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Pulling a train sex stories lady looking up friend especially for meeting

Pulling A Train Sex Stories


If you are reading my blogs, you know I love to play with others. I really love to do multiple partner sex parties. They are kinky and help me make new group sex stories.

Name: Madge

Age: 65
Ethnicity: Peruvian
My orientation: Strong-willed man
Eyes colour: Misty blue eyes
What is my gender: I am woman
My hair: Brunet
I understand: Russian

Jenny pulls a train

Randy must've been very excited about this. I got my outfit off fast because I didn't want him to see it before the big event. I guess my propriety was more important than the risk of having sex with strangers.

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However, two months ago lying in bed after a particularly good session of sex my husband of 20 years asked what our next phase of life might be. I reminded him I was still young enough to get pregnant. Then the question of the original reason for sex being a way to procreate, I asked my husband about birth control.

After the salon I went home and tried on my new pink wrap dress and draped my cape over it. I told him I had ordered a mini wrap dress and a black satin knee length cape to wear. Leaning over me on his elbow he whispered he really wanted this. I decided I would go to a salon and get a makeover. I told him I didn't want it at our house for obvious reasons and I didn't want anyone to have sex with me that either of us knew. My head swam with thoughts of right and wrong, my son, and my husband as I looked intently into the eyes of a man as he pushed his hot stiff cock into my cunt.

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I cannot say that if I had offered sooner I would be having a lot more sex, but I would. Thursday brought more anxiety. Also he wanted me to find something sexy to wear at least at first. There I said I would do it. That would be all. Can I physically have sex with six different men one after the other?

Zoig - pulling a train on prom night in member submitted erotic stories

On Friday one week and a day before the big day after my husband had really given me quite a ride we again discussed the preparations for my abandoning my virtue and surrender to wantonness. He said he didn't want the guys to wear condoms so I would have to make do with my diaphragm. After that our sex was more frequent.

To my left a reflection in a full size mirror I witnessed my debasement as the man humped his ass up and down. My husband and I fucked first and made love afterward again that night. I think he had sex with someone else prior to our having met, but I rarely thought about it. He said he had already thought of some guys and would let me know.

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There was no doubt my husband would definitely be moving ahead with plans to change me into a slut. He related some of his fantasies he had for me and I just listened without saying anything.

A group of board women decide to pull a train with all their boyfriends at one time

We began talking about how it was going to be fun having sex when and where we wanted, I told him I couldn't wait to be nude all over the house. I thought I was normal but if you think about it normalcy is a matter of degree. I knew I could stop what was coming up this Saturday but did I want to? I was a very sexual person but I wondered if I could have sex with another man if it came to that.

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Three days later I'm in the salon getting a cut and some makeup. Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. On my right my peripheral vision picked out my husbands face agape watching as the second man of a group of six surrounding the bed were taking turns fucking me. Returning my stare the man was grinning. Slipping into my 4 inch matching pink heels I looked into the full length bedroom mirror.

As for me, I was numb. I told him I didn't want to but if he insisted I would think on it.

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My husband was the only man I'd been with and I had no reason to believe he had cheated on me. It was easy to guess that he couldn't keep up with my libido when he would fall asleep early most evenings. He asked me if I had thought of something to wear. However, to tell you the truth, if he was to say he'd called it off I would've been disappointed. What if they wanted more, more of what? I wanted it for him but wasn't sure about myself. My life was changing and as I pointed out before I wasn't sure I wanted it this way or not.

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Not a look of mere satisfaction but, a look of triumph. I went down to prepare a dinner for him nude and his homecoming besides dinner tasting good, we fucked like bunnies on the dining room table for dessert. So when he asked me to pull a train I took the idea in stride.

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The sex was great! Sex was once a week and I needed a lot more than that. I looked stunningly sexy. I responded I hadn't thought any more about it. I thought I might lose my breath for a minute. I told him I didn't want to but if he was sure I would do it for him. What if my son found out?

With that he gave me a big kiss and told me he loved me for doing this. It surprised me my husband would want to include men he knew, because I always thought cheating on my husband was tantamount to cuckolding him.

Pulling a train

He informed me we were going out Friday night and I would be wearing a blue knee length dress made of rustling taffeta and wearing high heels. I asked him if I knew them and he said I met one at last years Christmas party, other than that he didn't think so. Just as I said that I could feel a globule of his semen trickle down the crack of my ass and I shivered with excitement and apprehension.

The garage door opened aled my husband's return home from work. I reviewed in my mind how I got here and the events that led up to this moment. Usually that meant I was not going to but I try to let him down easy. One of his fantasies he told me would be to watch me get gangbanged. Then a month and a half ago, lying in bed after sex, my husband asked me again if I would entertain a group of men while he watched.

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Mulling these things over again, what if they reject me? I bought him a Harley-Davidson motorcycle for Christmas one year. Am I pretty enough? Though the first man had spewed his hot cum into me I was so full of emotion that even though I was open and wet, I wasn't peaking with orgasms yet. I reed myself to my fate and tried to avoid thinking of this group sex orgy for the rest of the day. But one long exhilarating ride. After what I had promised to do this coming Saturday I figured going out without bra or panties in a shimmering dress was nothing and so I nodded in consent.

One month ago my husband began planning. These guys may not want me. You see our son and only child had gone to his first year of college not 2 weeks prior and it was empty nest for us. Not unless he asked me to show him anyway. The idea of being together naked with him in our house was making me Horney often so I was already using a vibrator daily. I asked him how many guys he found willing to fuck me.

I am a practical sort and when my husband wants something I usually find a way to get it for him.

Pulling a train

I guess he knew what he wanted. On the other hand being 40 years old I would be relieved. I asked him where it would take place and he told me he hadn't decided yet. He told me five guys not including him were lined up.

Our new persons

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We were on our way to the beach.

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I was sitting in my living room one day in late April with three of my girlfriends; Janet, Diane, and Karen.

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Mary sat looking into the large mirror that rose above the antique dressing table and smiled at her image in the glass.

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