I picture you in your underwear, smiling at your helpless victim as he begs for mercy.

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Create new. A few weeks into the school year the gym teacher made us all wear jocks for class, which some of us did underneath our underpants and some instead of underpants. The reason you give me a tent is because I thought you were a bully also Any wimp can tie someone up and tickle-torture them, but it takes a REAL stud to pin down his helpless victim using only his strength and muscles Why would I wanna to be tickle-tortured?

Let's make up a story together, each of us adding to it step by step.

Schoolboy position

There was a problem processing your data. I KNOW what it's like; I have tickled other dudes sometimes until they begged me to stop, but mostly I have paid other bullies to wrestle, pin down, and tickle the total crap out of wimpy boys who were at my school. I assume that was the case; or was it the rib-cage or both if you remember? I certainly would not have forgotten that detail if I had witnessed that after gym class.

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I never get tired of hearing how you went even further I assume the winner tickled the boy he was sitting on top of for a good amount of time afterward. OK, we'll do it your way.

Schoolboy-pin uncensored

I found out that one or two guys were too strong for me to keep pinned, even if I got on top of them, but the others couldn't escape a schoolboy pin--that's what made it so much fun. By the way if I were in your gym class and offered to pay you to bully and tickle another boy, would you have done it?

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That boy who was the victim your fingers sounds like he was at your complete mercy I'm not so sure if your gym teacher would not have been "supportive" of seeing you tickle that helpless kid Your gym teacher sounds like a bit of perv himself, making you guys wear jock straps instead of underwear not that I'm complaining! So I go and squeeze out two more, and then he does the same.

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The idea that you could have literally tickled that wimpy kid until he passed out drives me nuts. Of course, about half the time I challenged one of them, I was the one who ended up pinned and tickled, but that's a risk I had to take in order to have the chance to do it to them.

Schoolboy pinning

I go up to the chinup bar and do five chinups. It's one of those outdoor places with equipment for people to work out, and there's a guy there, maybe years old, in just shorts like me, who was running with his girlfriend.

If I were you gym teacher and had seen you armpit tickling a boy into peeing himself, you would have been Teacher's Pet for the month; if not the year! I love hear REAL tickle stories involving athletic boys who dominate and torture their weaker opponents I have no use for girls.

Schoolboy pin stories

I actually dig your personal story more because you were more vicious in your tickling. He did tickle his victim a little even after his submission, just to make him repeat it four or five times, but no more than seconds--not the kind of extended torture you and I like to see. Or lying on our stomachs arm wrestling in our jocks. But back to you. The fact that I could pin muscular arms like those made me proud, and after that, if I noticed biceps on any of my classmates, I always wondered if I could keep them pinned or if they were strong enough to break my pin and throw me off.

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As for your teacher tickling you, that would have been cool, but I would much rather have seen all the boys in jockstraps tickling your teacher! All Rights Reserved. I remember the first time I schoolboy pinned one of the guys in my class and while I was on top of him I noticed he had some visible biceps in those arms that were pinned under my knees. I just hold the opposite view.

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The girl asks him, "Can you do that, Mike? I think with a stronger guy, it might to be hard to tickle-torture him as much or get him to say things like "my arms are smaller than Sarah's" because he may be able to push you off him, at some point.

Schoolboy pin stories

I have seen a lot of tickling in my day, and I still pay hot, muscular "bully-types" to tickle and humiliate guys I wanna see humiliated I think your teacher was secretly watching you guys and getting turned on and even getting off; I would have been for sure! All content and information is presented for entertainment purposes only. I love seeing fat or skinny dudes turned into complete Jello by continuous, non-stop underarm and rib tickling and I laugh about it for days. I don't think the gym teacher would have been as supportive of me torturing one of my classmates as you are, but since he almost never went into Schoolboy pin stories locker room after class, it didn't matter.

But just think if HE had decided to tickle us I can imagine that helpless kid with a stronger dude on top of him, not knowing when, or IF, the tickle torture is going to stop, and having the "pinner" enjoy every minute of it. I respect your opinion that's it's better to overpower a guy who is stronger, and I can understand your reasons why.

Schoolboy-pin uncensored

He looks at me like a challenge. First Prev 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 Next Last.

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New user? But why settle for overpowering a wimp if you can do it to a guy who has some muscle? That's why I'm so attracted to you online. We hear them talk to each other, and learn his name is Mike, and hers is Sarah. I love to hear them laugh, cry, scream, run out of breath, and pay us to stop the horrible torture.

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One quick question: did the kid on top tickle his victim's armpits? So when we were back in the locker room and took off our shirts and shorts and wrestled, jockstraps were all most of us were wearing for the match.

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The guy who introduced tickling to our wrestling matches? But I still say it's better to overpower and tickle torture a guy who has some muscle instead of just a weakling.

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