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Punishment Haircut Story


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Name: Ailis

My age: I am 18
What is my nationaly: I'm italian
My Zodiac sign: Cancer
Figure type: My body features is quite plump
Hobbies: Collecting
Smoker: No

The history is true and I lived it 5 years ago. At this time, all my body was shaken tremors.

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Everyone sat down and my father said to the barber that the haircut could start. Many pieces of hair stuck on my face. Looking back I hated the hair cuts but it did keep me in line and I did use my military manners to keep me out of trouble. My father remained upright beside the chair until the end of my haircut. His purpose was to shame us and get back at the political times - yes, he had many issues. Then, it took again the scissors and cut in two times all my bangs above my eyebrows. While waiting, they spoke about the delinquency and the need for the corporal punishments for certains young men disobeying.

I said that I was going to urinate in my trousers, everyone had to laugh in the shop, and I urinated!!! Holding a person down and forcing a haircut or a re haircut after visiting a barber with Christmas money from a relative. Everyone in the barber shop would stare at me as I sat their getting buzzed.

I was very humiliated. The Endpe your Punishment haircut story here Comments. The barber turned the chair and, one more time, combed my bangs to my chin. The barber took the mechanical clippers, posed the clippers on my neck to go up them very high towards the top of my head. He combed my hair hard by firmly holding my head with its other hand.

The more times he had to correctthe shorter the buzz cut I would receive.

The punishment by ptoma

My father rose to give me a slap, but the barber stopped him and said to him that it was not my fault. He gave us particularly uneven haircuts shaved way up the sides He made us outcasts, the butt of bullies jokes.

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The barber passed the clippers everywhere on my head, and at the end I did not have any more a hair of the whole. There was a heavy silence in the shop; and only sharp snap of the scissors which cut my hair.

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I still have long hair on the top that reaches my chin when combed down over my face. There was nobody in the shop when we entered. My dad would force me to get a short military boot amp haircut whenever I disobeyed Punishment haircut story showed any kind of disrespect.

My dad would practically push me into the barber chair and stand there while he ordered the barber to buzz my hair shorter. This site is for Male Haircut Stories and Comments only. You were 18 and you should have stood up for yourself. My father said: you are right, leave it like that until the end of the afternoon, with his hair which falls on his face Then my father left the shop and and I remained alone with the barber.

If I behaved for long periods of time I was given a 3 on top and 2 on the sides and back. Hey you with the 55 centimetres of blonde hair. The barber called to my father: if you want, so that he does not forget the punishment, we can leave him all the afternoon in the chair awaitting his cut Made your shopping, takes your time and returns towards the closing of the shop, I will cut his hair when you return While he spoke with my father, he covered me with a large blue cape, and tightened my neck with a white neck duster. My father saw me one day playing with my hair and putting it in my mouth and took me into the bathroom.

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Because I had not returned to the house and that I had spent all the night outside. It was the continuation and the end of my humiliation: I had to cross all the village with my new haircut and my trousers wet by my urine When I returned, I washed my legs and I went in my bed After that, I never forgot this punishment, and I have never to spend again the night outside without the authorization of my parents!!!

Dad gave home buzz cuts every Sunday morning and the blade setting was determined by how well I behaved and using my manners. He wants to punish his son and Punishment haircut story his son remembers it a long time! With each new customer, the barber explained why I was in the chair and that my hair would be cut when my father would return. Then, with the clippers, he went went from my face to my nape of the neck.

We had a big argument and I actually won the argument and he did not cut my hair. Time passing, I wanted to urinate and I asked to the barber if I could go to the toilets. My father used to give us haircuts so that we would not be hippies. The parents should more often think of that My father plunged a hand in my hair and trailed me in the chair.

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I was force fed when I wouldn't eat nasty tasting food imagine runny boiled squash in your nose and lungs from vomiting it back up as a young. My dad was so strict when I was growing up. The barber answered: no Punishment haircut story, on the contrary, more this haircut will be humiliating more the father of this teenager will be content. My father said to him that he wanted that this haircut like a real punishment for me, and he explained why.

The barber rectified my head, still combed me, a long time, and it started to cut long pieces of hair around my ears with scissors. The barber cut very short my hair all around my head, giving off my ears and my nape, but he did not cut my fringe. The barber made all the turn of my head like that, by raising the wicks of hair with his comb and while cutting all that exceeded. Sorry for what happened to you. All the afternoon, I was humiliated like that in front of customers, and some of them asked whether they could see my haircut. I was often tied to the chair with a belt to keep me from running out of the room especially when I knew the setting would be a zero or 1.

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He took a comb and combed my hair down all over my face and told me he was going to cut it all off. He grabbed me by the hair and this little skinny bay finally hit back.

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It took me along in a very old barber-shop. I was 18 years old when my father decided to cut my hair to punish me. If you think that a good barbering is so damn hot, why don't you go and face the barber and get all your hair cut short?

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I felt to redden of shame. I was so humiliated as this went on all the way through high school. Finally, when I was 14, I stood up for myself. A long moaning left my mouth. My dark hair was really long, falling on my mouth and on my shoulders. When I raised a little my head, the barber came towards me with his comb, combed all my hair on my face, and it pressed on my head so that my chin touches my chest.

I'm sure some barber will be happy to oblige! The more it crossed, the more I felt to become again little boy. I could now see the 3 customers and my 2 brothers who looked at me. My haircut finished, my father said to me to return to the house.

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He backed down and never tried to force me to do anything again. During all my haircut, I kept my eyes lowered under my long fringe which touched my chin now.

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I was then smacked and I picked up a frying pan from the counter and told him I would break his arm or wrist if he ever touched me again. My friends would ask me what I did to tick my dad off based on how buzzed my haircut was. My father said : so that they will see his punishment and will learn how to obey our father. They was 3 old men. I was terrified. Saying yeah or yes instead of yes sir or no sir always ended up in a reminder spanking and a buzz cut. Only the barber.

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