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School Spankings Stories
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Mercedes senior year at St. Usually the punishment was used sparingly but with a new Headmaster, Dr. Hoffman, more and more of the young women of St. Vincent Boarding School were ending up in the Headmaster's offic I'm not going to comply," Katie said, fury blazing in her eyes, her feet tapping the floor in incredulity.

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His father did not in the fun. He had been spotted in town during school hours: the school uniform was very conspicuous. It was a boys-only independent fee-paying grammar school with delusions that it was an elite public school. Like this: Like Loading One comment That was very weird. You took that well. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by .

The school alternative

Caning and spanking stories The Canery Hot consensual spankings and canings for discipline and erotic pleasure Loading Comments Required Name Required Website. Every day, almost without fail, one or more boys would be sent to him for a caning. He put the cane away and watched the boy from a distance; Axford was breathing heavily and his head was so low he was almost kissing the seat cushion. He would just keep his head down.

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It certainly was a splendid old building, but not ancient. He had found a pile of old comics; the Magnet and the Gem he thought they were called. This school gave him the creeps. His form master Mr Tatler gave him a lot of information about his lessons timetable and where the classrooms were. They were an assorted bunch; two eleven-year-old juniors dressed in short trousers; most unusually, a prefect; and then Anthony Brewer, a fifth-form rebel who was becoming a regular visitor.

Any boy who arrived now would have his name taken and could find himself up before his housemaster for a caning. It was a large room, gloomy, with dark oak bookshelves around three walls. Anyhow, he knew he was only nine months away from taking his final examinations and leaving school for good.

All around him boys were hurrying along, anxious not to be late. Mr School spankings stories knew Axford was both right and wrong; no prefect had been caned in recent memory, the boy would have the privilege to be the first in a very long time; but there was no rule that said he could not be beaten. St Francis Grammar was a traditional school and corporal punishment was regularly used. His green school blazer with gold braiding around the edges shrieked of self-importance. At least, aged eighteen, he would not be forced to wear the short trousers.

School spanking stories

That was very weird. He selected a longer, thicker whippy rattan cane from his cupboard. John had never seen anything quite like it. That day he expected to find four boys waiting nervously outside his study and as he turned the corner he was not disappointed.

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Anderson was a good sort and he soon took John under his wing. You are commenting using your Twitter .

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Mr Durrant had not yet allowed Axford to stand. He was silent, unsure what he was expected to say in response. His mother had mocked the corporal punishment regime at St Francis, but John was not so offhand. John hated the school uniform. Two large padded armchairs were arranged around a small coffee table. If it had been said that the boys should wear short trousers at Calmbury, his school, the boys — and the teachers too — would have mocked the suggestion.

He had never seen a schoolmaster dressed like this. He sat behind his desk and surveyed the boy. The caning had hurt; Mr Durrant knew it but he also understood the importance the boys placed on their dignity, it would not matter how much agony the caning caused them, they would not want to let their punisher know.

John blanched.

Spanked at school

Keep facing the wall. James Axford entered the study, splendid in his smart green blazer with gold braiding. Mr Durrant was more amused than angry, but tried not to show it. St Francis had a fine academic record. The strokes were a little more vigorous than he had originally intended and the cracks of his rattan cane against the tightly-stretched grey Terylene trousers rang around the room like machinegun fire.

You are commenting using your WordPress. James took a deep breath and stood close to the back of the armchair. The boys ran at fall pace and as the last one made it through the ornate gates, the prefect slammed them shut. A large desk, also made from oak, dominated the room and there were a of small wooden chairs. Leave a Reply Cancel reply comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.

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James stood and despite himself, his hands shot to the seat of his trousers to hold his throbbing buttocks tightly. I expected Allison to be caned or at least be a spectator, the first half had nothing to do with the caning bit. There were rules and if a boy got caught breaking them, he was punished, and very often that meant a beating.

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He looked a little apprehensive as well he might; senior boys, particularly prefects, were expected to set an example to the younger pupils, not to break the rules themselves. For a moment he paused to take in the splendour. Name required. Please bend over that chair. Seemingly hundreds of boys streamed into the building. Notify me of new comments via. All the boys in the first, second and third forms wore grey short trousers. This was such be a contrast to Calmbury, also an independent school, but it had girls as well as boys and attitudes were so informal the pupils were not expected to wear school uniform and corporal punishment was unheard of.

The school alternative

He ed the punishment book and Mr Durrant offered his right hand and they shook; like gentlemen do. The housemaster saw the boy wanted to get out of the study without delay, so he put him out of his misery. The other guys did it all the time. You are commenting using your Facebook. John stood unsure where he was supposed to go. June 13, June 12, charleshamiltonthesecond.

St Francis Grammar School, Brocklehurst, reputedly could trace its roots back to the s. He held it in his hand, wondering what he was meant to do now. required Address never made public. Mr Durrant pretended not to notice and turned to his desk and picked up the tie.

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James groaned as the whacks pounded into his buttocks, but stifled his desire to yelp out loud. for the full series. Mr Durrant knew he should have sent the boy to the headmaster, but he was certain Dr Henderson-Smith would have given Axford a special School spankings stories because he was a senior boy and also withdrawn his prefect status.

Despite the agony in his buttocks and his original resentment, James was genuinely pleased to be restored to the prefecthood. John surveyed his new schoolmates. The housemaster swished his cane impatiently. All he wanted was for Axford to bend over and take his Six and they could both move on. You are commenting using your Google. The housemaster was beginning to wish he had sent the brat to Dr Henderson-Smith. He had been in this position before, but not for at least three years, when he had been caught smoking; it had been the first time he tried cigarettes and after the whacking he got then from Mr Durrant, it was also the last.

Still unsure what this meant, the boy loosened his tie and pulled it from under his shirt collar. It was a traditional school: traditional teaching methods, traditional sports, traditional school uniform and traditional discipline. Notify me of new posts via. Showing no enthusiasm, the eighteen-year-old prefect followed behind the gowned master. His school had been modern in all respects: the buildings, the curriculum, the attitude of teachers to their charges.

Then he had an idea. Mr Durrant suspected prefects sometimes left the school premises during their free periods: the only thing Axford did differently was to get caught.

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