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This is a true story about my first ever mfm threesome I had…. I had been having casual sex with a girl I met online for about a month. Her name was Danielle. She was short, curvy and could squirt like a fire hose. She would often discuss exploits she recently had with other men with the knowledge that I was not jealous and aware of the fact that it was just sex… Rough, orgasmic sex, but just sex.

Name: Nonah

Years old: I'm over thirty
What is my nationaly: I'm finnish
What is the color of my hair: I have lustrous dark-haired hair
What I like to drink: Vodka
I prefer to listen: I like to listen heavy metal
Hobbies: Riding a bike
I have tattoo: None
Smoker: Yes

I was so excited at what I was hearing that my cock was throbbing!

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After being together for a while, we began to talk about ways of making our sex life a little more exciting. You could see her huge dark areolas and nipples through the white t-top! She has always turned me on. We laughed and sat around a table and pulled out the dominoes.

I won the next round and when she picked "Dare", I dared her to flash us her boobs for 10 seconds! I asked her if she ever thought about the sexual fantasy that we had talked about. I was not the jealous type and I didn't mind her dancing or flirting with other men as long as the guys were respectful and didn't cross the line. We had couples sit next to us and strike up conversations with us all the time. I don't get a kiss? Her nipples Real mfm stories hard and poking through.

I looked at Mario and I could tell he also had a raging hard on! She smiled and without taking her eyes off of the TV screen, said quietly said, "yeah, maybe. From the very start, she was doomed to lose! She blushed and smiled and didn't say a word.

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She had put on some tight little shorts that showed off her long legs and plump ass. I was the one that picked Suzy over all of those other chicks! She gave me a kiss and went in, saying that she would be out soon! That's all I needed!

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I saw him soon afterwards and I laid out my plan on how we could get her to fuck the both of us. She on the other hand, never had done anything like that before. While I fucked her, I whispered in her ear if she would like to feel Mario's cock in her also. I began to notice that she was getting buzzed because she began to tease us and talk shit whenever she would win a round! At one point, she asked Mario if he could have sex with any of her friends, which one would he pick?

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She was a bit of a tease. I understood. She paused, and sighed before she slowly pulled up her t-top, letting her then 42DD's flop out! Mario said, "OMG, they are so big!

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She laughed when we got up to stretch and she could easily see how hard we were! I didn't blame him for picking Suzy cause' she is heck of sexy! She had large dark areolas and big nipples that I loved to nibble on! At one point he asked her what her last sexual dream was about. Men, including my guy friends, were attracted to her dark brown fuck me eyes, thick curves, long dark brown wavy hair, and pretty face.

The three of us were having a good time but dealing with the sexual tension was tough for us! We would fuck all day and night! He smiled and admitted to me that he was always sexually attracted to her and said that he couldn't wait to us in a threesome. She would flirt with him right in front of me at times, which turned me on and Real mfm stories me! After a couple of drinks, their true intentions would come out as they try to get us to go home with them. After assuring me that she would not say anything, I told her that Mario had a crush on her and also had confessed to me that he had a sexual dream about him and her.

Me and Mario had smiles from ear to ear!

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I popped in a porn flick to get the party started! I looked at Mario and smiled when I saw him with his eyes on her boobs! She laughed and teased us by suggesting that we could watch the movie and play with ourselves while she went back to sleep!

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I knew we were wearing her down and she was buzzing hard so I decided to go all out! She ignored it but I caught her peeking at it a couple of times. I said loudly, "Okay, whoever wins this round gets to order somebody to do whatever you tell them to do! Forgot your password? When she came out of the shower, she was wrapped in a big white towel and walked in to her bedroom where we were sitting watching the porn video. When we got there, she said for us to kick back because she wanted to jump in the shower.

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I was so turned on by her admission that I fucked her right there and then! After some more prodding, she admitted that Mario was the one friend who she could see having a threesome with one day. She said that she could not see me fucking another woman. After some prodding, she admitted that she would be down to have a threesome with another guy.

At first, she would just smile and reply back with something quick like, "in your dreams"! So I took a shot and asked her if my friend Mario was somebody that she could see ing us for a threesome. I was the freakier one of the two but there were times when out of the blue, she would surprise me and do something daring.

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I could feel the pre-cum running down my cock! Finally, one night while watching a hot fuck flick, I know she was hot and wet so I brought up the idea of having a threesome with another good looking guy like the guy in the flick we were watching. I got an instant hard on when she sheepishly answered with a smile that she had a dream that she had sex with a hot looking guy while I watched! I had noticed that she would flirt with him a lot. She knew that I had experienced threesomes and group sex in my past.

I acted like I was surprised at what Mario had said and asked him laughing, "you would pick my lady dude? It turned me on watching the guys try to hit on her whenever I walked away to get us drinks or use the bathroom.

Free erotic stories

He even admitted dreaming about her again giving him a blow job when he was laid out on our couch one night! So meeting another couple was out of the question. I noticed that she had put on a t-top with no bra underneath. We began drinking, listening to music and playing dominoes. She laughed and looked at me in disbelief and said, yeah right babe! Me and Mario looked at one another smiling and were barely able to contain ourselves. The rule was whoever won a round could ask anybody a question or dare them to do whatever the winner told them to do.

We would argue a lot but would always end up having hot make-up sex.

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He would drive down and stay with us for a weekend every month to get away, so she felt very comfortable with him. After a while she called us back to the bedroom where we found her drying her long wavy dark brown hair. She said with a sexy smirk on her face, "Yeah, he wishes I would blow him! He was obviously excited and said that he was down if we were down. Whenever we would go to a bar, we would get hit on by sexy couples and single guys.

She moaned with her her yes closed and nodded her head yes. I went on to explain to Mario what me and Suzy had talked about.

I love mfm threesomes!

We were ready to seduce her that day! Me and Mario kept winning games and our questions to her were becoming more and more personal! I called my friend later on that night and told him what me and Suzy talked about. She smiled and said, "Awww, thanks babe and gave me a kiss on the lips. I suggested that we start playing "Truth or Dare" with the dominoes. She was always in the middle of my sexual fantasies.

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Every time my girlfriend goes down on me and is bent over doggy style I have thoughts of a big dick thrusting into her making her moan.

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